Carrots from space (alien sex, sex fantasy)

No one's sex story
Aliens that look like carrots have arrived to Earth after their sun was extinguished and their home planet had became to cold to live in.

In a faraway galaxy the sun has been extinguished and the planets that orbit the star have become to cold to live in. Fortunately in the planet Daucus its inhabitants foresaw this event and have planned for this disaster. The inhabitants of Daucus were called the Carota, they look like Earths carrots but they were alive. Where the carrot top is supposed to be, there is an eye and it had 4 tendrils around the eye which acted as legs which they can retract into their bodys if needed. They also had the strange ability to enter a host bodys anus and possess them. Usually the Carota would find a host body and possess them. Once they did they would go back to their nest and jack off. The Carota used this giant plant to make duplicates, in a way. The pod required semen and when the Carota ejaculates on the pod it would absorb it, therefore making a baby. Except the baby would be brain dead, so being an empty shell the body requires a brain and thats where the Carota comes in. They enter the brain dead baby's anus and use it as their body and live as one of that species. Of course they would return the host they used to jack of on the pod where they were and erase their memory.
In the now freezing Daucus all of the sentient species have been frozen to death and the Carota will too if they don't leave the planet. Fortunatly they built a ship, they loaded as much of their kind as possible and their pods into the ship to look for a habitable planet. They finale found a perfect planet: Earth. The environment is just like Daucus, gravity is similar, air is breathable and the dominate species the humans is perfect to live amongst. They landed their ship in Brush Park, an abandoned suburb in the City of Detroit which makes it a perfect hiding spot. The Carotas then left the ship at night to feed their pods sperm to make themselves bodies. We'll focus on 1 Carota since theres too many, and it's name is Galax (the Carota are genderless).
Galax snuck its way through the city of Detroit staying out of sight. It then found a local grocery store, Galax saw that the humans were selling produce that looked just like the Carota and that gave it an idea. Luckily the store was closed so it snuck inside the stores air vents and it went to where the carrots are and hid there, closing its eye and retracting its tendril legs. It then waited till daytime when the store is open. One of the customers is a high schooler named Derek (No description. Its best if it was left to your own imagination) who went out to buy some food for his dorm. Derek went to the carrots and grabbed himself a handful and luckily Galax was in that handful. Derek went back to his dorm and put away his groceries. He put the carrots and Galax in the fridge. Once Galax was sure Derek had left it opened the fridge and closed the fridge door behind it. It then watched Derek all day, studying him and human culture and interaction.
Till night came Derek was getting tired and had to go to sleep so he undressed himself till his underwear was left and went to bed. Galax finale makes its move, when it made sure Derek was asleep it lubricated itself (The Carota can leak lubricant from the tip to make it easier to enter a host) and climbed onto his bed. Galax slowly slid down the back Dereks underwear making sure not to wake him up and quickly slid itself up Dereks ass thanks to the lubricant. Derek woke up, opened his eyes with a blank face. Galax had taken full control of his body, it could have possessed Derek sooner but it didn't want to get noticed in any way. What if Derek or someone else saw it, or someone saw Galax entering Derek, what if Galax tried to possess Derek awake? He would have resisted, thats why it needed him asleep. Galax while inside Dereks ass probed his mind and now it knows everything Derek knows. Galax now has all of Dereks knowledge and memories. Galax then stood up from his bed and went to the door but stop before opening. It just remembered from Dereks memories that humans wear this thing called clothes and it would definitely look weird if people saw an almost naked teenager waking down the street. Wearing nothing but his underwear with the back pulled down exposing his ass with the Galax's eye sticking out of Derek's asshole (The Carota's eye can be seen from the hosts asshole). Galax pulled up the under wear and and went to Dereks dresser, it put on some appropriate clothes and left the school.
