Monica - Chapter 14 - Me and Nev use Monica for the day 2 (wife sharing)

Lee's sex story
Another meet with Nev, this time at the motel where we spent our first night as husband and wife on the day we got married. Both Nev and I thought it a fitting venue where we could give Monica a good dose of hot sex for the day and really use her well.

If you haven't read chapter 13 would be good to do so before reading this chapter.

Nev used Monica quite well in front of me, lots of hot passionate embraces with deep finger fucking of Monica's hot cunt getting her all hot and bothered and that was in the first few minutes of the hot encounter for that day. He had his pre-cum dripping cock in her mouth as Monica started to suck him off. Man, my wife looked so hot in her lingerie, white laced corset with her tits flopped out of the bra part of them, white stockings held up by the thin bands of the corset, Nev kneeling by her head as he pushed his cock into her mouth, Monica sucking on his thick veiny, banana bent cock. He had my wife suck him for quite a while before he got between her spread legs, penetrated her and proceeded to fuck her. CLICK, me taking more shots with Nev's company digital camera, more pornographic shots for our family album as we now referred to the hot pics we have and will continue to take. He banged my wife with sensual thrusting motion, not pounding but a good grinding fuck. Very wet passionate kissing from the fucking couple as they fucked away, the look of lust on my lovely wife's face as she was being fucked, 'ARRR I'M CUMING', as she announced her first orgasm for that day. Nev fucked Monica for a good 15 minutes giving her 2 more orgasms before pulling out and rushing to her head as he blew a load into my wife's face. His spunk just oozed out with short spurts as he aimed his load over Monica's mouth as before, over her lips, chin and cheeks of her lovely face. Nev's spunk again so thick it wouldn't run but stayed put where it landed, Monica got off the bed heading for the en suite, 'WHERE YOU GOING, COME BACK HERE, LEAVE IT ON', commanded Nev, 'BUT IT'S STICKY', complained Monica. ' COME ON GET BACK HERE, WE WANT TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE CUM SHOT AFTERMATH', I told her. Nev pretty much always blew his first load in Monica's face much to my perverted pleasure in watching him doing so.

Monica returned to the bed, again behaving like a slutty scatterbrain, holding her palms out with her thumbs at right angle touching as if she was framing her face, with a cheesy smile rolling her head from side to side as if posing for the camera, she certainly played the part of a slut well because, well, by that time she truly elevated to a high level of a slut. We told her to lay on the bed and Nev was going to put his cock back in her mouth, for the camera of course. Nev was blessed with being able to stay hard after his ejaculations perhaps from not jerking off while blowing a load which would have completely finished himself off, if his chemistry was anything like mine. Monica did as we told her, Nev took up his customary position keenly by Monica's head and fed her his spunk dripping cock, CLICK,CLICK, more pics. Being the way I am, I directed Nev to push some of the spunk into Monica's mouth with his still hard cock, Nev didn't need to be asked twice and Monica didn't complain well, not too much, 'WHAT, YOU'RE KIDDING ME'?, was her comment. Nev began to scoop and push the thick globs of spunk to her lips, half expecting Monica to protest she instead opened her mouth and in went the spunk and Nev's thick cock. CLICK, as Nev continued, 'OH MONICA, WHAT ARE WE DOING TO YOU'? was Nev's reactionary comment, she opened her eyes to look up at him then closed them again, Monica certainly playing the part of a slut that day. It wasn't until Nev pushed all the thick semen into Monica's mouth and her swallowing it leaving her face glazed wet did we let her up to wash off.

For a wife watching cuckold husband I was certainly getting my perversion fed well that day. I watched my darling wife dressed in sexy underwear in a passionate hot embrace with another man, getting knuckle deep finger fucked, sucking his cock, having 2 shattering climaxes as he fucked her, had her face coated with his cum and only to have him push the semen into her mouth by his cock and her swallowing it all. Here was my sweet wife, mother of my children, prim and proper wife and mother out in public, daughter of strict morals parents, here she was in same motel which she spent her first night as a married woman being well used and fucked, and there was still round 3 hours of sex to go. Monica would probably have never gotten herself in that position had she not been allowed by me but, we as a couple certainly had a greater enhanced sex life that most other couples would not. Monica was allowed to release her inner slut with select men in a controlled discrete atmosphere where nobody else would find out.

