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Sharing my Girlfriend (bisex, threesome)
Three friends engage in a late night threesome. Ryan cocked his head in the direction of his girlfriend who was seated on the couch beside me, her legs pulled up under her body. His expression revealed his desire for all three of us to continue our night of drinking.

Neighbour with benefits and No Strings attached (hetero sexual)
Story of how i infleunced my neigbour to have sex with me all day and treasures in world are always hidden.. so is the sexual pleasures in the world..always hidden deep inside women.

The oldest woman I've ever fucked (mature sex, straight)
Tells of how I fucked my mother when she was almost ninety years of age. Old women still need a lot of fucking.

Monica - Chapter 11- 10 years of John 2 (straight, wife sharing)
Well I couldn't get enough of watching my lovely wife hammered by John, when ever we met it was like she was having sex with 2 husbands. John done pretty much as he liked with Monica and there was very little that we didn't know about each other sexually.

The Filthy Librarian (office sex, blowjob, hardcore)
Abby had always spent her time with her head stuck in books or at the library. At 5'2 and 120lbs, she quite literally got lost in them. People came to her for expert knowledge on classic literature, but little did they know, she was also well versed in erotica.

The Double Bluff (domination, submission, teen sex)
I ran my fingers through my hair. I felt panicked. I didn't know what to say to her. I turned on my lamp, jumping back in pain and surprise as the light burned into my eyes. I covered them with my arm and lay back in bed.

Toys And A Long Drive (dildo, sex toys)
Once I am drained I pull away and my deflating dick is place back in my pants, I pull you up and help you back in the truck and as you settle down you have the most contented look on your face and are smiling and we have not even gotten to the cabin yet

How I lost my Virginity (straight, first time)
It is a sex story happened in my real life...Do u believe it or nt...But its real... Any one wanna spnd a night with me. My name is Sannidhi... I live in Mangalore...This story is my first story..

Blindsided (hetero sex, anal sex, first time)
We had just moved into this fancy-ass neighborhood about a month and half ago – my mother and I. It was just us, my dad had abandon us when I was 5, and good riddance to him. Unfortunately, my mother was torn up about him running out on us.

Happy Ending in Colombo (massage, threesome, straight)
More than a relaxing oil massage in Sri Lanka. One white male with a small randy cock. Two Sri Lankan massage ladies..

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