My neighbor's daughter (straight, teen sex)

James Turner's sex story
My neighbor has a sexy 18 year old daughter. And she has a crush on me for 3 years. She's a virgin. Though, not any more.

I'm home, as always. Masturbating to my next door neighbor's daughter. She's got nice tits and booty. She's white. I don't know or care how old she is, since I'll never meet her. But this one day she's locked out. Forgot her keys. Family out of the house. Other neighbors gone. She see's me on my porch. I pull my hand out of the hole in my sweat pocket.

Can I borrow your phone, she asks. My cellphone is dead. Mine too, I tell her. You can use my corded phone. She tells me thanks. I'm hoping she doesn't see my hard-on. Not that there's much there. I lead her upstairs to use my phone. I'm sorry, but my family is gone for the weekend, mind if I stay here? She asks. I am trying not to stare at her cleavage. I ask her her age. She says, I just turned 18. My friends had an overnight party for me. My family having one Monday. Cool. I say. Wanna come? She asks. Sure I tell her. She drops to her knees grabs my sweat pants front. I, uh thought you meant to, uh, your party. I stammer to her. Do you wanna cum or not? She asks again. I've noticed you checking me out. Do you want me or not? Y-y-yes, I stammer out. As she pulls my cock out. Wow! That's big, I guess. I'm a virgin. She tells me. I'm thinking, this is too good to be true. I caress her hair. Pump my small cock in her 18 year old virginal mouth. I let go a bit of cum with a grunt. She stands and asks if I would be her first. I tell her, of course.

But my bed is in the basement. We go down to the basement, she can't hold back, she's kissing me hard on my lips, neck, chest, rubbing my cock through my sweat pants pocket. She opens her blouse all the way, to reveal some perky 18year old breasts. I suck on one and then the other. Unlock the basement door. Get inside. She undoes her jeans to reveal a thin racing stripe of hair leading to her pussy slit. She removes her shoes as I lead her to my bed. My cock so hard it hurts. Her jeans are off and her blouse before we hit the bed. My top and sweats are off at the bed. I grab her and tell her to lay down on her stomach. She does.

I climb on top of her. Being careful of my weight. Stop, she says, let me be on top. So I get off and she climbs on. Best sex ever. Me a 36 year old 350lb man with a hot girl literally half my age. She confessed she had a crush on me for 3 years. The next day her family came home. And I went to her 18th birthday party. I did not tell my girlfriend about it.

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