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Lillie Mae and Sharon join our interracial commune (straight)
My husband Chris brings an older 75-year-old woman named Lillie Mae over along with her 55-year-old daughter .Sharon. It is an eye-opener for small town pussy to see how sexual freedom feels in its entirity. Lillie Mae and Sharon also reveal the two children they have birthed by Chris my husband.

Emanuelle's space adventure (straight, teen sex, science fiction)
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’ve had some hit and misses plus I lost a lot of my stories that I never even got to post but here is a new one from me hopefully you enjoy it and id like some feedback please as I have a lot more of this series waiting to submit. Happy reading.

Karen's new babysitting job (straight)
Karen learns Jacob is a pervert and seeks out being his sitter. When she lands the gig. She's discovers her body in amazing ways. This is side one of a two sided story. All characters and acts in this story are fiction. 

Mind blowing sexual experience (shared wife, group sex)
This is what happened in one of the friendship tours. You can track this in the papers. Cannot tell more for obvious reasons.

Changing Realities (asian, blowjob, hetero sex)
I was a fit man, hardly any fat on me, well-muscled. Consequently, I was able to hold my liquor quite well and was barely feeling what we now call a 'buzz,' when Dao-Ming suddenly leaned across the table.

Norton Towers - the apartment block for highly sexed seniors (straight)
I get hired as handyman for sexy seniors apartment block. Turns out they want me as their fuck buddy

Photos for my Valentine (hetero sex, erotic)
The first day's photos were beautiful, but pretty innocuous. I went to the salon, had my long, light brown hair shaped and highlighted, got a manicure, pedicure, facial—the works. I even had my makeup done professionally.

Public Pool Masturbation and More (jacuzzi, public, straight)
My visit to the public pool turned into a party of feeling my vagina... and not just by myself. Two unexpected visitors gave this college girl a time she would always remeber

Good time with teacher 2 (teen sex, straight)
I was weak in maths subject so she used to take extra classes of mine after school and nobody used to be in school it was only me and her i never hav any bad intentions until one day she came wearing a pink tshirt and leggings she looked really hot and her cleavage was clearly visible while she was teaching me my eyes cldnt get of her cleavage i wanted to really suck them

Started my first threesome (straight erotic story)
Well this story starts out as the beginning of my first threesome. We didn't quite get into it but because it came out of nowhere it was hot anyways.

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