Monica - Chapter 15 - Nev is invited into out marital bed (wife sharing)

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Monica simply enjoys Nev's company so, why not invite him into our home and into our bedroom where no man has been before, at the least to have sex with my wife. The only sacred thing left short of having Monica gang banged was to have her fucked and used in our marital bed.

I suggested to invite Nev into our home and bedroom where Monica initially felt it to be a taboo, a sacred place only for me and her. It didn't take too much convincing for Monica to give the OK, so I organised the event. Was to be during the week where our kids would be at school and Nev could easily attend as daytime meets were better for him, less chance of his own wife becoming the wiser as he was supposed to be at work although he was the company owner and could freely move around and do as he wanted.

On the day I placed a wedding photo on the bedroom dresser, it was a 6 x 10 inches photo of Monica sitting on her side on the lawn of the lovely park we chose for the after church wedding photos. Monica's wedding dress fanned around, her long veil pulled to her left side, the lovely blushing bride photo. Monica asked why I place the photo there to which I replied, 'NEV IS TO BE THE TRUE BEST MAN OF OUR WEDDING WHO EVENTUALLY GOT TO FUCK THE BRIDE ALONG WITH THE GROOM'. Monica just grind and shook her head as if to say, I'm weird. I know Nev would also see the hot side of it and appreciate the atmosphere of having such a photo around. as he had his way with that very bride who was photographed on her wedding day.

Nev was to arrive round 11:00 am on the day, Monica chose with my help, her underwear she was to wear for the occasion. Lace white suspenders and stockings with matching white nylon g-string bikini panties. She put them on prior to the inevitable taking place, she dolled herself up waiting for her stud lover fucker. I saw my lovely wife get herself ready so many times for the nights activities ahead but, every time it was always as exciting as watching her getting ready for the very first time. Almost 11:00 am Monica pulled the bed cover back and took her customary position sitting at the headboard of the bed.

Knock - Knock, I let Nev in, shook his hand and lead him into our bedroom where my so sexy and lovely wife was waiting. HI HOW ARE YOU', Monica asked, ' FINE AND YOU LOOK SO LOVELY TODAY AS EVERY DAY', as Nev went to Monica and gave her a big hello kiss. Didn't take long for him to see the photo, 'OH MONICA, WEREN'T YOU THE MOST LOVELIEST OF BRIDES'? as he closely inspected the photo. I offered to make coffees, I was away for maybe 10 minutes and on my return Nev was sitting on the right side beside Monica on the bed with his hand already between Monica's legs and gently rubbing her cunt through the nylon material of her panties. I almost had a heart attack as usual, Monica was carrying on as if it was all normal. They both took their coffees but Nev kept his hand between Monica's legs. Lots of small talk about work and so on, Monica with a lustful smiling as Nev kept caressing her cunt. Monica took Nev's half drank coffee and her own and handed them to me, she then started to rub his cock through his trousers and they started to kiss. In no time they were in a passionate embrace. All went quiet except for the smacking kissing sounds, Monica opened her legs even further, in went Nev's hand and he started finger fucking my wife as he has done so many times. Nev broke free to take off his clothes, already fully erect he returned to my wife, hand back inside her panties, Monica ever so gently wanking his cock. I watched as Nev and my wife started to make love. Very passionate love making, I stripped off and watched on. Nev removed Monica's panties and placed his head between her legs and started to lick her out. Monica so enjoying the heat of the moment, started to buck up into Nev's mouth. After sometime, Nev got between Monica's legs and started to fuck her. sensual grinding fuck, he was obviously grinding against her clit. It wasn't long before my sweet wife had her first orgasm, and she certainly let us know she was cumming. Monica enjoyed 4 great orgasms that day.

Nev continued to fuck my wife until, as usual, he pulled out and rushed to Monica's face and erupted his thick spunk over Monica's lips, cheeks and chin. He then fed his glob dripping cock into Monica's mouth ensuring she got to taste his ejaculate. Monica knowing too well that we would tell her when she could wash off Nev's cum that she sat at the headboard looking oh so slutty and at the same time so radiant.

More small talk and Monica with her spunk splattered face joining us as if it was all too normal.Monica eventually cleaned up, reappeared only to have Nev at her again. More kissing, finger fucking, wanking, looking at the wedding photo, Monica was such a sweet looking bride, who would have thought she was a closet slut who loved sex enough to fuck with other men when given the opportunity along with my blessing. I went to the toilet and on my return was confronted with such a beautiful sight, Nev had hooked Monica's panties over his cock and Monica in a kneeling sitting position on the bed slightly bending down giving Nev a sensual blow job. She was caressing his balls with her panties, by her left hand, wanking his thick hard cock with her right, bobbing her head in time with the wanking, she was making love to another mans big cock with her mouth. Telling Nev, 'FUCK THAT'S HOT, I CAN WATCH HER DOING THAT ALL DAY LONG'. Nev brushed Monica's hair away from her face clearly showing me his panty hooked cock in my wife's mouth and my wife giving him head.

After some time of having Monica suck his cock, Nev positioned her in a doggy position and gave her a good solid balls deep fucking. I went to her face and fed Monica my cock, she again like many times before had cock at both ends. We again tag teamed the lovely bride until Nev shot a load into Monica's vagina, I went seconds and also deposited another load of man spunk into her. The marital bed had a big damp patch where Monica's bum laid, our combined spunk oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt along with her juices saturated the bed sheet. Nev wasn't finished yet, he spread her legs and started to give Monica a slam stroking fuck, slow outward followed by a hard forward thrust. In the heat of the moment Nev shouted at Monica, 'TELL ME YOU LOVE IT', slam, TELL ME YOU LOVE IT', Slam, 'COME ON TELL ME'. Monica also caught in the moment, 'OH YES, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT', Nev giving Monica a conquering type of fuck. 'TELL ME YOU LOVE IT', Monica answering, 'YES, YES, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT', until they both enjoyed anther cum each.

Nev showered while me and Monica laid in each others arms, Nev got dressed, kissed Monica good bye, shook my hand and thanked us for the great time.

I set up a date for Monica and Nev when I worked away, rang Nev to tell him he should ring Monica and ask if he could see her while I was away and told Monica if Nev wanted to meet with her then she was OK to without me around. Knowing all to well Monica would indeed let Nev come around and fuck her and he did. To put it as Monica said, ' I WAS NEVER FUCKED LIKE THAT BEFORE'. He fucked Monica all over the house, on the dinning room table, on my office chair, up against the front door, had her bent over our lounge, Nev took photos for me to see just how and where he used my wife. The best photo was of Monica's lovely face as she was laying on the bed, hair fanned out with thick spunk covering the usual lips, chin and cheeks with Nev's hard cock to her side, needless to say I wanked off to that photo a number of times.

Soon after that, we had to relocate for a job position and that was the end of our wife sharing cuckold life style. The memories will never fade, not at least the most hottest times, first time blind fuck dates where after a short time of meeting the guys Monica would be legs spread and being well fucked by them. It took me a whole third date to be allowed to penetrate Monica's luxury cunt after meeting her and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. After marring her, Monica's closet slut in her was allowed to flourish, with my persuading and urging her on which certainly helped.

Next, chapter 16, the summary and the gang bang that should of happened.

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