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A Chat With My Wife's Lover - IV (straight, cheating)
“Wouldn’ t it be nice to fuck the both of you? I’ll take care of the details I offered Anne”, Ramon said. “Mmmmh…Anne caressed the idea, -I don’t know-, she said. This is going a little too far”.

Monica - Chapter 5 - Monica meets John (straight, wife sharing)
After a spell off the wife sharing, hot wife life style I was soon looking for a suitable guy to invite into our sex lives. Unlike Eric he had to respect and understand us as a married couple who are wanting to spice up our sex lives. He had to be discrete and switched onto the reasons behind wife sharing.

Traveling baby maker (straight, strangers)
Traveling salesman meets teachers at conferences, seduces them, then secretly impregnates them without them knowing.

Fun at the beach (straight, threesome)
Me and my sister were at the beach when I saw a sexy young man tanning at the beach when my Amelia asked what are you looking at. I pointed at the man. wow! she said. Let me go get some sodas Amelia said. I walked over to the man in my bikini that barely covered me.

Manipulated by Mom's Friend (straight, mature sex)
This is my first story and it is based on a personal experience but it is not entirely true as I did add up to make the story better

The Jogger (straight sex, wanking, jerking)
Those girls that dress up in skimpy clothes, and go for a job whilst everything bounces, don't realise that there is someone watching... and wanking!

With A Little Help From My Girlfriend (bi-sexual)
After being introduced to sex by a elderly couple which involved straight sex and gay sex I struggled with my sexual identity. After the husband of the elderly couple died, (after a year of great sex with them), I moved on to just dating girls...until I met Rene, a beautiful blonde wild British girl. She reintroduced me to great threesome sex and gay sex. I finally discovered I was bisexual.

The Girls Next Door (group sex, mature)
This all started about two years ago when I was 50 years old. My wife had died in a car wreck about six months earlier when a drunk driver, fleeing State Troopers, t-boned my wife’s truck killing her instantly. Turns out he was the son of a prominent politico who was very willing to agree to a large out of court settlement and 15-25 years in a Texas prison plea bargain to keep it out of the papers. That and the insurance payments made my future a lot easier. We lived on 10 acres about 20 miles.

Blindsided (hetero sex, anal sex, first time)
We had just moved into this fancy-ass neighborhood about a month and half ago – my mother and I. It was just us, my dad had abandon us when I was 5, and good riddance to him. Unfortunately, my mother was torn up about him running out on us.

The inauguration at prom day (teen sex, oral sex, gothic)
The cheerleaders yelled and danced at people as we were leaving school. I had to duck just missing some cheerleader bitches high kick. Looks like i'd be walking alone. Steve had to go and take care of Anna. Something about her wanting a jar open and than a kitchen melt down or something like that. Whatever, i thought to myself. Passing by all the different students the jocks, the preps, the populars, all of which will most likely be at prom. I however am not going. I dont dance, i mosh. I dont l

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