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Ass-fucking in panties (pegging, masturbation)
I have been 'mildly' crossdressing for over a year now. I say 'mildly' because I am not into full feminization, I just love the feel and look of lace panties when they are hugging a good looking cock, not to mention the taboo. I have taken to wearing stockings too which feel amazing, it's like having your whole lower half caressed persistently. I have thought of wearing a bra but, although I can almost imagine how amazing it would feel, I don't think men look as good in them as women, by a long

Dirty cum word poetry (straight)
Would you read my Dirty Cum Word Poetry? Get it on porn-o bites. I'm so pleased to announce that one of my poems are featured in this site. So read my dirty poetry below..

Frotting With My Buddy (gay)
Sid and I accidentally fell into frotting one night. It was very exciting and hot. I had never heard of frotting, ( two guys rubbing their cocks together until they cum.) It's not considered a strictly gay practice; straight men do it with a close buddy. It's a way of releasing sexual tension.

Travelling to Mexico (latin, group sex, hetero sex)
Robin likes that I get along well with Bill and Silvia. Early on, flirting with Silvia was quite tame. She enjoyed the attention I offered, and her husband, Bill, didn't seem to mind. I tried to be discrete so as not to alert outsiders to our growing feelings for each other.

Norton Towers - the apartment block for highly sexed seniors (straight)
I get hired as handyman for sexy seniors apartment block. Turns out they want me as their fuck buddy

Hot teacher (gay, teen sex, teacher-student)
Not long after my 18th birthday and high school graduation, I discovered a cruisy restroom at a motel. It was a place where men could go to hook up. There are still some places like this, but the Internet has pretty much made the cruisy restroom a thing of days gone by.

Oral sex with a plump dominate girl (straight, BDSM)
Eating pussy, ass and my own cum for the first sex encounter I ever had with a girl. She could make me do anything that pleased her and it was great for me as weel.

Pyan Fic - Part One (straight, fetish)
Pyan Fic is a story based on the shipped name of Paige and Ryan. It is about a girl named Paige who enters Ryan's household and gets up to all kind of stuff ;) Pyan Fic focuses on aspects of popular fetishes and sexual acts. Now should we begin?

Stripper fuck (straight, night club)
I gave her the hardest fuck I could manage and it sent her over the edge. Her body was quivering with each orgasm, one after the other. She would not stop fucking me like her life depended on it.

My best friend's father and their friends (straight)
He has been fucking me for years, i am his slut, his whore, his fucktoy, his cumdamp and now his friends are using me too. I love it

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