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First Time Anal Virgin (straight, teen sex)

Philip's sex story: I was 13 and she was 10, it first started with her wonders then I got horny. She loved my rock hard cock in her ass, and I she fucked me too.

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The night i loose my virginity with a Girl (lesbian, sensual)

Nicole Liu's sex story: I always know myself as a straight girl and nothing more, but this one night changes everything. It was something very crazy, even today i still remember like it was yesterday.

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Started my first threesome (straight erotic story)

MyStory's sex story: Well this story starts out as the beginning of my first threesome. We didn't quite get into it but because it came out of nowhere it was hot anyways.

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Traveling baby maker (straight, strangers)

Billy King's sex story: Traveling salesman meets teachers at conferences, seduces them, then secretly impregnates them without them knowing.

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Grand daughter broke in (incest, straight)

tim s's sex story: Asked by his own daughter and husband to break in his granddaughter into the family fun. Grandpa breaks her in. Crazy but true.

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Enjoyed a sex with my classmate (straight, teen sex)

Ankit's sex story: I got a chance to fuck an angel like girl of my class. She has two very big breasts. I enjoyed a lot when I played with them.

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