Anal lesson (straight, first time)

Zoe's sex story
My boyfriend finally getting what he wanted from me after months of trying. I was always going to give in but needed it to be the right time.

I love anal play, and my man knows this, so I think I must’ve taken him by surprise when I refused him entry one night, but let me explain. We were having a very pleasurable sex session when he pulled out of my pussy and attempted to push into my ass – no anal foreplay and just pussy juice as lube. No, no, no! Ouch! So, I obviously needed to teach him how to gain access to that hot, tight hole...

A couple of weeks later, it was my mans birthday. What better present could I give him but my ass? After a trip out for lunch, we were relaxing on the sofa in my living room when I decided it was gift time. Handing him a box, I sat back to watch his reaction. Puzzlement first crossed his face, then once he realised what was inside wasn’t for him, delight. I’d nestled two pink butt plugs and a bottle of anal lube on some creamy coloured tissue paper. One about two fingers thick at the fattest point, the other three fingers thick. As his cock has a smooth bulbous head set on a thick stem, some stretching prep is needed for a comfortable screw, especially as I’m not one for pain. With a big smile on his face, he pulled me to my feet and lead me by the hand to the stairs. Pausing at the foot, he kissed me deeply. His tongue delved between my lips seeking mine. His teeth bit at my bottom lip, and the sensitive spots on my neck. With weak knees, I pulled him up the stairs to my bedroom.

He up-ended the box onto the bed, then turning to me, he pulled me close and kissed me some more before tugging my top over my head. Cupping my breasts in his hands, he hooked the cup down to expose my nipples. Leaning down, he sucked my stiff nipples into his mouth, biting gently. I undid my bra to give him better access, and pulled his polo shirt over his head as he broke nipple contact to kiss my mouth. Undoing my jeans, I wiggled them over my hips and off, while he was doing the same. Staying connected at the mouth, tongues dancing, teeth nipping, we dispensed with the remaining underwear. Climbing on the bed, I hand him the smaller plug and the lube.
“Put lube around the fattest bit, especially the underside, then a blob on the thin end”, I told him in a husky voice.
With a hand on my back, he pushed me over onto my hands and knees. He dribbled a bit of the lube (at least I presume it was the lube) into my crack, and rubbed it around my ass-hole. Hmmm. He pushed the plug straight into my butt, taking my breath away, but didn’t push it the whole way so it started slipping out. He pushed it in again and again, fucking my ass with a rubber plug. Unless you’re an anal lover, it’s hard to describe how it feels. A mix of shameful delight, heightened senses and a luscious feeling of fullness.
Handing him the bigger plug, I took the opportunity to give his extremely hard cock some attention. Fondling his balls, I sucked his smooth head into my mouth in one hard slurp. Licking round the head, I swallowed as much cock into my mouth as I could. Before I could get into a rhythm, he reached over and pulled the plug from my ass. I didn’t get the chance to moan about being empty, as he pushed the larger plug into the hole he’d just created.
Allowing me to return to delivering a gentle blow job, there was to be no blowing my head off this time, he slowly fucked my ass with the big plug, pushing more and more into me. For those who’ve never used such a toy, a butt plug is like a tapered short dildo on a stand! That’s the best way I can think of to describe one. It’s like an upside down solid cone, so the more that goes in, the fatter it gets, so it slowly stretches your muscle open. As he got the whole thing inside me, my mouth went slack with desire. My pussy was absolutely soaking, probably in jealousy as my ass was getting the filling. Taking hold of the bottle, I rubbed the lube all over his cock, paying attention to the rim of the head. Holding onto the raised foot of the bed, I told him to take it easy, offering him my ass – plug and all.

With a pop he pulled the plug out and positioned his engorged head against the prepared hole. Bracing myself, I pushed back as he gently pushed forward. Ahhh, after a split second, the head popped through the muscle, my sexy butt pulling him in. Rocking slightly, he worked his way deeper until his balls were against my empty pussy.
“It’s so tight and hot back here,” he moaned, “I don’t think I’ll last as long as normal!”
“Fhhhuuu ok, nnmmmhhh” was my reply, the power of speech removed by the sensations in my rear passage. Slowly he started to fuck me, pulling out to the head, then pushing back in, slapping my pussy with his balls.
“Shit, I’m close already,” he groaned. Knowing it wouldn’t take much, I just rubbed my clit a couple of times with the juices pouring from my pussy, and a strong and sudden orgasm ripped through me. With an expletive, he followed me, filling my ass with his hot spunk.

I think that was a successful present, don’t you?

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