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hot sister in law (incest, teen sex)
this story is about a man living with his wife and her sister in one small apartment,both sisters wanted to sleep with him,he could not resist their wishes

She was old enough to be my mother (straight)
my sexually adventure with an older coworker to go pick up computer parts and the truck we drove broke down in a small town . We had to spend the night in a one bed hotel room . and the adventure began

My straight best friend and I (true story, gay sex)
My best friend is so hot but has been in a relationship for a couple years. I always hoped and thought he was maybe bi or something, but never thought anything would happen until one night.

That class project (teen sex, straight)
My friend suggested I contact a professor about a class project I could participate in. It's not for everybody but it sure was fun and I know there's a line of people signed up to do what I did.

She Becomes a Horse Lover (bestiality, fisting, consensual sex)
Mila's new husband, Scott, who was formerly her quiet, attractive older duplex neighbor, had helped her begin her foray into the realm of dog-fucking. She was quite enjoying herself, to say the least! Boomer, the mutt her ex-boyfriend dumped on her, turned out to be an extraordinary sex partner. And with a little help from Scott, Mila had turned into an expert dog fucker.

Harry Potter and the Bride (blowjob, swallowing)
The burrow was filled with numerous relatives and friends of the weasley family, all in bright wedding attire. Everyone was happily socialising and why not? The boy who lived had defeated the dark lord Voldemort and there was peace in the magical world.

Work experience (gay, teen, anal)
As Hugo went to turn the shower on his ass was incredibly sore but he didn’t mind, he just hoped that he would be joined in the shower cubicle by the man who just fucked him. When he felt that the water was warm enough he got inside and sure enough through the steam he saw the door open and Carl stepped inside, with his penis fully erect again.

Kylee's Sauna Fantasies (bisex, anal sex)
She seemed happy to hear that and she forced another three inches into me. Now there were seven inches of her cock in me and I was well over half way there. I thought for a second that this is what it feels like to have my whole length in a women’s ass. I noticed that her cock ring was turned off, it hasn’t been vibrating since she put the head in me.

The Suburban Sadist (blackmail, humiliation)
Mrs Blackwell looked at me with wide and tear-filled eyes as I explained what was going to happen to her. She would come to understand that her body was no longer hers. Instead, it would be mine and she would obey exactly what I commanded her to do.

Owning a Bitch - Part 2 (bi-sexual, bondage, humiliation)
I happened to be driving through a part of town I rarely went and noticed a boxing gym. It was only open nights so I came back later that evening and went inside to check it out. There were a few people in the gym working out with heavy bags and the weights in the corner.

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