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A nice warm Saturday by the river (straight)
I had Saturday off and was walking the river edge and checking my fish lines when I heard a noise in the trees and bushes. I went to investigate.

Being taught (anal sex, cruelty, humiliation)
She was 30 years old but looked to be about 23 and loved nothing more than being fucked brutally. She wasn’t what you would call beautiful but she was very pretty and insanely hot. Small, only 5’2” with 32C tits, small hips and a pretty little shaved pussy. She also knew how to dress for what her current hook-up was looking for.

Monica - Chapter 14 - Me and Nev use Monica for the day 2 (wife sharing)
Another meet with Nev, this time at the motel where we spent our first night as husband and wife on the day we got married. Both Nev and I thought it a fitting venue where we could give Monica a good dose of hot sex for the day and really use her well.

Just Got Popped - Part Three (gay, teen sex)
The saga of a young boy's dream come true 9 years later continues as the young man learns of his father's former lover and the disagreement that tore them apart. Can the young man's tender body restore this fractured relationship?

How we met? (threesome)
He was pushing her head down on me as she gagged a bit. He told me she was a gagger and that perhaps I should try him and see how deep I can take it. So I got on my knees and took him in my mouth no problem sucking hard and pumping his cock with my mouth to the back of my throat.

Oral sex with a plump dominate girl (straight, BDSM)
Eating pussy, ass and my own cum for the first sex encounter I ever had with a girl. She could make me do anything that pleased her and it was great for me as weel.

My sweet wifes confession (straight)
She was bound by the contract of our creditor to do the forbidden… to submit her sweet body to another man she had not done it before but confessed she enjoyed the rough sex by sam our credior and allowed her beautiful body to be enjoyed by him

Pregnant Adventures (interracial, pregnancy, cheating)
The first thing I did when I got back from the garage was shower. All the way home I could smell the engine grease that had blended with my sweat and the sweat of the three mechanics, I could even still taste their semen on my lips. I could feel it drying up in various places on my body and I almost crashed my car as my mind began to wonder back to what happened.

Awesome threesome (straight)
It is about a rajasthani couple and myself exploring our fantasies..this is a real story... Which took place at Delhi in a hotel...

The Filthy Librarian (office sex, blowjob, hardcore)
Abby had always spent her time with her head stuck in books or at the library. At 5'2 and 120lbs, she quite literally got lost in them. People came to her for expert knowledge on classic literature, but little did they know, she was also well versed in erotica.

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