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Oral On The Kitchen Counter (straight, virginity)

Anony Mouse's sex story: An innocent virgin gets her first taste of sweet, sweet pleasure before she explodes into a hot, creamy mess.

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From Cyber To Reality (cyber sex, straight, cheating)

Galehot's sex story: After years of internet play, two cyber lovers finally meet in person and begin the much anticipated first step into the physical part of their sexual relationship...

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Just Relax (fetish, straight, sex toys)

Alice R. Tripp's sex story: After a long week, I was ready for some time with my boyfriend. Little did I know what he had in store for me would not include Netflix and pizza.

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The Beginning of My Captivity (threesome, bi-sexual)

Nasty Whore's sex story: Picked up by a young couple, the scantily dressed damsel in distress is brought to a farmhouse, tied up, fucked, and held captive to be used as a slave.

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My Juveniled wife - Part Two (cheating, straight)

private's sex story: My 36y old beautiful wife was the object of lust for a 18 y old . He was determined to have her, breed her in my presence.He whispered i want to be inside you deep inside you

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Astrid and Candice (BBW, straight sex story)

Here2Jerk's sex story: Never be afraid to ask. And never take anything for granted. After finally summoning the courage to engage two women in his sexual fantasy's, this man's favouritism of one girl leads to the unearthing of the others jealous streak!

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