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My First Lesbian Experience (first time, lesbi sex)

abroadsword's sex story: My first time with a Lesbian left a lasting impression, her succulent heaving breasts, the sweet scent of her..

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Daisy's first job (transsexual, shemale, threesome)

Daisy's sex story: Daisy gets a job as a secretary her boss Matt is a married man this get out of hand in his office and matt's wife walks in on the situation

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Brandi becomes the women she always new he was (trans-sexual)

Freebird35's sex story: Brandi is transexual female and this is the story about her first sexual experience with her best friend Kellie. Brandi was 17 yrs old and had moved to town 3 years ago and everything was going well in her new town but no one knew of her secret that she was a make to female transexual.

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Into the wild! Turning Alexia (trans-sexual)

Dezie A.'s sex story: Alexia is my trans friend real name, Billie is her nick name, I ask her if she wants to spend some with me at the cabin, I haven't told her about the wolf yet, I don't think she would understand the relationship I have with it, it's different from our buddies on the farm, they know something different about me.

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Wanking with a shemale (trans-sexual)

Here2Jerk's sex story: A man who loves to wank, ventures out, and discovers amazing pleasure somewhere he never thought to look before!

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My Transexual Love Life (teen sex, bi-sexual)

Patricia's sex story: After a few more drinks, I thought we should head back to my place. We played some pool, our favorite childhood game. As I bent over, my skirt rose, and revealed my ass every time I took a shot.

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