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An exciting night out (lesbian, first time, threesome)

Kimberly's sex story: I was fed up with my so called best friend so I ended that now to move on. I met this beautiful girl she sweep me from the first hello

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Awesome threesome (straight)

Rocky's sex story: It is about a rajasthani couple and myself exploring our fantasies..this is a real story... Which took place at Delhi in a hotel...

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Mrs. Williams (teacher-student sex, straight)

Bob Barkerson's sex story: I was helping one of my teachers after school, Mrs. Williams, a nice looking woman in her early 40's, and African American. At the time, she was absolutely the only African American in the whole school. I was a white 15 year old virgin boy and always horny. Mrs. Williams was about to teach me a lesson I would never forget.

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My school teacher (teen sex, straight)

asif's sex story: this happend with and my school teacher i fucked here sweet hole in know time...i was in higher secondary school

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My sweet wifes confession (straight)

private's sex story: She was bound by the contract of our creditor to do the forbidden… to submit her sweet body to another man she had not done it before but confessed she enjoyed the rough sex by sam our credior and allowed her beautiful body to be enjoyed by him

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Monica - Chapter 15 - Nev is invited into out marital bed (wife sharing)

Lee's sex story: Monica simply enjoys Nev's company so, why not invite him into our home and into our bedroom where no man has been before, at the least to have sex with my wife. The only sacred thing left short of having Monica gang banged was to have her fucked and used in our marital bed.

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