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A Gay Romance Gone South - Part 1 (anal sex, oral sex)

Harold Bank's sex story: I thought falling in love with the man of my dreams was where it was at. It wasn't; he became more than I could ever have imagined. Eric was unfaithful, abusive and down right mean as hell. But I wanted him so badly. No one should have to put up with anyone like Eric.

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Frotting With My Buddy (gay)

Bobbarkerson's sex story: Sid and I accidentally fell into frotting one night. It was very exciting and hot. I had never heard of frotting, ( two guys rubbing their cocks together until they cum.) It's not considered a strictly gay practice; straight men do it with a close buddy. It's a way of releasing sexual tension.

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My First Lesbian Experience (first time, lesbi sex)

abroadsword's sex story: My first time with a Lesbian left a lasting impression, her succulent heaving breasts, the sweet scent of her..

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Young sexy virgin boys take eachothers virginity (gay, teen sex)

Drew's sex story: 2 virgin teenager boys meet at a waterpark, and decide to experiment. One promised blowjob turns into a lot more. Very sexy!

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Chick with a Dick! (transgender, bi-sexual, shermale)

John's sex story: Meeting a girl and ending up sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. By a big breasted girl with a BIG dick.

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Be careful what you wish for (college, straight)

Reed's sex story: Sharing your love with people you don't know can be dangerous. Reed thought he was getting laid by a goddess, but as it turned out he was feeding another person's fantasy.

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