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How I Became An Older Mans Lover (gay, mature sex)
I meet the new man that moves into the neighborhood. He's gentle and sweet and we become close friends. Not long after he teaches me to become who I really want to be, a girl.

White Sissy Used by Black Masters (BDSM, slave)
I'm booked into a London hotel and, after you text me to say you've arrived, I text you back the room number. It seems like ages before I hear someone attempting to open the door, followed by a firm knock and I jump up, excited but nervous about what's about to happen. I walk over and unlock the door, careful not to meet your eyes as the door opens. I'm dressed in male clothes but I perform a very feminine curtesy as instructed, feeling both self-conscious and humiliated as I do so.

Fertilization Happens (Pregnant sex, Water Sports, Pissing)
In my story 'Freddy in the Bathroom: Virginity Rubbed Away,' I made the statement that 'there's nothing more erotic and exciting to me than taking a chance on the possibility of getting pregnant--which is exactly what we women do each and every time that we have sexual intercourse with a guy (during our pre-menopausal years, that is), because as far as I know, there is still no non-permanent birth control method that is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. I mean, even perfectly good condoms

First Time Anal Virgin (straight, teen sex)
I was 13 and she was 10, it first started with her wonders then I got horny. She loved my rock hard cock in her ass, and I she fucked me too.

A Chat With My Wife's Lover - III (straight, cheating)
We both went inside, and Ramon nosily followed. Ramon and me carried her luggage over to the bedroom as she walked by my side telling me how wonderful her trip was and thanking me for it. Ramon was just a few feet away behind us. The horny SOB was either jealous or just wanted to hear us.

Sauna encounter (straight, spa sex)
new to spa and ready for some relaxation, noticed girl across the sauna eyeing me. she motioned me to come nearer. I wondered what she wanted.

Just Got Popped - Part One (gay, teen sex)
A boy's dream comes true 9 years later when his dad comes home after a rough day at work. The fulfillment of his desires becomes better than the dream itself.

Spied on my friend (hetero sex, cuckold, girlish)
Get ready to read the true story of me and my friend getting fucked hard. It was the best night ever, and we both had amazing, powerful orgasms. We WILL do this again!

Big Boys Need Babysitters Too! (group, anal, blowjob)
Now she was anxious to feel his dick inside of her and she literally tore off his shirt and then lay on the rug with her long slender legs open for business. Blair jumped on the top of her and drove his dick straight in and then just lay there savoring the wonderfully feeling it gave him.

Train Wank (jerking, straight sex)
A man spends a night in town getting aroused at strip clubs, and then gets more than he bargained for on the ride home!

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