Galax then traveled back to the Carota ship back in Brush Park to complete its mission, once in the ship it went to the room where all their pods are where it met other Carotas in hosts bodys. All host bodys were male as males can produce the sperm they needed for their pods. The hosts were either ages 11-40 as those are the ages when men can produce sperm. Galax and the rest of the Carotas stood in position in front of the pods, pulled down their pants and started masturbating as they all learned that from their hosts memories. The younger hosts don't know how to ejaculate as young children don't learn that kind of stuff at that age so the older hosts once they were done cumming on the pods either taught them how to masturbate or jacked them of themselves. Galax still masturbating standing up is having trouble, a part of it was frustrated that its not cumming yet and a part of it doesn't mind as masturbating feels really good. Another teenage host who had just finished cumming on his pod approached Galax.
'Having trouble?'
'ugh ugh, yes, ugh ah'
'From what I heard from the others it helps if you sat or lied down. Or mabye if someone else did it for you. You want me to try?'
'Go ahead, I'm not having much luck'
Galax lets go of its penis and left it to the other Carota, somehow this helped as this felt better when someone else is doing it and the fact that this host knows more about hand jobs then Derek. Galax finale orgasmed and the other Carota quickly aimed the penis at the pod, successfully cumming on it. Galax collapsed in exhaustion onto the other Carota's arms.
'Wow, that was a human orgasm?'
'I know right? Much better then the onse back in Daucus'
The other Carota lied Galax down so it can recover from its sex high. As Galax lied down the pod absorbed the sperm and proceded to make a baby. A smaller younger Carota apporahed the exhausted Galax (The Carota young look like Earths baby carrots).
'When can I have that body?'
'In a long while my child. According to this humans memories it takes 9 months for babys to form'
'Be patient, while were waiting for your body you've got school and me and the others have to go get school materials. '
Galax finale recovered and stood up and pulled its pants up. Galax and the others left the ship to put the bodys back where they were. Galax traveled back to the dorm, undressed till its underwear was left, folded his clothes and put them back in the dresser and went to bed. Galax then erased Dereks memory as if nothing happened and left his asshole (Carota's were extremely smart, they don't exactly want the entire planet panicking about the strangely large missing men and boys reports). Now during the 9 months the Carotas have been entering human asses of both men and women of all ages. Extracting their memories to learn about planet Earth and how to live in it, they then report back to the Carota ship and taught the young in their schools what they have learned so they too can live on Earth.
9 months have finale passed and Guyzet the child of Galax has finale graduated from school and is now ready to live on Earth as a human. The Galax's pod opens up like a flower and inside is a healthy human male baby (The child can either by male or female but Guyzet got a male). The baby is brain dead so Guyzet entered the babys ass and took control of the empty shell, good thing Guyzet is still the size of Earths baby carrot. Now the parent of the child Carota has to possess a human and deliver their child inside a baby's body to an orphanage around the world, but only a very few at a time. It would look strange if 1 orphanage had a tremendously large spike in orphan donations in one night, so instead they deliver a few Carota young to orphanages around the world every month. Those who don't get delivered take the time to get used to their new bodies.
Its now the year 2018 and Guyzet has grown into a 16 year old teenage boy. Growing up it was adopted by 2 loving parents and had a normal human life, now Guyzet is now living in a high school dorm and seems to be adapting well in human society. The name his human surrogate parents gave it was Mark Dallas.
A football jock named Dirk walks to Mark knocking down the books Guyzet/Mark was holding.
'Ha, suck it you nerd'
As Dirk walkings away Guyzet picked up his books, Dirk has been bullying it since it arrived at that school. Yes Guyzet had many bullies growing (as do many people) but it always had a foolproof plan on dealing with them. Dirk has been bullying Guyzet for years now and it has been a year since the last bully was delt with so Guyzet finale makes its move. To deal with bullys Guyzet would possess them at night as they slept and when the bullys wake up they would always find themselves in a position that gets them in a heap of trouble. For example: Right now Guyzet made sure its roommate is asleep has it does not want him noticing it. It left Marks ass and snuck into Dirks dorm and slid inside his ass in his sleep. Now Dirk wakes up in the morning and finds himself naked, in the Deans office, with breath smelling of alcohol and many empty beer bottles on the floor. Of course this got Dirk expelled. Guyzet would always be patient and wait at just the right amount of time in between publicly humiliating his bullys, or else people are gonna start questioning how all of Marks enemies are getting humiliated in a short amount of time.
