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Hot body making horny (extreme sex, consensual)

Emerich's sex story: She have a very nice body, but it wasn’t his type. She was slender but she was flat chested and had no ass to speak of. Jason had always liked his boobs big and his butts round. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to bang Amy. His arousal grew and grew as she slowly slid her black, silk g-string down. Jason could now see the top of her pussy hair and it was clear that she kept it trimmed, but then she abruptly yanked her thong back up. When Jason raised his eyes to her face,

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Bi-sex threesome on a party (consensual sex, bisexual)

JLo's sex story: Jason laid between his plump wife’s spread legs ramming his huge cock inside his wife’s tight hole. Heather, his wife, wrapped her legs tightly around Jason so his throbbing dick would ram in her pussy all the way. Jason was bent over sucking on one of her hard nipples as his hands played with her breasts. Heather moaned and begged for more as they fucked like animals. She begged to ride his jumbo meat and with Jason on the verge of cumming, he withdrew his cock.

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The Therapist (bondage, restriction, consensual sex)

W's sex story: The room is dark and hazy. I’m hanging, my wrists tied to a chain of some sort above me. Someone is fucking me. My vision is coming into focus. I see a black man grinning at me. My legs are wrapped around his waist; he’s holding me up by my ass and is making me cum.

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Slave of Amazons (bondage, domination, non-consensual)

Bob's sex story: Getting captured sucks. It tends to involve things like pissing yourself in terror, while terrifying Amazons hold their spears deathly still at your Adam’s apple, leaving you too afraid to so much as swallow.

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Sell me (Anal, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex)

doc's sex story: She let out a soft gasp as her ring widened around me. I slapped her ass hard as I began thrusting backward and forward. I reached around her and cupped a breast as my balls began slapping against her clitoris, pretty soon my balls began to feel tighter.

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The Bus Crash (asian, oral sex, consensual sex)

Achmed's sex story: The bus crashed in my sleep so I don't really even know what happened. I woke up and it was quiet. Deathly quiet. I know because there was a dead woman on top of me. I pushed her off and tried to stand up but the bus was on its side.

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