Monica - Chapter 5 - Monica meets John (straight, wife sharing)

Lee's sex story
After a spell off the wife sharing, hot wife life style I was soon looking for a suitable guy to invite into our sex lives. Unlike Eric he had to respect and understand us as a married couple who are wanting to spice up our sex lives. He had to be discrete and switched onto the reasons behind wife sharing.

After Monica falling pregnant with our first child we didn't waste any time to try for our second. It was round 3 years after that night with Eric and the kids were old enough for baby sitters to look after which gave us the opportunity for some free time to go out whether to meet a guy or just or just some normal free hours away from the usual. I thought it inappropriate to keep hitting Monica with threesomes, other guys while she was pregnant although we did have a little hot fantasy plays and talking and reliving that night with Eric, how could we forget that. We fucked like rabbits fueled from the memories which probably helped Monica get pregnant after a long time trying.

Well her body returned to it's lovely size 10 curves in the right places, breasts return to there're beautiful shape and size (after breast feeding), she was as sexy looking as ever, still quite sexual so, it was time to try and get back into my perverted desires to see Monica fucked again. It took a little re-convincing as this time she was a mother of 2 children and she had to let go of the inhibitions that she is a mother and mothers don't normally behave as sluts. More bedtime talk, reliving the episode with the sailor, the night with Eric and the fact she is so attractive that men desire her and wouldn't knock back the chance to fuck her, she finally agreed to me placing an add in the personal section of the Sunday paper, just to see what happens as she put it. Was very embarrassing to say the least as personal web sites were still not too common back in the early 1990's so I had to go to a news agent, write the advert and the owner read it to ensure it was OK to lodge with the news paper. The advert read and placed in the personals under M/C (married couples), M/C SEEKING DISCRETE SWITCHED ON UNDERSTANDING GENT TO HELP HUSBAND SATISFY SLIM AND ATTRACTIVE 36 YEAR OLD WIFE. PHOTO WITH FRANK REPLY TO PO BOX..... Couldn't hardly wait to get out of the news agent, owner asking if I was sure of the PO box number was correct and trying to be business like, drove miles away from home to place the advert in an agent that we never use.

Well Monday we received 4 replies, Tuesday I didn't expect much more but wow, I opened the post box and the letters fall out onto the floor, there were round 100 letters, Wednesday I opened the box slowly, were 80 or so, in total we received 250 replies. We were still receiving the odd letter a few weeks later. some replies were weird while others were hot, so many guys all wanting a chance with Monica, so many photos of erect cocks of all shapes and sizes, we were amazed by the response. We read them at bedtime, so many letters from guys all wanting to fuck my sweet wife, some replies were very explicit while others were tame. I carefully started to select the guys to contact, spoke to them be phone and met 2 of the more down to earth guys, 1 was John. His reply was short and direct described himself and ended with a short paragraph stating, LOVE GIVING AND RECEIVING ORAL, ENJOY DEEP THRUSTING FUCKING, GUARANTEED THE WIFE WILL BE SATISFIED. He also enclosed a photo of his erect cock, was near 7 inches from what i could make out and quite thick with a circumcised plum head on it, and he was shaved.

I met john at a bar, he was somewhat a little over weight but not ugly by all means,tall stocky build, was very switched on, married business owner, had to be discrete, not shy at all. I showed him some of Monica's Polaroid photos in sexy poses wearing lingerie, he said I was not kidding in the advert stating Monica is attractive. I reported back to Monica as she was quite interested in hearing about John and we agreed from the 250 reply's to give him a try first. Monica was not as eager as 3 years back but said she will do it for me knowing how much it turns me on. I assured her she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to.

I called John to give him the good news as he thought he would not hear from me again, OK he said he would book a city hotel for Sunday afternoon and we were to be there at 1:00 pm for an afternoon of fun. We set-up a baby sitter and all was set, nerves set in and Sunday morning, the morning was all about Monica preparing, asking me what should she wear. I picked out black suspenders, stockings and black g-string panties, topped off with a lovely dark floral dress which matched the block stockings and high heels. Monica looked lovely and sure to impress John. As we drove to the hotel of choice, Monica was getting very nervous at the prospect of a blind fuck date, 'OH HOW DO I LET YOU GET ME INTO THESE THINGS', I again assured her that she did not have to do anything she didn't want to, meet him and if it doesn't click for her, we will walk out. Knowing that once she was in the hotel room there would be an extremely high chance that John would indeed fuck her. Monica wasn't the only one with nerves as my heart was skipping beats.

