A crossdresser caught at work (fetish)

Timmy's sex story
Trying to indulge my fantasies at work, I got more than I bargained for! But, it was a very pleasant suprise. This, by the way, is a true story.

I was working as a nursing tutor at a large public hospital, and my work 'Knock off' time was 4.30pm.

I had been to town during my lunch break and had purchased some lovely lingerie including a delicate white suspender belt, a pair of lacy G-strings and a pair of white lace top stockings. Taking these items back to my office, I stowed them away with some other items that I had accumulated in the past. One of these items was a pink, student nurses dress which buttoned at the front, and another was a beautiful bra. I also had a pair of white high heeled shoes.

As I had to stay at work in order to run an evening class, I believed that I would be alone in the building until at least 7.00pm. Soo, at 5.30pm, when I believed that the building had been vacated, I removed my recent purchases from my cupboard, and then started to undress.

I must admit that whilst undressing, my heart was starting to accelerate, and I was looking forward to my activities over the next hour.

Completely naked, I first donned the suspender belt - a perfect fit. Sitting down on my office chair, I then rolled the seamed white stockings onto my legs, and fixed them in place with the suspender belt clips. Next, I put on the bra, slipping the delicate straps over my shoulders.

Next, I fitted the high heels to my feet, and stood up. What had I forgotten? Yes....the filmy G-string! Slipping the tiny panties over my shoes, I guided them up so that the small back thong fitted neatly between my buttocks. I then took my rapidly growing penis, and nestled it snuggly into the front of the panties. I really had to fight the urge to fondle my cock at this stage, as I still had one garment to put on.

The pink dress slipped on easily, although I had some difficulty doing up the buttons, as my fingers were beginning to shake.

Finally, I was dressed - now came the really exciting part.

Opening my office door, I peeked into the corridor, toward the elevator door. No one there - good! The building was quiet.

I stepped out of the office, and softly walked toward the elevator. Opposite the elevator door was a wall mounted, full length mirror, and this was my targeted destination. I really wanted to see myself dressed as I was.

I reach the mirror and ogled myself . I turned around once or twice, and then, with my back to the mirror, slowly lifted my pink dress until I could just see the lacy, white stocking tops. A bit further, and I revealed my bottom, framed with the straps of the suspender belt and top of the G-string.

I was just about to turn again, so that I could view my penis straining against the flimsy fabric of my panties, when I heard the elevator activate! Looking at the floor indicator, I saw (to my horror) that the elevator was on it's way to the floor where my office was located.

Pushing the hem of my dress down, I started to hurry back to my office. Alas, before I managed to reach my sanctuary, the elevator door opened, and I heard someone call my name....

It was Barry, my boss. He had obviously decided to stay back later than usual.

I passed into my office, and was able to shut the door. However, Barry started knocking on the door, asking if he could come in. Not knowing what to do, I managed 'Just wait a moment, I'm just getting dressed...' Why did I say that??

With resignation, I opened the door and allowed Barry to stare at me.

'I'm just trying on some clothes for a fancy dress party this weekend. You have to go dressed in clothes of the opposite sex.' Lame, I know... 'What do you think?'

Well, Barry looked at me for a moment, and said 'Looks just fine. Lets have a closer look...'

He stepped into the office and helped himself to my office chair.

'OK,' he said, 'It does look nice. Just turn around for me.'

Dutifully, I did a slow rotation.

' Are those stockings, or pantyhose that you are wearing?' he asked

'Um,' I replied 'they're stockings - seem more comfortable to me.'

'Well,' Barry responded, 'I certainly prefer stockings. Do you mind if I see them?'

What could I do. I turned my back to him, and slowly raised the hem of my dress, until I though that he would be able to see the lacy stocking tops.

'Oh, very nice,' he commented, 'but one of those stockings needs to be lifted up a tad... here, let me do it for you.'

Bemused, I felt his hands and fingers adjusting one of the stockings from behind. I felt him undo one of the suspender belt clips.

'Just needs some adjustment,' he said 'lift your dress a little higher so I can see what I'm doing'

I lifted the dress higher still - he must be able to see my bottom and G-string by now....

I felt his hand creep between my legs and caress the stocking tops between my thighs.

'I'll just check the clips at the front,' he said 'but don't turn around just yet'

His hand continued it's journey, until I felt him touching the front suspender belt clip on my right leg.

'OK, you had better turn around now...'

I felt a bit anxious about this, as by now, I had a full blown erection.

Slowly, at his gentle urging, I turned to face him.

His eyes were directed at my panties, which were not making a very good attempt at restrained my hardening cock.

'Well, well,' he said 'What have we here?!'

He slowly reached out, and pulled my G-string aside. I could feel my penis springing free.......

'Now that,' said Barry, 'Is what I call a real clitoris....'

He reached out his hand.........

This is actually a true story. Episode 2 and the continuation to come soon!!!


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