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Having a stranger fuck me and liking it (straight sex)

Poonam's sex story: I had gone with my two friends from college to goa and then had this whirlwind experience. The good part is I do not know the person and he does not know me. But I remember it.

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Just Got Popped - Part Three (gay, teen sex)

Juan Sanchez's sex story: The saga of a young boy's dream come true 9 years later continues as the young man learns of his father's former lover and the disagreement that tore them apart. Can the young man's tender body restore this fractured relationship?

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I did not expect this (straight, cheating)

Nina's sex story: I go for a modeling session and end up having myself fucked like mad. It was a great fuck which I did not expect but I don't think I will do it again.

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The homeless (romance, consesual sex)

Sr.Longo's sex story: I was shopping with my wife one afternoon a frigid day in early January. We had just left Walmart and I drove past a homeless man leaning against a stop sign with a handmade sign exactly like the one I describe here. I have often wondered how people become homeless and why so few of us seem to care. That sighting was the inspiration for this story. It’s long so I’ve divided it into six parts. I hope you enjoy it. Sr. Longo

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My Grandmother's lovers (hetero, mature sex)

Sammy's sex story: I thought that I was meeting Mrs Hattersley for the first time. My grandmother had often spoken of her ('my good friend Mrs Hattersley'), but I couldn't recall ever actually meeting her.

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Birthday Surprise (heterosexual, celebrity)

Darkinferno's sex story: The stall was thick with steam. Fat beads of condensation were rolling down the white porcelain tiles and fogged glass door. Tipping her head back into the spray, Milla Jovovich uttered a low throaty moan as the scalding water pelted her naked body.

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