After school Guyzet and his roommate get back to their dorms after class. His roommate was named Robert Derkas. Mark/Guyzet and Robbie dropped their bags and sat on the couch
'Hey Mark, must be a great day for you. Dirk just got expelled'
'Yeah, it is'
'Guess you don't have to worry about the daily wedgies and all the other things he does to you'
'I know'
'Mark, let me go get Chinese. We gotta celebrate this'
Robbie stands up from the couch and leave to go get Chinese food. Guyzet always gets so nervous around Robert, mainly because Guyzet has a crush on him. It would have told Robert how it felt but could'nt stand the thought of losing him, it rather have Robbie as a friend then not have him at all.
Robert finale coms back with a bag of Chinese food and both Guyzet and Robert ate like kings
'Hey Mark. Got a date for that dance coming up?'
'Oh uuhh, no unfortunatly'
'God dude, your never gonna get laid if you don't go out and meet some guys' (Yeah Guyzet is attracted to male humans and Robert knows. Since Guyzet is in the body of a male Robert sees it as gay)
'I don't know, I can't talk to guys and most guys don't seem like my type'
'Mark, your standards are to high'
'Well I can't help that I have preferances'
'Your gonna be alone forever if you keep this up'
If only Robbie liked Guyzet the same way Guyzet likes Robbie. Too bad Robert only goes for girls, sometimes Guyzet wishes that the body it got was female.
The night before the dance Guyzet got its suit from the dry cleaners and went back to the dorm only to find Robert crying.
'Hey Robert whats wrong?'
'Lois dumped me'
'Oh...I'm so sorry man'
'sniff. I thought she loved me'
All Guyzet could do was sit next to Robert and comfort him. As the crying subsided Guyzet thought that it could take this opportunity to ask Robert out.
'Hey Robert'
'Yeah? sniff'
'Do you...Oh I don't know...Want to umm...Be my date?
'Well. Your single, I'm single. We both need a date for the dance and...Your ummm...The only guy I could ask.
Robert paused at Marks offer, but all this waiting has Guyzet nervous. Of course Roberts gonna say no, he's straight. Finale after some moments of silence.
'Sigh, fine. I want at least one of use to have a date'
'Well yeah. You need a date, I could use a friend to come with me for the dance. So why the hell not'
Robert is such a caring guy, no wonder Guyzet loves him. At the night of the dance Guyzet can't contain its excitement as it finale had Robert as a date. This is a dream come true. Guyzet is in the living room in its suit waiting for Robert to get dressed, Guyzet is really nervous, it never thought that it would get Robert at all. Robert finale comes out of his room wearing a nice tuxedo.
'Wow, you look absolutly stunning'
'If it impresses a gay guy like you then I must be doing something right'
Mark and Robert walked throught the school halls to go to the gym where the dance is. On the way Guyzet is having trouble resisting holding Roberts hand while walking, Robert might get freaked out. They arrived at the dance, where they laughed, danced and shared drinks with each other. Now its time for that part of the dance where the music is slow and the boys and girls are swaying together with the music. Guyzet hands were shaking while slowly reaching out for Roberts hand, but much to his surprise Robert held its hand and danced with it.
'Come on, I'm not gonna let you miss an oppertunity to dance'
As Mark and Robert slowly swayed with the music, Guyzet just can't but help fall in love with Robert every second. But right out of pure instinct Guyzet leaned in pressing its lips on Robert, after realizing what it had done it pulled away in horror. It couldn't believe what it had just did.
'Oh my god I am..S-s-s-so sorry. I gotta...I.... I gotta go'
Guyzet left the dance in embarrassment. Now its was in its room crying, it made a huge mistake. Now Robert probably doesn't to be friends with Mark anymore. Robert opens Marks door.
'Go away Robert, if you wanna reject me just do it already'
'No Mark please I just wanna talk'
'About what?'
'About us. Look I've been thinking, from the day we've met I have never met a person that cared about me the way that you do. For god sake you helped me get revenge on Don when we egged his dorm window, you punched that guy who pushed me into that pile of garbage bags. You even made me feel better when my mother died. I just wished that I noticed that you liked me that way sooner, we would have been real happy back then.'
