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New man in neighbourhood (gay, anal sex, oral)
Looked myself in the mirror. 6'1' jock just graduated college trying to get a hold of myself. Left my boyfriend to seek a job in this new town. It was just before summer when the weather was not too hot but never cold. Short brown hair and soft toned muscles.

Master Of The Lake (bondage, cruelty, domination)
Daniella is 19 standing 5'9 with long brown wavy hair that runs half way down her back. She has a beautiful bubble butt and has nice, sizeable breasts. She often visits the lake with her friends or when she is feeling down.

Monster in the Cave (bondage, bi-sexual, alien)
The cave was cold and drafty, the shackles on my wrists were biting deep into my skin. I could feel someone else waking up behind me, so I turned to see who it was. It was a girl in her early twenties, looking exhausted and tightly bound with rope.

Gloryhole fun at work (bisexual, blowjob)
Another boring uneventful day at work had just begun, I thought to myself as I walked into the office. I kept my head down making sure to not make eye contact with anyone or I'd be forced to make small talk.

Uma's sex story (straight, blowjob, office sex)
Visited her office 2 times to collect papers and cheques and she came to my flat to give me a blowjob and get fucked by me.

My Husbands Wishes (group sex, male dominant)
I did'nt look up, just licked her cunt clean!!!!!!!! I am now his second wife.... I am thankful,..... I have a place to live,... I eat cum-filled pussy everyday, & get fucked several times a day, could life be ant better?????

A marriage is arranged (straight,literature)
It is 1851. My aunt arranges my marriage and in accordance with ancient law we have to have the consummation witnessed.... But it is just a paper marriage and my new wife definitely prefers ladies....

Sexual Freedom is Black (interracial, bi-sexual, group sex)
Kim had married Joe right out of high school. They had been married almost fifteen years now and Kim felt like their marriage was in a rut. They seldom had sex and when they did it seemed more like a chore than pleasure. While Joe was an energetic lover he wasn't much on the preparation and foreplay. Looking back she didn't know if she ever really felt love for Joe or if he was just a way out of where she was at the time. She had thought him and his family had a little money but that turned out

Frotting With My Buddy (gay)
Sid and I accidentally fell into frotting one night. It was very exciting and hot. I had never heard of frotting, ( two guys rubbing their cocks together until they cum.) It's not considered a strictly gay practice; straight men do it with a close buddy. It's a way of releasing sexual tension.

Started my first threesome (straight erotic story)
Well this story starts out as the beginning of my first threesome. We didn't quite get into it but because it came out of nowhere it was hot anyways.

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