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An exciting night out (lesbian, first time, threesome)

Kimberly's sex story: I was fed up with my so called best friend so I ended that now to move on. I met this beautiful girl she sweep me from the first hello

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Cum Here Sister-In-Law - Part Three (incest, straight)

bobbarkerson's sex story: Part 3 in the story of incest, lesbian and gay love. My wife and her sister teach me of a world I didn't knew existed. They open my mind, heart, soul and body to all kinds of possibilites

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First time eating pussy (lesbian, teen sex)

Angelica's sex story: I had known that I was bisexual for a long time so behind my moms back I would date girls because she's a Christian and thinks being gay is wrong and disgusting

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My First Lesbian Experience (first time, lesbi sex)

abroadsword's sex story: My first time with a Lesbian left a lasting impression, her succulent heaving breasts, the sweet scent of her..

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Miss Jackson and the interesting detention (lesbian)

daisy's sex story: Miss Jackson has detention duty with Kylie the grunge chick they get to know each other well maybe a little to well

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The night i loose my virginity with a Girl (lesbian, sensual)

Nicole Liu's sex story: I always know myself as a straight girl and nothing more, but this one night changes everything. It was something very crazy, even today i still remember like it was yesterday.

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