Monica washed the remaining glaze off her lovely face, we could hear her rinsing her mouth from the en suite obviously wanting to clear the taste of spunk from her mouth. Our center of attention reappeared as we started to settle into the snacks we brought to which Nev commented, 'MONICA, I WOULDN'T HAVE THOUGHT YOU WOULD STILL BE HUNGRY'. Monica was obviously a little embarrassed by Nev's straight forward comment which was obviously aimed at what she swallowed earlier, she bent her head down slightly, slight smile on her face and directly eyeing him for a few good seconds.

After some eating and some chit chat, Nev went to the bed and sat against the headboard and asked Monica to join him, she sat next to him and no sooner were at it again, hot tongue kissing, Monica holding his thickening cock and Nev again pushing a finger inside her and rubbing her clit, He pushed her face down to his now hard cock, Monica took him in her mouth as Nev suggested, 'LEE, WHY DON'T YOU JOIN US SO WE CAN GIVE MONICA WHAT SHE NEEDS'?. With slight effects of the Viagra I was hard already, I got behind Monica as she was bent down and sweet ass up, I entered her already stretched pussy. I started to fuck her nice and gently while she was sucking Nev off. We put her into a spit roast and gently thrust our cocks into her at both ends. Monica was getting hot and into it with, 'MMM, OOO, AARRR', we told her to turn around so we could swap holes changing from cunt to mouth, tag teaming my sweet wife. While Nev had his 7 inches in her she was approaching another orgasm, pushing my cock out of her mouth, 'OH GOD I'M FUCKING CUMING, GIVE IT TO ME, FUCK ME, OH FUCK ME', Nev started to fuck her hard as I pushed my cock back into her mouth, 'MMMMMRRR', escaping from Monica with a mouth full of my cock. Monica so radiant with cock at both ends in the grips of an orgasm taking hold of her. I've witnessed Monica in some intense orgasms in the past with this one being right up there with the best, 'MMMMMMMAAAR', releasing my cock, 'AARRR FUCKING CUMIIIINNNNGGG'. Monica doesn't normally use the 4 letter words unless talking about or during hot sex, she can be quite the foul mouth. 'OH FUCK, WHAT A CUM', as Nev, continued to fuck her, 'OH, I NEED A REST', dislodging from her Monica playfully fanning her pussy with her right hand while fanny her mouth with the left, .

Memories of that day were like it only happened yesterday, Monica had quite a few orgasms, we fucked her pussy and mouth multitudes of times, both me and Nev pumped her with a few good loads of spunk before we called it quits. Monica's pussy was left tingling but not over sore as John would always leave her after marathon poundings, Monica enjoyed Nev more even with his sometimes but sexy straight forwardness and Nev simply put, adored fucking my wife. We all left the motel extremely satisfied, another successful wife sharing encounter which me and Monica reliving the event many times during out love play.

As promised, I was to take Monica for dinner that night, leaving the kids with friends, I had Monica dress in her brown suit consisting of a half way up above her knees mini skirt with matching jacket, white blouse, black g-string bikini panties with matching not so high heels. I simply loved Monica dressed that way after sharing her, just the thoughts of what she done and nobody were none the wiser as to what this classy attractive woman done only a few hours earlier. After dinner and walking back to our car, Monica snugged into me and quietly said, 'MY TUMMY FEELS A LITTLE FUNNY, MUST BE FROM ALL THAT CUM I SWALLOWED'. Well it doesn't get better than that, having such a hot wife, we made love that night as a normal husband and wife, our hearts still beating to the days events.

Next chapter, Nev is invited into our marital bed.

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