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The Boy's Asked Me To Do Things For Them (straight, group sex)

Lexie Landing's sex story: That time my boyfriend brought me to a house party with his friends and they begged me to do naughty things for them while i was drunk and horny.

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My boyfriend has this gangbang fetish (straight, group sex)

Lana's sex story: My boyfriend (13 years older than I am) has a gangbang fetish. That is: he loves watching me get gangbanged, especially in humiliating fashion.

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Lillie Mae and Sharon join our interracial commune (straight)

Jacqueline s cox's sex story: My husband Chris brings an older 75-year-old woman named Lillie Mae over along with her 55-year-old daughter .Sharon. It is an eye-opener for small town pussy to see how sexual freedom feels in its entirity. Lillie Mae and Sharon also reveal the two children they have birthed by Chris my husband.

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A whore one night (group sex, straight)

hawk007's sex story: The night i took my girlfirend for a meal she got fucked by 4 guys in the back of their cars one after another. My story really begins after a couple of months of being with her when we went out for a meal one night to a restaurant situated quite near a red light area.

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Shared my girl with half a movie theatre (group sex)

Lance's sex story: My girlfriend wanted to see magic mike when it came out so we went. And the vide of the movie got to everyone.

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A one night stand (straight sex story)

Vee's sex story: It was a sleepover at my friend's friend house,and we all paired up with different guys and i was paired with my crush! We were supposed to spend the night together, and what a night it was

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