'Wait what?'
'I'm saying that I have been having trouble with a lot of girls and I wanna give you and I a shot. You've been the most caring and loving person I have ever met'
'Wait since when did you like guys?'
'I proably have never told you this but...I'm bi'
'But you keep going after girls'
'Hey, I just so happened to like girls more then boys, so what do you say? Wanna give us a shot? You know you want to'
Guyzet said nothing but stood up from its bed and kissed Robert one more time. As it was kissing Robert it then proceeded to take of Roberts suit.
'Hey hey whoa whoa, easy there. Slow down dude'
'I'm sorry Robert, I just never done this before'
'Hey you'll learn on the way'
1 months after the dance and Mark and Robert were very happy dating each other. They have been on 3 dates so far and everybody knows that the 3rd date equals sex, after walking through the park at night just coming from their 3rd date Mark is currently making out with Robert on a bench.
'You sure you want to do this Robert?'
'Yeah, sure'
'Just to be clear, I won't do it if your not ready'
'Mark relax I wanna do this, come on you know you want to do this too'
'Yeah I do. Oh damn I didn't buy condoms'
'You didn't?'
'Well I thought we'd do it after...I don't know 5 or 7 dates'
'Thats a bit much'
'Hey you said you wanted to take it slow Robert'
'Thats too slow Mark'
Robert kisses Mark on the nose, Mark couldn't help but blush
'Come on, theres a convenience store around the corner. Well get condoms there'
Mark and Robert are now walking down an alley after buying condoms where they were attacked by a mugger.
'Give me your money'
'Alright alright just calm down sir'
'Alright just let me get my wallet'
As Robert is reaching his pockets for his wallet Mark collapses
'Oh my god, Mark. Mark are you ok?'
The mugger suddenly arches his back and yells
'Ahhhh god. What the hell?'
Then suddenly has a blank face.
'Hey Robert' Guyzet says while inside the muggers ass
'Wait what the hell is going on?
'Sigh, I'll explain later. But first we need to tie me up'
'Wait. What? Why?'
'Just do it'
Robert checks in a nearby dumpster and finds some rope. He ties up the mugger to a street lamp.
'Alright now go find a something to write with and on'
Robert finds a pen in the garbage and a piece of cardboard. Just then Guyzet in Marks body grabs the items from Roberts hands and writes 'arrest me' on the cardboard and places it on the mugger who is now unconscious.
'Ok can you tell me what the hell just happened'
'I will back at the dorm'
Guyzet and Robert are now inside Marks room sitting on the bed
'Ok to tell you the truth. I'm not human, well technically this body is but the real me isn't'
'Wait uhhh. What do you mean?'
Mark stands up pulling its pants down showing its ass to Robert, Robert sees an eye poking out of his asshole.
'Whoa what the fuck?'
Guyzet slides out of Marks asshole showing its true form while Marks body collapses.
'What the fuck are you? A carrot on legs?'
Guyzet slides itself back inside Mark, pulls its pants up and sat next to Robert
'I come from a race that looks like your Earths carrots. We usually go inside a hosts body and take over the body so we can live amongst what ever species our host is'
'Oh my god thats just wrong. What about the guy your inside, you just stole his life'
'What? Oh no, this human body was grown for me so we can live with you humans. This body is actually brain dead, an empty shell'
'Oh I guess that makes it ok then'
'So Robert? Umm, do you still love me? After all I did lie to you about what I am'
'No Mark, we've been through too much for me to dump you. I don't wanna break up with you just because your a carrot. Honestly, the fact that you have something inside your ass 24/7 is actually kind of a turn on.'
'Yeah, that just made me think of you as sexier then before. I think that a butt plug that can mind control people is extremely sexy'
Robert leans in and kissed Guyzet.
'So you don't mind that I'm an alien?'
'I love you, your personality. Not what ever you are, human or carrot. Now shut up you sexy vegetable'
Robert continues to make out with Guyzet as he takes of its shirt. Robert pins down Guyzet to the bed and resumes their making out. Guyzet just stood there, basking in Roberts dominance. Something Guyzet could only dream off. Robert then quickly slid off Guyzets pants making it gasp in shock.
