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Debbie does Alabama - Part Two (threesome, bi-sexual)

victorsev's sex story: My young wife Debbie gets a job at a grain warehouse. I am away a lot on business and drinking heavily. She takes stock of her sexual options and.....

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Debbie does Alabama - Part One (threesome, bi-sexual)

victorsev's sex story: My blonde wife is not content with my small cock so seeks sex with a young Hispanic girl. She comes back and tells me. I wank my little cock as she gives me the detail

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Meeting Loveable Friendship People (gay, sex fantasy)

Skysun69's sex story: Young boys innocence being minipulated and brainwashed for an orgy party by male babysiter.. FANTASY STORY

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Ass to mouth experience (gay, teen sex)

Joe's sex story: My fun in the evenings with Fred were far from seemed that he was sometimes excited in the evenings, yet sometimes embarrassed and so not wanting to see me even enter his room. In the daytime, he seemed to not want to talk to me as if not to remind himself of what had happened.

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The Gym Teacher (ass to mouth, true story, group sex)

Alexa's sex story: I awoke at 6:45am, which is not unusual for me, for many days I am already gone to work. But I figured I could sleep in some, especially after the workout we gave one another until midnight last night.

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Small Dick Club (cuckold, wife, bisex)

anton's sex story: I sighed and stood, moving my hands from my groin, and showing them my soft dick. So humiliated and embarrassed, that it had shrivelled to only what looked like an inch. Even my nut sack had shrunk. I don’t need to tell you that they laughed at me, they even called in some of their fellow travellers to check it out. I could imagine their stories from now until death, of the time they found a pervert on the bus trip, with the smallest penis they had ever seen.

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