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Mom fucked by physiotherapist tenant (mature sex, straight)

Master Story teller's sex story: Story about how mom fucked and dominated the next door guy. mom was super horny for sex and never knew she loved dominating.

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First gangbang surprise (straight sex story)

Sunita's sex story: We have been trying out something kinky for sometime. But this time it was bizarre and I did not know how to react. Am I angry or satisfied I don't know.

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Office Shenanigans 2: Let's Get Down to Business (straight)

Mr Steel Magnolia's sex story: There's these two people in an office and then they bang in a hotel and it's super hot, it's not a sequel to anything but I find that sequels get more attention cause people are like 'well if they made a second one then it must be great!'

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Gym party come first date (hetero sex strory)

juicyeeju's sex story: 'Thanks guys, that was my best gym session ever.” I say to my new gym buddies, as I mop up the cum and sweat from my crotch.

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The night I fucked my wifes aunt (straight, cheating)

Chuck's sex story: My wife Vanessa 29 and her aunt Cindy 42 both have Daughters that are both Cheerleaders in the same school and same grade.I didn't know my wife aunt sniffs so much coke and she will do anything for it sucks swallows fucks anal anything!

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Romantic walk (straight, erotix story)

Kissesfromabove's sex story: For their anniversary they go for a walk. She has more in store than what he thinks, quick but sexual. They had only been together 6 months but she knew he was the one. From the start, she had been smitten by his smile, a smile that brought butterflies to her stomach.

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