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A Stroll through the Forest (young sex, straight)
Molly is a young 15 year old that loves to dress up. She goes out for a stroll in the forest one day and meets old Tom. They like each other instantly and become lovers

Pleasure with a stranger on the train (straight, chubby)
This is about the fun experience I had with a stranger while travelling in a train on a rainy wet day! My name is Treesa. Before starting let me introduce myself to you. I am a chubby girl having big 38D boobs and have a sexy ass that will sway beautifully while I walk.

The Spanking Nuns (extreme sex, fetish, true story)
This is my TRUE STORY of how I became to know and feel bisexuality, in details so those how never felt or been through what I did can feel my path, follow me into my word, my wild and ecstasy mind if you dare...

Watching my wife had sex with a stranger (cheating)
its a story about a husband meets a stranger in bar and the stranger wanted t sex wife of the owner the stranger sex with his wife

A Strangers Cum (mature sex, cuckold)
I could feel Kathy getting more insistent as she was obviously getting nearer herself and it looked good for a simultaneous orgasm if I could just hang on a little bit longer.

Sexual Gift of a Lifetime - Part Two (BDSM, fetish, straight)
Having naked fun with my girlfriend and the three girls from her office was only the beginning. Soon afterward, my girlfriend Rachel had arranged for me to wind up totally surrounded by eight gorgeous girls with only one thing on their minds: to joyfully pin me down and make me have the most powerful orgasm of my life whether I liked it or not!

Travelling to Mexico (latin, group sex, hetero sex)
Robin likes that I get along well with Bill and Silvia. Early on, flirting with Silvia was quite tame. She enjoyed the attention I offered, and her husband, Bill, didn't seem to mind. I tried to be discrete so as not to alert outsiders to our growing feelings for each other.

An Afternoon in the Pool (group sex, straight)
Two girlfriends enjoy their first sexual experience with two boys. Amee and Bobbie go for a swim with the boys; the afternoon in the pool results in a mind-blowing sexual encounter for the two girls.

Meeting Loveable Friendship People (gay, sex fantasy)
Young boys innocence being minipulated and brainwashed for an orgy party by male babysiter.. FANTASY STORY

He turns me on (straight, licking, kissing, virgin)
No matter where I am I'm wet thinking about what he could do to me. Just the idea of him make me cum.

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