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My Girlfriend's sisters - Part Two (straight, cheating)

LJX's sex story: This Is part 2, of course i get to Fuck the other sister. It was only once, but thats ok. A few months, maybe a year later, Nicki, the youngest was babysitting for us. Nicki is gorgeous, long thick legs, toned tight ass full lips, green eyes.

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My Girlfriend's sisters - Part One (straight, cheating)

LJX's sex story: My Girlfriend is fine. Petite, brunette, nice round booty. When we got together, i didn't know she had sisters, fine ass sisters. It had my mind wandering, wondering...until that one time.

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The Christmas Party (cheating, straight, interracial)

Nathan and Carol's sex story: Husband finds out wife has been cheating on him with a black co-worker and it becomes obvious throughout the night.

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My sweet wifes confession (straight)

private's sex story: She was bound by the contract of our creditor to do the forbidden… to submit her sweet body to another man she had not done it before but confessed she enjoyed the rough sex by sam our credior and allowed her beautiful body to be enjoyed by him

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Playtime at work (straight, handjob)

Rich's sex story: Some freetime to play at work with a female coworker. Some dirty talk, touching and teasing and something totaly unexpected!

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A great handjob at work! (straight, office sex)

eric's sex story: Judy and I had worked together for several years. One day she started talking to me a great deal and the conversation turned dirty for months. Read to see how it transpired!

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