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My sexual adventure (hetero, fucking, porn)
Everything started one early Wednesday afternoon, when my parents announced they would be gone until Monday on a business trip. Great, I thought, now I have the entire house to myself. I can watch porno all I want on TV and have Maddy over for some late night kissing.

Sex with Santa Claus (straight, mature sex)
You probably think I'm too old for you. I paused to consider. The fact was: he was too old for me. He was more than twice my age. I had dated men a little older than me, but I usually stuck with men under thirty.

Uma's sex story (straight, blowjob, office sex)
Visited her office 2 times to collect papers and cheques and she came to my flat to give me a blowjob and get fucked by me.

I was too horny - Part 1 (interracial, teen sex, straight)
It was a hot spring day, almost summer, but not quite. We only had 3 more days of school left, and I would be a Sophomore next year. I couldn't wait to get a job and start saving money for a car. I made it a personal goal to buy a car before school started, even though I wouldn't be 16 until October.

Ranch Hand (cum swallowing, first time, teen sex)
I was 18 and had spent five of the last six years in and out of foster homes, jail and halfway houses. My parents were killed in a car crash when I was 12 and there were no relatives to take me in. I admit that I was a handful at that point, was very mad that my folks left me all alone and I guess I let it out by being a pain in the ass to those foster families that took me in. It took going to juvenile hall for six months on an assault charge when I was 16 to finally get me straightened out.

Dad Cums Clean to his Wife (fetish)
I put from my mind and retrieved my shorts and Marge's panties from the garden. As Madge walked gingerly back into the house, I watched as my cum ran down the inside of her leg leaving a trail all the way to the bathroom were we showered together, kissing passionately and divesting ourselves of the sex-soaked clothing.

How to train your gay (bondage, BDSM, anal sex)
We drove to the nursing home where Bruce was at to proceeded With our plan. Bruce was in his room sitting in his wheelchair next to his bed.when Judy and I walked in to Bruce's room.

My bossy wife (BDSM, ATM, torture, cuckold)
It was 4:30 am and I heard the alarm go off. I could feel the strain of my semi hard penis against my forbidding chastity device. As I hit the button to shut the alarm, I couldn't help but be reminded of how long it had been since I had Been brought to orgasm by my beautiful, yet cruel wife, Megan.

The International Hotel (straight, stranger)
Stranger sex fantasy in which a couple meet at an upmarket hotel and almost immediately disappear up to a hotel room to explore each other

Cuckold fantasy of wife - Part 1 (straight)
It's cuckold fantasy of wife, narrating by a husband. I m 26 year old and married. Hope so you like it

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