Sorority football (teen sex, straight)

Sara's sex story
Football team take ot from me my virginity and leave me pregnant and ashamed for what i had done and what they had done

I was 14 . Always what you would call tiny . 5ft and only skinny .my friend told me i could come visit her at college . I was thrilled as soon i would be going there . I got there and she took me for lunch . She then started showing me all around . After awhile we got to the football stadium . I didnt realise we were going to the change rooms . We went into a room and 5 huge footballers were standing there . I said sorry as i was embarrassed and went to walk out when one said no stay we know your friend . They started talking to me about how i liked what id seen and stuff . One sat beside me . In a instand i jumped as i felt his hand going up my skirt . I said no and went to get up another two grabbed me and pushed me onto the bench . One said well if you are going to come to this school you better learn how it works . All of a sudden i had two holding my top half to the bench and two holding my legs spread apart . The other one pushed a finger inside me . I felt ashamed as i heard him say to my friend good pick she is nice and tight and still a virgin . Next thing i see his pants go down . Ok id seen a couple of dicks before but his was bigger than i thought they could be . He then rub it along my pussy . I felt him starting to push it in . It felt so uncomfortable . I felt my pussy stretching then pain as he got to my hymen . Then all of a sudden i screamed as he took my virginity . After a few more strokes he took it out and said hey guys i broke her . I could see blood on his dick . He kept fucking me for what seemed like forever the whole time it felt like he was breaking me . Them all of a sudden i felt him push in deep and felt what i knew was him coming in me . I was wishing it was over but he changed spots and another started to rape me . Half way through the second rape i felt weird . The first guy who raped me said wow her legs are shaking . Then the guy raping said oh yep she is having a orgasm . I couldnt believe my body let me do it . He finished inside me and a third started . He didnt waste time fucking me fast but he started to rub my clit . This was a whole new feeling . Yes was still in pain but started to have this tingling feeling . Then could stop it my body was shaking . Then what i never thought would happen i squirted . I felt can this get worse . He didnt last long before cumming in me as well . Next the forth guy came up . He looked down and said turn her over . The four others rolled me over . I was thinking he wanted me like that to make it easier . One of the guys at the front said unless you want trouble open your mouth . So i did . He started fucking my mouth . I found out why . I felt the other guys dick at my ass . I couldnt even say anything as i had a dick fucking my mouth . I felt his dick bit by bit going in my ass . Him saying fuck she is so tight ill break her . I felt what was like a pop in my ass as he pushed hard and was all the way in . Tears running down my face . My ass hurting and burning like nothing id ever felt . He started fucking my ass . The guy in my mouth pushed in and cummed . When he took it out i started crying out loud due to the pain . The last guy finally cummed in my ass . They turned on one of the showers and said clean up . I did . I then got dressed and left . The next few days i stayed home in bed as could hardly move .decided to go to the doctors . Found out i had bad tears in both vaginally and anally and yes pregnant

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