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A Warm Day (teen sex, gay)

Bulgelover's sex story: Sexy gay encounter between a teenager and older neighbour. Lots of speedo bulges and intimacy...begins when a young horny youth wearing his favourite tight bulging bikini-briefs is asked to run an errand by his Mum. Reluctantly he agrees, hoping to move on to sexier, hornier encounters as soon as he completes it. Little does he realise, what immediately lies in store for him is an experience that will change his life forever!!

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A whore one night (group sex, straight)

hawk007's sex story: The night i took my girlfirend for a meal she got fucked by 4 guys in the back of their cars one after another. My story really begins after a couple of months of being with her when we went out for a meal one night to a restaurant situated quite near a red light area.

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My first gay experience (anal sex, oral sex)

Lance bangs's sex story: If your a guy and have never been with another guy, do you ever get curious? The first time I was with another man I didn't know I wanted it until it was happening

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First time being fucked by a guy (gay, teen sex, anal)

lancebangs's sex story: When I was 18 I always said I'd never let a mans dick in my ass. Right after I turned 19 that all changed. Me and a friend whose a girl went to this party and it's was a huge party. She stayed close to me so she wouldn't get lost.

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Great Co-Worker Great Wife (threesome, bi-sexual)

Vanwater's sex story: I had been married for 10 years, at age 35, at the time of this life changing event. My wife and I had a good sex life but things had gotten kind of dull. My wife, Joy, even spoke sometimes of spicing things up. She even mentioned having a 3 some or 4 some but it didn't go anywhere until Seth was hired where I worked.

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My first time (young sex, gay sex)

Ned's little boy's sex story: First time I ever sucked a cock and took one in my ass. I was 7 and he was 47. This is a real story, and everything is true. I tried my best to explain it.

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