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A crossdresser caught at work (fetish)

Timmy's sex story: Trying to indulge my fantasies at work, I got more than I bargained for! But, it was a very pleasant suprise. This, by the way, is a true story.

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Playtime at work (straight, handjob)

Rich's sex story: Some freetime to play at work with a female coworker. Some dirty talk, touching and teasing and something totaly unexpected!

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A great handjob at work! (straight, office sex)

eric's sex story: Judy and I had worked together for several years. One day she started talking to me a great deal and the conversation turned dirty for months. Read to see how it transpired!

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Office Shenanigans 2: Let's Get Down to Business (straight)

Mr Steel Magnolia's sex story: There's these two people in an office and then they bang in a hotel and it's super hot, it's not a sequel to anything but I find that sequels get more attention cause people are like 'well if they made a second one then it must be great!'

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Bosses wife fucked me in his office (straight, cheating)

Lance bangs's sex story: My old boss has the hottest wife. And when I started working there. She turned her attention to me and let me take a virginity of her

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The restaurant sent me on a catering job (bi-sexual)

Gina's sex story: Something cool happened to me back when I was a hostess at a restaurant close to the laurel Canyon neighborhood

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