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From Cyber To Reality (cyber sex, straight, cheating)

Galehot's sex story: After years of internet play, two cyber lovers finally meet in person and begin the much anticipated first step into the physical part of their sexual relationship...

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Constantly raped as a teen (straight)

anonymous's sex story: When my parents divorced my mother was deemed mentally unfit to raise me. I was giving to my father, and nobody knew that he was raping me almost every night.

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The Spanking Nuns (extreme sex, fetish, true story)

Skysun69's sex story: This is my TRUE STORY of how I became to know and feel bisexuality, in details so those how never felt or been through what I did can feel my path, follow me into my word, my wild and ecstasy mind if you dare...

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Hot body making horny (extreme sex, consensual)

Emerich's sex story: She have a very nice body, but it wasn’t his type. She was slender but she was flat chested and had no ass to speak of. Jason had always liked his boobs big and his butts round. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to bang Amy. His arousal grew and grew as she slowly slid her black, silk g-string down. Jason could now see the top of her pussy hair and it was clear that she kept it trimmed, but then she abruptly yanked her thong back up. When Jason raised his eyes to her face,

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Getting into slavery (fetish, extreme sex)

Jeremy's sex story: When I was living in New Jersey, we had a next door neighbor by the name of Mrs. Looper. She was a typical woman of the time with a husband that worked in the city and a house to mind. But the one thing that wasn't typical about her was that she didn't have children.

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The Taboo Machines (massage, pregnant, extreme sex)

Enorme's sex story: Carla could not wait to try out her new stainless steel goat milking machine. Her friends the Gaucho Girls had lots of experience with livestock and induced lactation. They used that type of machine themselves and wanted to share the useful technology with their new friend. Carla was pregnant and her body had begun to produce the hormones to transform. She felt a little nauseous sometimes.

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