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Mrs. Williams (teacher-student sex, straight)

Bob Barkerson's sex story: I was helping one of my teachers after school, Mrs. Williams, a nice looking woman in her early 40's, and African American. At the time, she was absolutely the only African American in the whole school. I was a white 15 year old virgin boy and always horny. Mrs. Williams was about to teach me a lesson I would never forget.

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My school teacher (teen sex, straight)

asif's sex story: this happend with and my school teacher ..how i fucked here sweet hole in know time...i was in higher secondary school

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I love my History Teacher (teen sex, straight)

IneedaMILFTeacher's sex story: Her tight wet pussy grabs and gropes my cock with every thrust it tries hopelessly to keep me inside , and with every failure it squirts more cum until it's dripping from her ass cheeks and onto my cock.... I continue to slam my dick into her tight pussy she moans 'you've been a naughty student!!! GIVE ME MORE !'

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My Fucking Hot History Teacher (straight)

IneedaMILFTeacher's sex story: I knew after that I'm in the green to at least try. I was walking to 4th hour one day, very late and Mrs. Siek comes out of her class room and goes into the bathroom.

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Teacher Student Party (bi-sexual, anal sex, oral sex)

8GradeHistoryTeacher's sex story: I decided to have a party for some of my kids after school was out for the summer. I invited the boys and told them to bring their girlfriends. They all came over to my house and some of them brought their girlfriends.

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The teacher affair (straight, teen sex)

Janice's sex story: I have been having a sexual affair with my 50 year old Math teacher for two years, and still nobody suspects a thing.

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