My Girlfriend's sisters - Part Two (straight, cheating)

LJX's sex story
This Is part 2, of course i get to Fuck the other sister. It was only once, but thats ok. A few months, maybe a year later, Nicki, the youngest was babysitting for us. Nicki is gorgeous, long thick legs, toned tight ass full lips, green eyes.

I call her, 'you still babysitting? ' i asked
'Yeah, my sister still isn't home'
She added
'You're home alone Nicki?' I asked
'Just with your kid' she replied.
I asked her 'is it true your pregnant? '
'Who told you that?' She asked almost offended
'I hear things' i told her
She said 'yeah, its true'
I said 'damn Nicki, why? That banging body, you never even gave me a chance to ride it,'
She laughed, 'your stupid, are you coming for your kid or not?'
'Yeah, yeah, I'm going,' i complained.
'Ok, well hurry before they get here' Nicki says.
I haul ass over, kids asleep and Nicki is in the shortest shorts I've ever seen.
'You don't look pregnant ' i tell her
'I'm just a few weeks' she said
Before i know it, she's in my face, and we're kissing. She unbuttons and drops my pants, i pull off her shorts and bend her over the kitchen table. I wasted no time, I'm in that pussy in half a SECOND flat. 'Hurry, they'll be here any minute. ' she moans, i pound Nickis Vag like i aint never had any before, and a few seconds later, i fill Nicki with the biggest load I've ever shot. Im deep in her and its running down her legs already and I'm still Cumming. She all of a sudden, runs to the bathroom , i see my girlfriend pulling up. She never asked why i was there, we pick up our kid and leave. Something in me feels good about it, i probably shouldn't, but i do. I fucked all three of these gorgeous asian sisters, p.s. Angels daughter, could be mine...shhh

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