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The 30 Year Old Virgin - Part 2 (spanking, enema, discipline)
Tim could only admire her. Her bottom was two perfect globes split by a deep cleft. At fifty-one she was spectacular; he could only envision her at twenty-seven. He stroked her cheeks then lazily traced her separation as he cooed in her ear, “Beautiful, absolute perfection.”

Brotherly Affair (gay sex)
Hi. The name's Kyle. It was crystal clear for me that I liked boys more than girls. And it was my brother Karl who pointed that out for me.

Slavery - Utter Submission (bisex, bondage, cruelty)
Julia was shy, innocent and inexperienced but she didn’t know it. She had had sex with her share of guys. She had orgasmed from a cock in her pussy and she enjoyed pleasing a man but she didn’t know proper pleasure until she started exploring the internet… and herself.

My first blowjob (blowjob, teen sex, sucking)
I worked his cock with my lips, hands, and tongue until he came in my mouth. I remember feeling kind of dirty and liking it. This whole sucking dick thing was new to me but I enjoyed it.

First Interracial Experience (teen sex, black on white)
This is about my first interracial experience as a teen, black on white, the awe and envy of the size of the black boy’s cocks, the mocking at the first time sighting of my small white cock, my humiliation and ecstasy of the interracial episode. This was the start of my life journey of interracial sexual pleasure be it gay, bisexual or straight.

How I lost my virginity to a married man (straight, teen sex)
My sex life with a married man, and the sex life that followed including more married men and a threesome

18 year old girl crying (anal sex, teen sex)
This young girl was a friends sister. She has always thought I was hot. She turned 18 and I told her I'd fuck her. My buddy Jason has a younger sister and ever since she was 16 she's been hitting on me. I got drunk once and she sucked my dick, that was last year.

My Wild 16th Birthday CUM Party (group sex, straight)
Young teen Ladyboy gets his sweet 16th birthday, he had it CUMING to her and things get crazy, so lets BLOW the candles with him, FANTASY STORY...

Owning Annie in her Own Home - Part 1 (straight, asian sex)
Annie didn't expect to find me in her room when she came home after her parents left her alone. And she definitely didn't expect what would happen next..

Jake and his master (bdsm, oral, First Time)
Jake could feel the churning of his balls as the feeling of completion drew closer "Gen! I'm going to..." he shouted, "Yes, master, YES! fill me make me complete with you"

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