'Oh god'
'I said shut up'
Robert then undressed himself and pinned down Guyzet again. Now their both making out in their underwear. After kissing Robert pulled away and stood up on his knees needing some air. Now Guyzet and Robert can see each others erections poking thought their underwear. Guyzet slowly reach out its hand and held Roberts boner through the underwear, it moaned in pleasure. Its fantasy of touching Roberts hard penis just came true. It then began to rub the shaft making Robert moan, Robert pulled down his underwear an throw it away and Guyzet continued giving Robert a handjob to his bare penis. After minutes of jacking Guyzet wanted to take it up a notch, it pushed Robert and pinned him to the bed. It grabbed the box of condoms from its pants and placed the condom on Roberts penis. Guyzet leaned forward and took Roberts shaft inside its mouth and began sucking for all its worth. Robert could do nothing but squirm and moan as this incredible boy gave him the best blow job he had ever had. Robert grabbed Guyzets head and thrusted into its mouth.
'Ahhh. Ugh, Ngh. WHY..Ahh..Argh..Are you so..Oh god ahh...So GOOOOD at thi-nyaaaah.'
Guyzet chose to ignore the question till later, theres no fun stopping a blowjob just for a question. After minutes of sucking Robert just couldn't take it any more and finale came, good thing he wore a condom.
Guyzet sucked slowly this time, it was a little uncomfortable considering how over sensitive Roberts dick got. It Guyzet knew it was time to let go of Robert soon so it slid of Roberts dick and kissed him on the nose.
'The reason why I'm so good. Its because I went on the internet, I wanted to give you the best sex you ever had....I may have also possessed a couple of other students too see if they also had pointers. Yeah, I can read minds by going up other peoples asses.'
'Pant pant. You are so.pant pant. Goddman. Pant pant. Fucking hot'
After some time Robert regained his energy and could see Guyzets erection through its underwear, so hard, throbbing, desperate for action. Robert ripped off Guyzets underwear and pinned it to the bed again, he got a condom out of the box and placed it on Guyzets dick. He then leaned his head in and sucked Guyzet off. Guyzet screamed in pleasure, his dream of Robert sucking his dick has come true.
'Ahh. Oh god Robert. Ahhh'
Guyzet moaned with this legs squirming and arms pinned down by Robert. All it could do was take the amazing blowjob he dreamed off. It wasn't long until Guyzet came, and again the condom caught the sperm. Robert slowly sucked off Guyzet and after he was finished he rolled over Guyzet. Now Robert is staring and smiling at the eyeball poking out of Marks asshole while Guyzet is starring at Robert from Marks asshole.
'I love you Mark' Robert said as he leaned in to kiss Marks ass cheeks
'Actually my birthname is Guyzet'
Robert spanked Guyzets ass making it jiggle.
'Shut up' Robert kissed Guyzets ass cheek again.

The End

Bonus sex scene (Takes place 2 weeks after)
Robert and Guyzet are making out in bed naked.
'Hey Robert.Smooch. I'm gonna do something I think your gonna like'
'Kiss. And that is? Smooch'
Mark collapses and Guyzet leaves asshole. It then lubricated itself and slid up inside Roberts asshole.
'Ooohh god. You feel good in there. Wait your not gonna possess me are you?
'No you don't have to worry about a thing' Guzet said inside Roberts mind
'Oh yeah I can talk to inside your mind. Ok just sit back and enjoy the show'
Guyzet inside Roberts ass nudged up and pressed against his prostate
Guyzet stimulated his prostate again
'Ooh god'
Thrusted again
Robert collapsed on bed while Guyset is still nudging at his G-spot. Guyzet thrusting upwards at Roberts prostate is making him thrust, jolt and hump up towards the ceiling. After some minutes Robert orgasmed and shot his seed up, but it then fell back down and splattered on Robert.
'Too bad you didn't get to feel that'
'Oh I did Robert. I can intergate myself into your nervous system. Basically I can feel what your feeling'
'So you felt that too?'
'Yeah...I was great'
'Yeah you were' Robert said patting his own ass

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