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Getting drunk with my best friend (gay, teen sex)

Edgar's sex story: At the time all of this happened I was 18, beginning my senior year of high school. My name's Jake; I'm 5'9, 150 pounds, and I play baseball for the school, so I'm in pretty good shape. My hair is medium brown, average length, and my eyes are green. My dick is just under 8 inches long, pretty thick, and cut.

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Small Dick Club (cuckold, wife, bisex)

anton's sex story: I sighed and stood, moving my hands from my groin, and showing them my soft dick. So humiliated and embarrassed, that it had shrivelled to only what looked like an inch. Even my nut sack had shrunk. I don’t need to tell you that they laughed at me, they even called in some of their fellow travellers to check it out. I could imagine their stories from now until death, of the time they found a pervert on the bus trip, with the smallest penis they had ever seen.

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My first time (young sex, gay sex)

Ned's little boy's sex story: First time I ever sucked a cock and took one in my ass. I was 7 and he was 47. This is a real story, and everything is true. I tried my best to explain it.

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First time cum swallowing (gay, teen sex)

James's sex story: I was in my sophomore year of high school playing for our varsity hockey team. Our Captain was a senior named Owen and a friend of mine since we were little. Owen was a cute boy and always had smile on his face. He was 5"10 and skinny, but his muscles were still toned. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and perfect teeth.

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Sleepover Fuck (straight, friend)

Dick's sex story: The time I fucked my friend at a sleepover. I was so happy that I lost my virginity to another guy. I want more sleepovers with him.

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Man is Slave at Gloryhole (blowjob)

James's sex story: There was a knock on my door and I unlocked it. There was a guy there telling me that Amber wanted me to suck him and deep throat his cock. Then he pushed me into the booth and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his huge 9' cock and sucked him off.

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