Mrs. Williams (teacher-student sex, straight)

Bob Barkerson's sex story
I was helping one of my teachers after school, Mrs. Williams, a nice looking woman in her early 40's, and African American. At the time, she was absolutely the only African American in the whole school. I was a white 15 year old virgin boy and always horny. Mrs. Williams was about to teach me a lesson I would never forget.

I was 15 years old and horny as hell. I had never been with a girl but wanted to badly. I had stolen Playboy magazines from my neighbors mailbox and masturbated with them every night. I sort of had an eye for one of my teachers, Mrs. Williams, a tall, slim African American beauty. I didn't care what color she was, she was just beautiful in my eyes; and very nice. Everyone loved her. But, once in awhile I could she a sadness in her eyes it seemed. I began to help her regularly after school and I enjoyed every moment with her. She smelled really nice, and had the most captivating smile you had ever seen. One afternoon I noticed she was in a hurry and acted agitated. I asked if she were OK and she answered that I wouldn't understand and then paused and said, 'Bob, when you are ready to get married one day, make sure, make really sure, you pick the right person. Give it plenty of time before you make that leap.' I nodded in agreement. She picked up her things and headed for the door, stopped and looked at me and asked, 'You want to go home with me? I have some things for you to do. I'll call your folks and ask if it's OK.' I answered yes. She went to the office and was back in a few minutes with a big smile on her face. 'We're set. It's a date. Let's go!' Man o man, I instantly got an erection, for my mind was in the gutter for her. As we rode to her house I couldn't help but to stare at her beautiful long brown legs. Her skirt had rode up halfway up her thigh when she slid into the seat. She had ample breast too, maybe a 38 size with some cleavage showing. I was fucking her in mind when she asked, 'You have a girlfriend?' I answered no nervously. 'My God; a handsome guy like you with no girlfriend? she asked. I then tried to lie about past bad girlfriends who had done me wrong. I don't think she believed a word of it. She listened intently then smiled a big smile and said, 'You just haven't met the right girl yet. Maybe this is your lucky day.' I was floored. I began to read things into what she said that maybe she didn't mean. I just didn't know. I began to sweat. Suddenly she blurted out, 'Ah, here we are. Home! I hope you're up to helping get some stuff done. We'll be working on my bedroom' she said with a big grin. Bedroom? I thought, Holy shit! We got inside her home finally after struggling with books, bags and other school stuff she needed to work on. 'I'll fix us a snack, if you're tired, you may lay down on my bed if you like,' she said, ' and rest a bit.' I was getting really worked up, but as I turned towards her bedroom, the front door flung open and a man walked in yelling. 'You fucking slut. Who the fuck is this little shit? he asked. Mrs. Williams looked at me and then him and said, 'Get the fuck out of my house before I call the police. Go, or you will spend the night in jail. You want that?' The man moved closer and got right in my face, 'Listen kid, you don't want this bitch. She's a fucking whore. A slut. A man eating machine.' 'Get the fucking hell out now!' Mrs. Williams said. The man turned and quickly left, slamming the door nearly off it's hinges. Mrs. Williams broke down and began to cry uncontrollably. I didn't know what the hell to do. I moved in on her and put my arm around her shoulder. I quietly asked, 'Who was that?' She looked up, with tears streaming down, 'My husband. We're separated. We've been separated for the last 4 months. He's lost his mind. Ever since we've been married he's accused me of running around on him since day one. And I haven't. I've been a good and faithful wife all through our 2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage; until now.' She straightened up, grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me. Oh my God, I nearly came in my pants. She put her mouth on my ear and said, 'Male love to me Bob. Make love to me now. I need you.' She led me to her bedroom and nearly tore my clothes off as we fell into her bed. What a beautiful, well maintained body she had. And she was a helluva kisser too. In just a few short minutes, I had her butt naked, legs spread and pounding the hell out of that sweet black pussy. I told her I was going to cum and she asked me to pull out. I did and she dived for my cock just as I shot a load. She swallowed most of it. I felt I was going to die. We lay there for a few minutes when I asked her, 'Did I just fuck you stupid?' She answered, 'Yes you did, and Bod you were great. Thank you so much.' I moved on top her, exploring her wonderful body; I moved down between her legs and tasted pussy for the first time. Black pussy. I buried my face as deep as I could go and lapped all the black pussy I could get. Mrs. Williams began to holler and yell that she was cumming. By this time I was rock hard again and plugged her black hole and fucked her again, hard and fast. This time I came inside her. We were exhausted. We realized it was getting late; so we cleaned up and she took me home. Before I got out of her car at my home, she gave me a passionate kiss and thanked me again. I remember my Dad asking me how it went. I answered, 'I tightened some loose screws.' My Dad looked perplexed and I left it at that. Mrs Williams and I continued our fuck sessions throughout the rest of the year. Sadly, she found another job in another city in order to be farther away from her estranged husband. I finished school, went to college, got married and didn't see her for years. I ran into her at a shopping mall. She had divorced and never remarried and still looked stunningly beautiful. We had a nice chat and I was really drawn to her all over again. As we parted, she stopped, turned and pulled out a card and handed it to me. 'Call me sometime Bob. I would love to see you again.' I smiled and shook my head as I retrieved her card. I am happily married to a wonderful lady and have no plans to cheat on her, but I do think about Mrs. Williams a lot these days.

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