Once we got to the foyer I told Monica to wait and I will go up and talk to John telling him that perhaps nothing would happen as the nerves were taking a hold on Monica. He understood and said he would take things slow and see what happens, I went down to fetch my wife. Upon entering the room John very politely greeted Monica, Monica later told me that initially she thought he wasn't her type for a sexual fling saying he was a bit overweight, but those thoughts soon changed. We chatted about everything but sex except John's comments about Monica being a perfect 10, Monica;s nerves were settling down, we didn't rush things, had a few relaxing drinks. Monica;s dress rode up as she crossed her legs exposing her stocking tops unaware to her, John certainly noticed. John made the atmosphere of why Monica was there seem very natural, he was a perfect gentleman. Then he finally asked Monica if she was ready to join him on the bed, 'OK' was her reply and I was about to see a second guy fucking my sweet wife after a 3 year break.

They both walked over to the bed and got on and started to make out, kissing and feeling each other up, naturally Monica went for John's cock, rubbing him through his trousers, John lifting Monica's dress exposing her sexy underwear. John sat up and undone his trousers for my wife then went back to feeling her up and a sigh from Monica as he started to caress her pussy through her panties. She managed to get out his erect cock from is underwear, my heart beats going into overdrive as I watched on, my lovely wife with another man. John removed Monica's dress and he stripped off, John had a bit of belly, and an erection perhaps just short of 7 inches of very thick cock, somehow Monica with her size 10 frame against a stature of a man like John was very arousing, he was big compared to her.

He got Monica on her back and proceeded to remove her panties, Monica arched her back to make it easier for him, he rolled them into a ball and tossed them on the floor. Seeing another man removing my wife's panties is so erotically horny, John spread Monica's legs and went down on her, berried his face between her legs, his head rolling about as he started licking her out. I got on the bed beside the couple making out, Monica's eyes were closed, mouth half opened, her hands on John's head as she was absolutely enjoying what John was doing to her. He didn't hold back, he was going to town on my wife's cunt, rolling his head around widely, could hear the lapping and wet sounds coming from between Monica's legs as John was working her cunt with his mouth. This went on for ages until John got up and knelt between Monica's legs, his cock at full mast he started to rub his cock head up and down Monica's slit saying how sensational it was. He then penetrated her, went balls deep and started to fuck like hell, pounding into Monica, the bed violently shacking bouncing me off it, he was literally fucking Monica's brains out, his thrusting was deep hard and fast. Monica was bouncing up and down beneath him legs spread around his hips, I could see his thick cock going balls deep with every thrust, his balls slapping her bum. He put her into a doggy position and done virtually the same, banging into her and I was again amazed and turned on that we got another guy giving me a great show. John may be a gentleman but he fucks like a demon, Monica was slowly trying to crawl away from John until he said'WHERE YOU GOING, COME BACK HERE', and pulled her back to the center of the bed where he continued to fuck my wife's brains out. Monica on all fours had her head hanging down as she endured the mighty fucking that John was giving her. John said 'THIS IS SENSATIONAL', about a dozen times while fucking my wife. I simply enjoyed what I was seeing, there is no way I can fuck my wife the way this guy can, his stamina and staying power is incredible. He placed Monica on her back, got between her legs again and continued to pound her until he shot his load and what a show he put on as he started to ejaculate into my sweet wife's cunt. He slowed the pounding into power thrusts, giving her 6 balls deep thrusts and granting out loud which sounded like, 'HT-AR, HT-AR, HT-AR, HT-AR, HT-AR, HT-AAAARRR, 6 of the best as John emptied his balls into my wife's well fucked cunt. With each power thrust he fucked Monica into the bed bouncing her as he did so.

As he got off my Monica, he again said'THAT WAS SENSATIONAL', there lay the love of my life, legs spread open as I asked the dumb question, did you blow inside her, 'MY WORD, HAVE A LOOK IT DRIBBLE OUT OF HER', replied John, looking and Monica's spread cunt, spunk was running out of her and running down the crack of her bum cheeks and onto the bed. Monica was smiling at me while in that slutty position while the John's spunk oozed out of her.

Monica finally sat up on against the headboard and John joining her, I positioned a chair at the foot of the bed and sat there. Monica admitted she had cum twice, once from John's tongue and the other from the fucking he gave her. All nerves gone Monica freely spoke about what just happened, sounding like a slut which was music to my ears. There was my sweet Monica, sitting beside the the man who had just given her a royal fucking and with his spunk oozing out of her, it doesn't get better than that, or does it?

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