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Mom that becomes obsessed with her son (mature, incest)

Cathy's sex story: My name is Cathy. I’m a 43 year old widowed mother. I have a 21 year old son named Brian. I’m a rather tall, slim woman; five foot eleven inches, very long, dark brown hair that comes down to my waist and dark brown eyes. Tennis and running has kept me in pretty good shape. I’ve been told I look like Eva Mendez but I think they’re just being polite.

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My husband fucked his mother hard (incest, cuckold, mature sex)

Cuckolina's sex story: Ricks mother Helen called and said she was coming to visit for a few days. She has been single since Ricks dad ran of with another woman 5 years ago. She arrived Friday morning while Rick was at work. Helen is 44 years old with big breast and a plump ass. She still takes good care of herself, she has long pretty brown hair and deep blue eyes.

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Sister on the Sofa (teen sex, hetero sex, incest)

Archibald's sex story: It was an early afternoon, and I was sitting on the couch playing a few games on my Xbox. I had only recently got into gaming, and was hooked. I was playing when I heard a knock on our door. Our 2 bedroom apartment was quite small, and the slightest sound made the whole house echo. My mother went to answer the door, and my 18 year old sister, Vanessa, emerged from the hallway.

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She Becomes a Horse Lover (bestiality, fisting, consensual sex)

Eva's sex story: Mila's new husband, Scott, who was formerly her quiet, attractive older duplex neighbor, had helped her begin her foray into the realm of dog-fucking. She was quite enjoying herself, to say the least! Boomer, the mutt her ex-boyfriend dumped on her, turned out to be an extraordinary sex partner. And with a little help from Scott, Mila had turned into an expert dog fucker.

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Daddy's boy (incest, ass to mouth, family, gay)

Alan's sex story: For my birthday daddy told me we were going on a camping trip, just the two of us. I was so excited, we got all our stuff together and as soon as I was out of school we hoped in his truck and headed out.

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Sister-in-law helps me out (incest, family sex, anal)

Barry's sex story: My wife doesn't like anal sex. We tried it years ago and it was too painful for her. Even though I have never tried to do it again, I have always secretly wanted to. And I got my chance, although not the way I thought I would.

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