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The night i loose my virginity with a Girl (lesbian, sensual)

Nicole Liu's sex story: I always know myself as a straight girl and nothing more, but this one night changes everything. It was something very crazy, even today i still remember like it was yesterday.

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Forbidden lovers (young sex, straight)

Lyle's sex story: Myself and my young daughter cristeen in a incestuous love affair. it started out a closeness between a daughter an her father and i allowed this beautiful conection toImorph into a sickness

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18 year old freak (straight, teen sex)

Lance bangs's sex story: I visited a friend when he was in rehab. When I was there I was sitting outside with a virgin girl named Stephanie. 18 yrs old, sexy ass hell

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A very young girl (teen sex, straight)

lancebangs's sex story: This is a story that a lot of people will probably frown upon. It's about my friend Derek's sister and let's just say she developed early

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Bosses wife fucked me in his office (straight, cheating)

Lance bangs's sex story: My old boss has the hottest wife. And when I started working there. She turned her attention to me and let me take a virginity of her

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My friends daughters sleep over (teen sex, straight)

Lance bangs's sex story: I'm only 24 but one of my best friends is 42, he has a daughter whose 16. My buddies name is David and he told me I wouldn't want to miss his daughters sleep over

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