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Un known Aunt (incest, straight)

sandeep's sex story: here i am describing how i made things from wrong dial to bed and done with unknown aunt. Hello people.. this is sandeep from Hyderabad and i am narrating my first story

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A fantasy that will get you off for sure (straight)

Calling's sex story: I’m going to lean towards you and kiss your lips tenderly. You sigh and eagerly return the kiss. Your face is flushed with desire as I kiss your neck and take the glass of wine from your hand.

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Debbie does Alabama - Part Two (threesome, bi-sexual)

victorsev's sex story: My young wife Debbie gets a job at a grain warehouse. I am away a lot on business and drinking heavily. She takes stock of her sexual options and.....

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Debbie does Alabama - Part One (threesome, bi-sexual)

victorsev's sex story: My blonde wife is not content with my small cock so seeks sex with a young Hispanic girl. She comes back and tells me. I wank my little cock as she gives me the detail

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Awesome threesome (straight)

Rocky's sex story: It is about a rajasthani couple and myself exploring our fantasies..this is a real story... Which took place at Delhi in a hotel...

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My Girlfriend's sisters - Part Two (straight, cheating)

LJX's sex story: This Is part 2, of course i get to Fuck the other sister. It was only once, but thats ok. A few months, maybe a year later, Nicki, the youngest was babysitting for us. Nicki is gorgeous, long thick legs, toned tight ass full lips, green eyes.

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