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Martha the mature biology teacher (MILF, straight)

Mr Sexual's sex story: Martha is a matute biology teacher and she comes home after work feeling frisky and goes up to the bedroom with a coffee.

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Bosses wife fucked me in his office (straight, cheating)

Lance bangs's sex story: My old boss has the hottest wife. And when I started working there. She turned her attention to me and let me take a virginity of her

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First time being fucked by a guy (gay, teen sex, anal)

lancebangs's sex story: When I was 18 I always said I'd never let a mans dick in my ass. Right after I turned 19 that all changed. Me and a friend whose a girl went to this party and it's was a huge party. She stayed close to me so she wouldn't get lost.

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Great Co-Worker Great Wife (threesome, bi-sexual)

Vanwater's sex story: I had been married for 10 years, at age 35, at the time of this life changing event. My wife and I had a good sex life but things had gotten kind of dull. My wife, Joy, even spoke sometimes of spicing things up. She even mentioned having a 3 some or 4 some but it didn't go anywhere until Seth was hired where I worked.

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Fucking My Classmate (straight, teen sex)

Yash's sex story: I am Yash I want to tell a story my classmate Sonali. She was hot girl of my class having slim body attractive and sweet voice

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First time I fisted a pussy (straight)

Lance's sex story: Have you ever fisted a pussy?? I enjoy doing it and the cougar I did it to really enjoyed it. She loves anal too, she's honestly perfect and can take a pounding

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