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The teacher affair (straight, teen sex)

Janice's sex story: I have been having a sexual affair with my 50 year old Math teacher for two years, and still nobody suspects a thing.

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Virginity and pregnancy (teen sex, straight)

Mariya's sex story: This is my first story guys.  By that time i was 16 and my boyfriend was 20 who is an Ex now..he started kissing me publicly the first day he saw me. Days passed and one day we he came toy place while parents were away.

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Family entertainment with Chris's dick (straight, incest)

Cynthia's sex story: During the summer of 1987 my cousin Chris visited Orlando only to get nude and have sex with his first cousin Cyndi her mom Eileen and Chris's grandmother June . Pain and misery arises from the illicit sexual unions .

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Losing my virginity (straight, MILF, teen sex)

Alexis's sex story: 18 year old male from south Texas .just graduated high school and got hired to work in Jack in the box. I can't forget that night with Paula a 34 year old slim curvy female who came to Texas from Florida

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The night i loose my virginity with a Girl (lesbian, sensual)

Nicole Liu's sex story: I always know myself as a straight girl and nothing more, but this one night changes everything. It was something very crazy, even today i still remember like it was yesterday.

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Forbidden lovers (young sex, straight)

Lyle's sex story: Myself and my young daughter cristeen in a incestuous love affair. it started out a closeness between a daughter an her father and i allowed this beautiful conection toImorph into a sickness

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