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Kinky Rachael - Part One (straight, teen sex)

bobbarkerson's sex story: My fling when I was a 17 year old with a frustrated 28 year old kinky sex craved woman. She took me to places I'd never been nor have been since. The sex, the intimidation, the training was wet, wild and dam kinky as hell.

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If you eat it you can cum (straight)

John's sex story: Pussy eating and rimming. Masturbation while being watched. First time sex experience with an older woman. First taste of own cum.

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Manipulated by Mom's Friend (straight, mature sex)

Jayson's sex story: This is my first story and it is based on a personal experience but it is not entirely true as I did add up to make the story better

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Lillie Mae and Sharon join our interracial commune (straight)

Jacqueline s cox's sex story: My husband Chris brings an older 75-year-old woman named Lillie Mae over along with her 55-year-old daughter .Sharon. It is an eye-opener for small town pussy to see how sexual freedom feels in its entirity. Lillie Mae and Sharon also reveal the two children they have birthed by Chris my husband.

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When I was sixteen (teen sex, virginity)

Frank's sex story: A story about me and my high school English teacher over 66 years ago. I left her secret notes just to make her curious. Finally she took the bait and we had a great 7 months.

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Uma sex story (straight, older woman)

mugil's sex story: 2 visits to her office and she is in my bed in my flat. She came running to see my hand. But her mind was lust

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