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Kinky Rachael - Part One (straight, teen sex)

bobbarkerson's sex story: My fling when I was a 17 year old with a frustrated 28 year old kinky sex craved woman. She took me to places I'd never been nor have been since. The sex, the intimidation, the training was wet, wild and dam kinky as hell.

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2 guys and me (straight, threesome)

Sue's sex story: I was a little over 18 years of age when two older guys 32 and 29 years of age fucked me and taught me the meaning of sex. It happened some years ago but i still remember it vividly.

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Oral On The Kitchen Counter (straight, virginity)

Anony Mouse's sex story: An innocent virgin gets her first taste of sweet, sweet pleasure before she explodes into a hot, creamy mess.

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How I lost my virginity to a married man (straight, teen sex)

Jessica's sex story: My sex life with a married man, and the sex life that followed including more married men and a threesome

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Sorority football (teen sex, straight)

Sara's sex story: Football team take ot from me my virginity and leave me pregnant and ashamed for what i had done and what they had done

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First time eating pussy (lesbian, teen sex)

Angelica's sex story: I had known that I was bisexual for a long time so behind my moms back I would date girls because she's a Christian and thinks being gay is wrong and disgusting

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