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How to train your gay (bondage, BDSM, anal sex)
We drove to the nursing home where Bruce was at to proceeded With our plan. Bruce was in his room sitting in his wheelchair next to his bed.when Judy and I walked in to Bruce's room.

Farmyard Fun (bestiality, extreme sex, humiliation)
Barbara's cunt tightened, that delicious hot, itchy feeling making her clit tingle and stiffen while juice began to ooze from the seepy lining. It was awful! The attractive twenty-four-year-old blonde pressed her fingertips to her lips and closed her eyes, inhaling a shuddering breath and trying to bring her mind and body under control. How her nipples itched as well, rubbing deliciously against the stiff material of her bra! Her tits seemed to be swelling in her halter while her flesh crawled w

First time I fisted a pussy (straight)
Have you ever fisted a pussy?? I enjoy doing it and the cougar I did it to really enjoyed it. She loves anal too, she's honestly perfect and can take a pounding

The eightteenth birthday (hetero sex, teen sex)
I looked out the window, wondering when we'd arrive at Gwean's house. I've known her since sixth grade and have always found her very attractive, even in sixth grade she had the hour glass figure.

A Little Irish Creampie (hetero sex, blonde, blowjob)
Holding onto the cheeks of her ass he rammed it in time and time again, each time a little harder than before but then anxious to cum he began to develop a rhythm and he increased the pace until he could feel his goo bubbling up his pipes and then he gave a big grunt as he shot his load deep up inside of her.

The krypto lover (bestiality, hardcore, pregnant)
It had been another successful day of fighting villainy for the justice league. They had all just come back from defeating and banishing Mongul from earth and, except for those on duty, were leaving for rest and relaxation at home. Noticeable of those leaving was Diana prince Aka Wonder woman. The beautiful Amazonian princess was getting ready for departure when she was stopped by the voice of her good friend Superman.

First time eating pussy (lesbian, teen sex)
I had known that I was bisexual for a long time so behind my moms back I would date girls because she's a Christian and thinks being gay is wrong and disgusting

Threesome in high school (threesome, lesbian, blowjob)
Patsy having her pussy fingered and clitoris vibed along with giving Andy a blow job was completely unique and brilliant. It was even better when Andy came round to Jane s end and gave Jane a doggie fucking while she was still seeing to Patsy, although she didn t manage to keep going on Patsy as Andy brought her off to another orgasm.

Monica - Chapter 10 - Ten years of John (straight, wife sharing)
John became our discrete sex partner, we would get together with him whenever we were feeling naughty and wanted something extra to spice things up. He was perfect for as I couldn't get enough of watching him give it to my wife and my wife enjoying the most intense orgasms and sex imaginable.

The Night With a Demon (BDSM, bondage, fantasy)
My life was perfect. But I still dreamed of and longed for Joshua. His lips, hands. His scent. Everything about him made me want him more and more. So while I felt so happy in my life, I still felt a little empty inside. But I had no choice but to carry on. Then, HE came.

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