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Virginity and pregnancy (teen sex, straight)

Mariya's sex story: This is my first story guys.  By that time i was 16 and my boyfriend was 20 who is an Ex now..he started kissing me publicly the first day he saw me. Days passed and one day we he came toy place while parents were away.

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Office Shenanigans 2: Let's Get Down to Business (straight)

Mr Steel Magnolia's sex story: There's these two people in an office and then they bang in a hotel and it's super hot, it's not a sequel to anything but I find that sequels get more attention cause people are like 'well if they made a second one then it must be great!'

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From Cyber To Reality (cyber sex, straight, cheating)

Galehot's sex story: After years of internet play, two cyber lovers finally meet in person and begin the much anticipated first step into the physical part of their sexual relationship...

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Be careful what you wish for (college, straight)

Reed's sex story: Sharing your love with people you don't know can be dangerous. Reed thought he was getting laid by a goddess, but as it turned out he was feeding another person's fantasy.

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Brandi becomes the women she always new he was (trans-sexual)

Freebird35's sex story: Brandi is transexual female and this is the story about her first sexual experience with her best friend Kellie. Brandi was 17 yrs old and had moved to town 3 years ago and everything was going well in her new town but no one knew of her secret that she was a make to female transexual.

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Juicys wish comes true (straight)

juicyeeju's sex story: “It’s brilliant.” I reply. The feel of her dripping wet cum filled pussy on my cock was enthralling. The tip of my cock rubbed against her cum filled Cervix the edge slid along her slippery canal, she quickened her pace on me.

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