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My Grandmother's lovers (hetero, mature sex)
I thought that I was meeting Mrs Hattersley for the first time. My grandmother had often spoken of her ('my good friend Mrs Hattersley'), but I couldn't recall ever actually meeting her.

Monica - Chapter 11- 10 years of John 2 (straight, wife sharing)
Well I couldn't get enough of watching my lovely wife hammered by John, when ever we met it was like she was having sex with 2 husbands. John done pretty much as he liked with Monica and there was very little that we didn't know about each other sexually.

My girlfriend's horny daughters (cheating, anal sex)
I had been dating Vanessa for a few weeks now. She is a gorgeous 40 year-old African- American beauty. Everything was going splendidly. I was a few years older than Vanessa. Being from different races was never a problem. Things were moving along so well that she wanted me to meet her two daughters.

Doctors Orders (role playing)
Kirti drove the car directly into the garage and had the shutters automatically close. She shifted the gear to park and Dev reached out for her. Like college kids, Dev and Kirti began to kiss and neck. Dev's hands were all over her and pulled up her one piece pink blouse. His head moved down and his mouth circled her right nipple, sucking it slowly and gently deep into his lips.

Travelling to Mexico (latin, group sex, hetero sex)
Robin likes that I get along well with Bill and Silvia. Early on, flirting with Silvia was quite tame. She enjoyed the attention I offered, and her husband, Bill, didn't seem to mind. I tried to be discrete so as not to alert outsiders to our growing feelings for each other.

A Stroll through the Forest (young sex, straight)
Molly is a young 15 year old that loves to dress up. She goes out for a stroll in the forest one day and meets old Tom. They like each other instantly and become lovers

My cousin and her dildos (straight, teen sex)
This is a true story about the time we were at my aunts house, I was 19 my cousin was 17 and I found her toys. She's a dirty girl and I can't wait to see her again, we haven't fucked in a while

Monica - Chapter 8 - John bangs Monica into oblivion (straight, wife sharing)
Continuation of my true stories of sharing my then wife as best as I can remember. After introducing Monica to Glen we, or should I say, I decided that we should meet with John again. John's understanding of wife sharing, discretion, stamina, staying power and nicely proportioned thick cock was what I thought was best for us as a hot wife, wife watching, wife sharing couple.

How we met? (threesome)
He was pushing her head down on me as she gagged a bit. He told me she was a gagger and that perhaps I should try him and see how deep I can take it. So I got on my knees and took him in my mouth no problem sucking hard and pumping his cock with my mouth to the back of my throat.

Behind the wire (gay sex)
Now I can't say much for any of the other guys here this cell block , but as for me , I actually looked forward to coming in from detail each and every day , after showering I'd get to be alone with my cell mate.

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