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A crossdresser caught at work (fetish)

Timmy's sex story: Trying to indulge my fantasies at work, I got more than I bargained for! But, it was a very pleasant suprise. This, by the way, is a true story.

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Kinky Rachael - Part One (straight, teen sex)

bobbarkerson's sex story: My fling when I was a 17 year old with a frustrated 28 year old kinky sex craved woman. She took me to places I'd never been nor have been since. The sex, the intimidation, the training was wet, wild and dam kinky as hell.

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Cum Here Sister-In-Law - Part Three (incest, straight)

bobbarkerson's sex story: Part 3 in the story of incest, lesbian and gay love. My wife and her sister teach me of a world I didn't knew existed. They open my mind, heart, soul and body to all kinds of possibilites

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Carrots from space (alien sex, sex fantasy)

No one's sex story: Aliens that look like carrots have arrived to Earth after their sun was extinguished and their home planet had became to cold to live in.

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My sweet wifes confession (straight)

private's sex story: She was bound by the contract of our creditor to do the forbidden… to submit her sweet body to another man she had not done it before but confessed she enjoyed the rough sex by sam our credior and allowed her beautiful body to be enjoyed by him

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My cock is too big (gay, anal sex)

gaypussy's sex story: As a gay male, I have had lifelong problems because my cock is too big. It was normal until I was 14 then started to grow more than I wanted I am 36 now and my cock is 12' long cut and thick as well.

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