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Mistaken when drunk (cum swallowing, blowjob)
It had been about a month since that wonderful night. The images burned in to my brain of my sister's best friend Janelle sucking me and fucking me and the feeling of me cumming inside of her. I had used those memories to shoot many loads of cum since.

Newly married couple (threesome)
This, the first part, of a morning fantasy between a newly married couple and my first erotic story. Hope you like it and look for part two in the future.

A night in the pet shop (beast, blowjob, animal)
Then Max came again and it seemed like more this time as it flooded my mouth and ran down my chin. Finally his cock popped out of my mouth and he squirted cum on my neck and shirt, right over our pet logo.

Jessica (cum swallowing, incest, hetero)
Over this past summer I worked at a YMCA camp in northern Pennsylvania. Naturally, each week during my day off I had to leave camp and get away from everything in order to stay sane. A few times I contacted my cousin and asked her if I could come and stay the night at her house. It was a chance to sleep in a real bed, which was a luxury for me, and see my favorite cousin at the same time.

Throwing A Bet (anal sex, gay)
I nervously walked up to this small orange house. The paint was old, and chipping. The blinds in the windows were in tangles. I wasn't sure I was at the right house so I checked my cell phone to make sure. The text from Josh said 312 Ohio Street, so I was definitely at the right house as the house number read 312. My arm and hand were shaking I reached up and knocked on the hard wood door.

The Carpet Cleaners Young Wife (female domination, submission)
Cherri finds out more about the girl and decides to have Yolanda live with her to teach her more about sex after making her cum.

The donkey and the schoolgirl - Part 2 (bestiality, dark fantasy)
The sun was heading toward the western horizon and sending brilliant rays through the open windows on the right side of the bus. Sitting in the middle of the long back seat, Denise found herself sweating miserably while Peggy, still naked and asleep, leaned up against the left side window, shaded and fanned.

Control (hardcore, oral sex, hetero)
She was trapped in her chair, trapped by a severed spinal nerve, her legs were useless, her body limp and wasted below her shoulders. But her mind was still sharp, her thoughts, ideas and musings were as full, bright and normal as they always had been. She hated her life, often thinking she would swallow her entire bottle of prescription sedatives. She thought often how free she would be, free to float in the afterlife, free of the captivity of her useless body.

Vacation on Lesbos Island (lesbian, romantic)
I met Lisa in my gym a few months before we took a trip. We decided to start training together since we were both getting ready for a contest. I had seen her a few times before but I knew she never noticed me.

Mind blowing sexual experience (shared wife, group sex)
This is what happened in one of the friendship tours. You can track this in the papers. Cannot tell more for obvious reasons.

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