Monica - Chapter 7 - Monica meets Glen (straight, wife sharing)

Lee's sex story
Although John was quite the stud we / I thought we should try another guy from the vast replies we got from our advert. I contacted Glen, met him and organised another Sunday afternoon of wife sharing but some of the charm was missing with Glen.

After such a hot encounter with John I suggested that we try another guy after all, we had 250 guys to choose from. Things were really spicing up, a smorgasbord of men to choose from although at least half were a little on the weird side but then, I suppose I was as well such was my perversion to share my lovely wife.

I screened another married guy, our age, called and met him at a bar. He seemed OK, had to be discrete, clean and certainly low chance of STD. Showed Glen photos of Monica, he couldn't believe his luck shaking his head in disbelief. I told him in explicit detail what Monica was like in bed and that he was free to do what ever he wanted with her and not worry about me but just respect her limits. We agreed and organised for the coming Sunday afternoon which was best time for him to get away from his wife. Got back home and told Monica it was on for Sunday. She obviously wanted to know all about Glen, with the kids and organizing baby sitters Monica wasn't as free to come along for the initial meets so had to settle for blind dates, so to speak and have a lot of trust in my judgement of choice in who I picked to fuck her. Glen was tall at around six and a half feet, quite well built physique, Monica like the sounds of him as described but again made it clear that she didn't need anyone else but was happy to do it for me.

Sunday finally came, I refrained making love to Monica during the lead up to Sunday knowing she would be all the more hornier, it was hard not to fuck her but the patience of seeing Monica in a hot and horny state with another man should be worth it. She again asked me what she should wear for Glen, I chose white suspenders, white stocking and her white g-string panties for this meet, she was to wear her tight hugging dress to the motel and then dress into her suspenders in the ensiute after the nerves settled. We arrived at the motel just as Glen was getting out of his car, 'THERE HE IS, THAT'S HIM', I pointed him out to Monica, she quickly turned to see and obviously check him out, 'OH HE LOOKS OK', was her assessment. He saw us and waited for us to park. We meet, he shacked my hand and greeted Monica, I left Monica with him as I went to get the keys to the motel room, chance for for my wife and Glen to get to know each other. We finally got to the room, entered and placed the drinks in the fridge, we settled down with a nerve relaxing drink, chatting for sometime until I suggested that Monica go put her sexy gear on. While Monica was preparing herself Glen commented on how attractive she was to which I told him to wait and see what see looks like when she comes out. Monica appeared and what a sight, there was my wife in her sexy underwear ready for sex with a man she had only known for around an hour. It hit me just what a slut Monica can be but a closet slut, not one that freely drops her panties but one that in a controlled discrete environment where no family members or normal friends could ever know or find out she is the slut who will drop those panties If, I allow her too.

Monica got on the bed, Glen seemed quite nervous along with us, he got on the bed with Monica, Monica took the lead and started to kiss him, they got into a passionate embrace, 'SHE'S ALL YOURS GLEN', I assured him. Glen went down to Monica's pussy and rubbing her cunt as he was all over her, Monica as expected started to rub his cock. Monica started to undo his trousers and pulled out his cock, Oh, from one extreme to another, Glen was not too well hung, we later estimated round 5 inches. Now part of the hot wife sharing scenario is the obvious, man with big cock, bigger than hubbies the better. Monica broke the kiss and momentarily looked down and went back to smooching. Feeling of slight disappointment and thought we should have got in on with John but not to let a chance or an experience go by I suppose. Glen put his hand inside Monica's panties and started to finger fuck her, her panties was full of Glen's hand and I could clearly see the in and out movement of her panties. Monica moaned from his finger fucking, he then put his face between her legs and licked the crotch of her panties, moved the elastic to the side and gave her a lick out. After a short while he removed his clothes fully exposing his small but erect cock, I told Monica to suck him off which she didn't need to be told twice. She took him in her mouth and certainly the charm of seeing Monica with Eric's or John's cock in her mouth was not as strong with Glen. Never the less, Monica bobbed her head and sucked his cock like the slut she is, small cock or big cock she was turned on and was hot to see. Glen then put Monica on her back, and removed her panties while Monica arched her bottom off the bed to help, Glen tossed them on the side cabinet, got between her legs and penetrated her, then proceeded to fuck her. The sight of the fucking couple was hot to say the least, the woman of the couple was my wife, Gen slow fucked Monica while they were passionately kissing, it was more like they were making love rather than just having sex. Glen didn't last too long and who could blame him, he shot his load inside Monica, lay motionless for a while before rolling off, I then got in and started to give Monica her second cock, her cunt was so silky wet sloppy seconds, I pulled her on top of me cowgirl style and noticed a strong smell of cock on her breath, that done it, I shot my load into her already saturated spunk filled cunt. She lifted off and and huge load of spunk fall out of her pussy and onto my lap, God Glen may have a small cock but could blow a huge load and together mixed with my load. I had to go shower such the amount on me.

The three of us sat on the bed, having a break, Monica clearly enjoyed herself so far, the smell of cock on Monica's breath from the head she gave Glen was hot, he was uncircumcised but so am I but I suppose we are all different. It didn't take Monica long before she went down on Glen again, I got behind her and fucked her while she suck on Glen.

Glen was not much of a stud, I had Monica more than he did but in all it was still fun, Monica said he made her cum twice which was more than Eric could do.

We soon departed and didn't bother with Glen again, I suggested that we get together with John again as he is a stud bull even though Monica thought he wasn't her type. She agreed he had respect, discrete should we run into him in the street, switched on and knew what we were about, not wanting to risk it, better the devil you know and wow, could he fuck or what?

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