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Please Punish Me (extreme sex, BDSM, discipline)
Please punish me' she whispered as she looked through his pictures on her phone. She closed her eyes and imagined being under his control. She desperately needed him, and with every breath, she wanted him. Life had been so cruel these last couple years and she had a hard time finding the happy, beautiful woman she used to be. Stress and loss and hurt had led to her self-destruction. Drugs and alcohol were on the verge of taking over her entire life and she knew this, and wanted him to save her f

Emily was her name (straight, teen sex, hospital)
So at a time in my life drugs were around a lot and I ended up in rehab, so did Emily. And we made rehab fun. I didn't want to be there. Forced to go to 30 days inpatient rehab because I got caught with an 8 ball of coke.

My Virginity Lost with My Aunt (teen sex, straight)
Real Fantasy With My Aunt. This Happened In My Vacatio.At My Native Place. Aunt Fulfilled My Dream Of sex For first Time

Love On The Diamond (gay sex)
My name's Tony and I'm 16. I consider myself bi, not out, but I think I'm too afraid to admit I'm gay. I have black hair which I spike up in the front. Though not needed, I have hazel eyes and I just recently removed my braces.. What? I like my teeth now.

Stranger in the cabin (consesual sex, cum swallowing, teen)
My mind was still buzzing after finding out my sister had orchestrated the break-in to our cabin so she could give me a blow job. The fact that it ended in sex was almost overwhelming! I slowly walked up the moonlit path back to our cabin with a plan to have her fulfill her blowjob fantasy again when I heard some talking coming from the road.

Swaziland Gangbang (interracial sex)
Continuing from part one: “Oh, by the way, did I mention that I had invited the three Swazi boys around to the cottage for drinks tonight? They asked if they could bring three of their well hung friends. I said sure, I look forward to a fresh fucking challenge. You can serve the beers, naked of course as I’m sure they will all be amused seeing your pathetic pale phallus.” This was the first time and hopefully not the last that I saw my wife fucked by big black cocks. Likewise it was the first t

Watching my wife fucked by Darius (straight, cuckold)
Whilst on holiday we got chatting to a guy at the hotel swimming pool. I the male steered Sue towards him, resultin in me watching them having the amazing sex. It was a real turn on for all 3 of us

Shared my girl with half a movie theatre (group sex)
My girlfriend wanted to see magic mike when it came out so we went. And the vide of the movie got to everyone.

18 year old boy pounds a 51 year old MILF (milf, hetero, cuckold)
ave's cock began to explode seconds later as he shot several streams of cum all over my wife's beautiful ass and back. My wife was so exhausted she couldn't move as she lay there on the bed still trembling from the pounding that Dave had just given her.

Ellen fucked my best friend (straight, cheating)
My wife had sex with my best friend. She always said she thought his cock was huge, now she knows. Since then they are regular lovers.

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