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Playing with the neighbours daughter (virginity, first time)

fireman's sex story: I was all ready to join in but Clare made me stay where I was as punishment. She said it was time for Sophie's reward. Clare sat on a chair and pulled Sophie's ass onto her lap. Clare's hands were groping Sophie's young body and soon her fingers had found her tiny clit. She ran her fingers across her slit and pressed her hole finding Sophie's hymen blocking the path. She looked at me and smiled and I knew I was still going to get my first virgin pussy.

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Just Raped (BDSM, rape, torture)

Jenny's sex story: In an alternate future, the losses from several wars have left the United States with a severely depleted population. To combat this, rape was legalized, resistance was criminalized and all forms of birth control have been banned under the Repopulation Recovery Act. Women are now regularly sexually assaulted and expected to give birth to any children than are born from those rapes. This story takes place about 50 years after the laws were passed.

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Wife gangbanged by black teens (cuckold, interracial)

Victorsev's sex story: While on a weekend away with my young wife we had amazing outdoor sex. We were watched and joined by three black teen boys with huge cocks. My wife was still randy so let the three black boys fuck her with promises of more.

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Grannies are hot (granny, mature, old)

Ronnie's sex story: I licked her pussy and slowly slipped the dildo in. When I turned on the vibrator she came instantly. I stroked her dildo slowly and sucked on her clit as she played with her nipples. She came so hard that I thought she had a heart attack. She screamed and moaned and begged me to stop.

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My Teacher Swallowing my Cum (blowjob, mature sex)

Alex's sex story: It was maybe about 3 months ago that I had joined a private coaching center because I was lagging a bit in studies and my parents wanted me to score well. It was their idea to send me to a coaching center so that I could get some help and perform better and after a bit of research they got me admitted to one which was quite famous for its study pattern and infrastructure. Well can you imagine that? It was a coaching center (not an institute or university) and it was famous for its infrastructure

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Getting drunk with my best friend (gay, teen sex)

Edgar's sex story: At the time all of this happened I was 18, beginning my senior year of high school. My name's Jake; I'm 5'9, 150 pounds, and I play baseball for the school, so I'm in pretty good shape. My hair is medium brown, average length, and my eyes are green. My dick is just under 8 inches long, pretty thick, and cut.

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