My school teacher (teen sex, straight)

asif's sex story
this happend with and my school teacher i fucked here sweet hole in know time...i was in higher secondary school

hi readers this is asif from kerala....they incident which changed my life in school 5.9...tall....well buid boy...this happend in my 11 th class....heroine of my story is manju miss ..........about manju miss she look too fair with good asset...she joind new to our school...joind as miss....she wear saree in school time ...she was our sex weapon for all students in our she was new to all we not able to know much about her place where she come from...once while am passing in road with my bike saw manju miss was i front of a house and by seeing her wantedly stopped bike and as if making a call in my mobile change his attention towards me.....noticed her seeing me i keep on talking in phone ...suddeny disconnected they phone ...and turn towards miss side....with surpraise feeling just saw her acted every think happend unkown...just told hai miss....miss replyed with strange feeling hi to me...she was rough in school time so i was tensed to speak with her...hj asif what you doing here..i replyed my friends home near by here miss...was planning for movie just came to see him on they way saw you miss...thats when i first saw miss dress she was wearing tight t shirt with night pant...was shocking her instant tend form in my pant ...come on asif she called me to her house i was shy to ...just slowly followed her ...first time saw my manju misoos ass in pants wow ...just dreamd how how she wil be looking with out pants...just fallowed her to his home...enquired her parents and husband she told all out of city to visite neighbour marrige function...i was so happy casual talk continued for few mintues ...tjen she enquired my studys just standing front of me ...i was watching her lips alone...still tend foriming in me was replying to her...she was keen questioning me that this ...first time noticed her boobs was like hanging out of t shirt so i was tricky asking manju miss this is first time seeing u in this kind dress with brave mind told her...she was politly smiled to me and then with brave move told manju miss dont you feel bore to be alone ..she told no ...time was running she asked what i do in free time ....i told am freeauent visit goulf court with my uncle spend time there...i just stood before her while standing she was smiling i asked her why manju miss smiling but never told and any thing but i keep on asking her then she told ur your pant back side so loose man....i was shy with mixed feeling i told her sorry miss...then fixed my eyes on her back and told even ur pant too tight miss ....she just adjusted her t shirt down i wantedly saw her back and laughed she asked why i told nothing.....she asked keep on i told miss you laughed at me so i laughed kidding you...on process just saw miss lips and and talking to her she was avoiding my look...i keep on doing that she started looking my eye ...i just looked her hanging boobs and just as if licking her white melon ...then she told me to wait for a minute and went to her room and came back after few minintue...i noticed shop smel on her i wantedly asked mam u washed ur hands alone ...she told nothing...i again noticed her this time she just rolling her lips while talkkng to me as if doing innocently...stil i was in chair spking to her with brave move i started touching my tent in pant and talking to her she was shock but i continued and asked manju miss what that on wall good picture of sceerers so she turned back to look at that i my self kneeldown and reached manju miss ass and i no time i buried my face hard on her ass cheeks ..she was angry about to turn i pressed her belly hard i found i liked that in no time i removed her pants down and shock to see her in yellow she have white big ass cheeks ...just hold her tight and made her face lie on chair i pushed at her and removed her panty and was shooked by thy size and smelled her ass oh god she have dirty ass ...its was so sweaty no time licked it ...she have gud ass hole with dirty smell licked it bad and took my dick and placed in her ass and fucked her badly......

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