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Started my first threesome (straight erotic story)
Well this story starts out as the beginning of my first threesome. We didn't quite get into it but because it came out of nowhere it was hot anyways.

A great handjob at work! (straight, office sex)
Judy and I had worked together for several years. One day she started talking to me a great deal and the conversation turned dirty for months. Read to see how it transpired!

Internet fun (exhibitionism)
There are defining moments in life that make you look at things or people differently. For me, that moment came a couple of years ago with respect to my mother. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 10. My dad really wasn't in the picture much and my mom did her best at raising me.

Mistaken Identity (fucking, hetero, blowjob)
He took this to indicate she was ready to feel the whole length of his dick and so he slid off of the bed dragging her by the ankles until her flower was in inline with his anxious friend, and raising up her thighs into position he drove it in. She gasped and reached to grab on to his forearms and started to move her ass as if she wanted to feel him ramming it in and out of her right away.

Ellen fucked my best friend (straight, cheating)
My wife had sex with my best friend. She always said she thought his cock was huge, now she knows. Since then they are regular lovers.

Ass to mouth experience (gay, teen sex)
My fun in the evenings with Fred were far from seemed that he was sometimes excited in the evenings, yet sometimes embarrassed and so not wanting to see me even enter his room. In the daytime, he seemed to not want to talk to me as if not to remind himself of what had happened.

Monica - Chapter 7 - Monica meets Glen (straight, wife sharing)
Although John was quite the stud we / I thought we should try another guy from the vast replies we got from our advert. I contacted Glen, met him and organised another Sunday afternoon of wife sharing but some of the charm was missing with Glen.

Her first tattoo (straight, hardcore, BDSM)
When she came to my shop to get her first color she was a crying little bitch. When she left she was a sweet little slut.

Wife in Jail (BDSM sex, submission, domination)
Candice was at her work when they came for her. Her husband Greg followed them inside loudly thanking her for agreeing to take the time for him. Candice asked what the hell was going on as the collection officers handcuffed her.

Oral On The Kitchen Counter (straight, virginity)
An innocent virgin gets her first taste of sweet, sweet pleasure before she explodes into a hot, creamy mess.

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