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Debbie does Alabama - Part Two (threesome, bi-sexual)

victorsev's sex story: My young wife Debbie gets a job at a grain warehouse. I am away a lot on business and drinking heavily. She takes stock of her sexual options and.....

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Debbie does Alabama - Part One (threesome, bi-sexual)

victorsev's sex story: My blonde wife is not content with my small cock so seeks sex with a young Hispanic girl. She comes back and tells me. I wank my little cock as she gives me the detail

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Birthday sex chronicles (straight)

Key127's sex story: Quest to fufill the birthday sex rutal , of getting two completely different woman to please me on my day

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From The Chapel To The Kennel (rough sex, straight)

Wrulf's sex story: Crystal, a slutty bride, is mistreated by husband and other men following her wedding, although she gets perversely mounted in a later installment of this tale.

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My First Lesbian Experience (first time, lesbi sex)

abroadsword's sex story: My first time with a Lesbian left a lasting impression, her succulent heaving breasts, the sweet scent of her..

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Mommy's gangbang (straight, foursome)

Momisaslut's sex story: Mom was looking at them and they asked her what those excercises in the textbook were, they thought she was a teacher and they wanted to know those stuff to get a good grade

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