A Gay Romance Gone South - Part 1 (anal sex, oral sex)

Harold Bank's sex story
I thought falling in love with the man of my dreams was where it was at. It wasn't; he became more than I could ever have imagined. Eric was unfaithful, abusive and down right mean as hell. But I wanted him so badly. No one should have to put up with anyone like Eric.

I met Eric through my sister-in-law Alexandria. Her husband had left her and I was helping her move one day, when we took a break and she really opened up to me. Opened up a bit to much it seems. She began to tell me all about her sex life to the point I was really getting turned on. I remember thinking that I really wanted to plow her field; but the reality of her being my wife's sister held me back. In the course of three days of working my ass off for her, and her constant flirting, drove me to make a move and we ended up in bed having the wildest hot monkey sex I ever had. Afterwords there was more pillow talk and I shared with her my secret desire to have sex with a man. It turned her on, and she suggested a man she had once dated who was bisexual, and married. Eric was his name and she had met him in a gay bar for men and women. Alexandria had tired sex with women for a short period of time and decided it really wasn't for her. She gave me his number and encouraged me to call him and said we could meet at her house. It wasn't long before Eric and I hooked up on the phone and made arraignments to meet at Alexandria's house. Of course I had to keep this from my wife for she knew nothing of my secret desires. I was sitting with Alexandria on her couch when Eric arrived. He was tall with blue eyes and really sharp looking. I was smitten, and smitten badly. I wanted him now. I had been with a couple of guys in the past; only brief encounters which included making out and giving and receiving blowjobs, but nothing beyond that. I wanted more and I wanted to find who I really was in the bedroom. After a few beers, and a long conversation I found myself making out with Eric on the couch with Alexandria watching silently. We both began to explore our private areas when Alexandria suggested we move to the bedroom. We all got into her big king size bed and got naked. Eric was well endowed with a 7 inch pole. Alexandria and I began giving him head. We both fucked Alexandria till she came; then we concentrated on each other, giving Alexandria a real gay sex show. I discovered I was a 'bottom' type. I loved being on my back, legs spread while Eric plowed my tight virgin ass. It was the best sex I had ever had. I also swallowed cum for the first time. Eric insisted on it while calling me his 'fag whore bitch.' For some reason I liked the abusive talk and the occasional hard slap on my ass as he drilled deep into my man pussy. It was wonderful. Later Alexandria told me she was blown away by the intensity of seeing two guys engaging in hard core gay sex. I was a bit sore afterwards, but didn't mind at all. Eric and I both expressed a love for each other soon. We began to see each other on a regular basis. Things moved very fast for Eric and I. He wanted a real 'fem type' lover and I tried very hard to please him. I shaved off my beard, shaved my private parts and even started to wear pink panties and bra during our sex sessions. I then moved on to wearing makeup and a short skirt for him. I actually began to like dressing up for him but it wasn't easy. I had a lot to learn about looking and acting like a woman. Then the playful abuse turned nasty. The verbal abuse and the hitting became more frequent and harder. He actually tried to choke me one night as he was about to cum deep in my ass. He later apologized and we broke up for a couple of weeks. I went back to him only to discover he had be seeing two other guys. He now demanded that I join him in threesomes and foursomes. I tried the threesome one night and just simply couldn't handle it. I knew I had fallen in love with him and just couldn't stand the sight of him fucking another fem boy. I told him of my feelings and what I wanted in the relationship. He broke up with me while calling me a dirty, slutty whore and that I was good for one thing; making him cum. I was devastated. By this time my wife had become very suspicious. I was very tired of making up excuses for coming home late or just not telling her where I had been for 3 hours or more. Then the bombshell; my sister-in-law Alexandria had ratted me out. My wife Sarah knew everything and was just playing along with it all. Surprisingly, she was very understanding and gave me her blessings on finding my true self and to top it off, she wasn't going to kick me to the curb or leave me. What a wonderful woman I married. After that our sex life reached a new level. My wife would whisper gay sexy things in my ear as I fucked her brains out. Then she really surprised me, she wanted to do a foursome with Eric and her sister. Kinky ! I hooked back up with Eric, grudgingly, by agreeing to his terms of threesomes and foursomes and a occasionally gay sex party. So, soon, I found myself in bed with my wife, Alexandria, and Eric. Right off the bat, Eric began fucking my wife Sarah. I began fucking Alexandria. I was about to cum and told Alexandria and she pushed me off saying, 'Not yet bud.' I laid back in an attempt to calm myself. Eric and Sarah were really getting into it. To my astonishment, Alexandria moved over to her sister and began licking her breast. Then she kissed Sarah with a deep french kiss. Eric pulled out and looked at me in wonderment. Alexandria climbed on top of Sarah while pushing Eric aside, and moved down to her breast and then to Sarah's belly button. Suddenly Sarah lifted her legs wide and pushed Alexandria's face into her cunt. I was totally floored. Sarah looked at me and demanded a show from Eric and I. We got into a 69 position and began to explore each other in earnest. Alexandria was eating her sister's cunt like there was no tomorrow. I began to think I was dreaming. Sarah came up, pushed her sister over, spread her legs and dived in on her pussy. Alexandria returned the flavor. Here I was sucking the cock of the man of my dreams while my wife and her sister ate each other's cunts. I exploded into Eric's mouth, drowning hum with cum. Eric flipped me over and began fucking me hard doggy style. He came hard and fast; pulling his 7 inch cock out and spewing hot cum all over my balls and ass. I was totally spent. By this time Sarah and Alexandria were cumming together. The bed felt as if there were an earthquake happening as the girls tongued each other's pussies to orgasm. I rose up and kissed them both, tasting the juice of both pussies. I then cleaned up Eric's cum dripping cock. What a night.

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