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My son made me pregnant (incest, teen sex)

Jessy Jose's sex story: Hi. My name is Jessy. I am an English teacher. My son's name is Fenil. My husband is in Gulf. He comes home once every year. This is the story how my son made me pregnant. I am a teacher. My husband is in Gulf. My son is 17.

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The teacher affair (straight, teen sex)

Janice's sex story: I have been having a sexual affair with my 50 year old Math teacher for two years, and still nobody suspects a thing.

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Miss Jackson and the interesting detention (lesbian)

daisy's sex story: Miss Jackson has detention duty with Kylie the grunge chick they get to know each other well maybe a little to well

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Virginity and pregnancy (teen sex, straight)

Mariya's sex story: This is my first story guys.  By that time i was 16 and my boyfriend was 20 who is an Ex now..he started kissing me publicly the first day he saw me. Days passed and one day we he came toy place while parents were away.

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Sebastian and Jocelyn (animal sex, teen sex)

iRiddl3's sex story: A young girl gets her dog back, but he's not the same. What has gotten into him? Find out here, just as Jocelyn does.

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Stolen, and kept (straight, BDSM, teen sex)

Submissive's sex story: Bestiality is in this story, young girl, unknown men, slave. I was stolen and lost my cherry to men I didn't know. I had been biking home from school and decided to make a pit stop for a book at the library. Wrong choice.

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