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Blackmailed Forger (blackmail, coercion, humiliation)
Darrel James had waited patiently for this day. He had confronted Peggy almost two months earlier with the info he collected on her forgery scheme and, when he revealed the evidence to her, she crumbled quickly. Little by little he had taken more and more control.

Ellen fucked my best friend (straight, cheating)
My wife had sex with my best friend. She always said she thought his cock was huge, now she knows. Since then they are regular lovers.

My girlfriend's horny daughters (cheating, anal sex)
I had been dating Vanessa for a few weeks now. She is a gorgeous 40 year-old African- American beauty. Everything was going splendidly. I was a few years older than Vanessa. Being from different races was never a problem. Things were moving along so well that she wanted me to meet her two daughters.

The Portal (alien, anal sex, fisting)
Malena was in her room, talking with her best friend Renee. The last two weeks, they had been discussing their next adventure. This would not be just one more escapade to the nearest town or a fling with one of the low level scientists. Their new plan was risky, maybe even dangerous. But they couldn't resist the idea of investigating the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, as Malena's father liked to call it.

The Dinner (fetish, bdsm, hetero)
arrived home just after our dinner guests arrived, a friend of my room-mate and her brother. Phillip would be moving to town soon and was visiting in order to line up work and a place to live. His sister Gina, was a longtime friend of my room-mate, Dana. They'd known each other since high school, and had been best friends since

Hot body making horny (extreme sex, consensual)
She have a very nice body, but it wasn’t his type. She was slender but she was flat chested and had no ass to speak of. Jason had always liked his boobs big and his butts round. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to bang Amy. His arousal grew and grew as she slowly slid her black, silk g-string down. Jason could now see the top of her pussy hair and it was clear that she kept it trimmed, but then she abruptly yanked her thong back up. When Jason raised his eyes to her face,

Doctors Orders (role playing)
Kirti drove the car directly into the garage and had the shutters automatically close. She shifted the gear to park and Dev reached out for her. Like college kids, Dev and Kirti began to kiss and neck. Dev's hands were all over her and pulled up her one piece pink blouse. His head moved down and his mouth circled her right nipple, sucking it slowly and gently deep into his lips.

A great handjob at work! (straight, office sex)
Judy and I had worked together for several years. One day she started talking to me a great deal and the conversation turned dirty for months. Read to see how it transpired!

My cousin and her dildos (straight, teen sex)
This is a true story about the time we were at my aunts house, I was 19 my cousin was 17 and I found her toys. She's a dirty girl and I can't wait to see her again, we haven't fucked in a while

The pregnant girl swallowing at work (oral, straight)
Being a software consultant requires much traveling. Every six months to a year you are placed a new assignment with new coworkers. This new assignment was no different. I had landed a development role project in Florida. I work Monday through Thursday and flew home every weekend.

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