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Fuck with school nurse (hetero, sexy nurse, fetish)
Lorne closed his eyes and swallowed hard as her long slender fingers began to apply the cream. Up and down she went with one hand, while caressing his balls with the other.

Throwing A Bet (anal sex, gay)
I nervously walked up to this small orange house. The paint was old, and chipping. The blinds in the windows were in tangles. I wasn't sure I was at the right house so I checked my cell phone to make sure. The text from Josh said 312 Ohio Street, so I was definitely at the right house as the house number read 312. My arm and hand were shaking I reached up and knocked on the hard wood door.

My father's poker prize (straight, teen sex)
For many years my father has been hosting poker games with his pals every Saturday night and usually they were betting money. But when my father and I started to have sex when I was eleven, he decided to make me the prize instead, and three years later it's still happening.

Birthday sex chronicles (straight)
Quest to fufill the birthday sex rutal , of getting two completely different woman to please me on my day

Shower time fun (gay, college, teen sex)
I saw him when he walked into the shower I couldn't help but gawk at what I saw , I guess he knew I was looking at him , for he grabbed himself and pointed it straight at me.

Selling Candy (teen sex, virginity, oral sex)
Candy and Cookie gathered themselves from the bed. I recommended they grab a quick shower to clean themselves up – and wash away as much evidence of our recent activities as possible.

Wife's away, it's time to play (bi-sexual, cheating)
We had joined a sex site because I enjoyed watching her with other men. And we had met up with guys who were more than happy to fuck her in front of me. What she was not aware of, was my own secret profile there searching for men myself.

Twins feels each others (virginity, teen sex, first time)
Cory and Tilly knew the feelings they had for one another were more than those of normal brother sister relationships, but they weren’t the stereotypical brother and sister dynamic. They accepted their feelings and they got on with their lives, until an overload of emotions bring these two, broken, tragically flawed twins together.

Sexual Gift of a Lifetime - Part One (BDSM, fetish, straight)
Rachel new I had sexual fantasies involving small to quite large groups of girls, but she didn't mind that at all. She herself had fantasies involving large groups of girls. The longer we dated, the more active she became at getting groups of girls to act out my fantasies with me. Then came the day she arranged a little sexual experience for me that I will never forget as long as I live.

She Swings Her Own Bat (asian, hetero sex, consensual)
My life revolved around baseball for over twenty years. As a kid growing up in western Indiana I couldn't wait for the spring thaw so I could get outside and play with my friends. I would spend hours working on my swing mechanics, fielding techniques, and just passing the ball with my older brothers. In my early teens the religious training I had been doing for years started to pay off as I became a stand out player in high school and earned a full scholarship to college.

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