Sauna encounter (straight, spa sex)

john's sex story
new to spa and ready for some relaxation, noticed girl across the sauna eyeing me. she motioned me to come nearer. I wondered what she wanted.

After a lot of overtime at work and missing my usual vacation my buddy gave me some info on a weeks stay at a spa. You know lots of attention, pools, saunas, massages. i have never been to one but I felt i deserved a good rest and signed up online. Just bring a few clothes, we will take care of the rest the registration letter said. I could send them my diet preferences, activites and sexual preference.....hummm I wondered about that. Pictures of the staff showed smiling healthty men and women in casual white uniforms ready to serve you. I couldnt wait to get there. Day one after 3 hour drive. My car was parked for me, the women at the desk was tanned and friendly. I was escorted to my suite that overlooked the pool. wow, lots of good looking ladies and guys. I get off to a good start I was told to take a good shower, wrap up in the robe provided and head to the sauna first then to the pool. I wasted no time, the sauna was very clean and not to busy. i removed my robe and wrapped in a plush towel and entered. There was a couple there getting ready to leave and another women on a higher shelf laying on her back with the towel just over her nipples and below her pussy. She had her eyes closed but squented to see the other couple leave then noticed me. She turned her head and looked at me in a strange way, not unfriendlly but just studying me. She then returned to her apparent sleepy position. In about 10 minutes I started a good sweat and keep check on the girl. The tops of her tits were wet and moving with her breathing. Very sexy and my dick started to respond. I tried to look away and supress the arousal. But I kept sneeking a peek once in a while, thats when our eyes met. She had dark eyes that were large, I tried but could not look away. I half smiled and she just kept looking. Then she looked away but her index finger motioned to me to come over. Holding my towel to hide my erection I sat near her. Beads of sweat rolled down her chest and thighs. and her breaths got deeper. Slowly she reached over and touched my hand and held it there. Then lightly she pulled until I went with her and she put my hand on her upper thight Thats all it took to get a full erection. then she moved to towel up just enough to show a smooth pussy, plump and full. she returned to my hand and moved it up just and inch away. Her eyes still closed i took the hint and touched one side. Her breath got faster and she had a slight smile. I moved my thumb and index finger together to squeeze the lips and she started a small rocking motion. I turned toward her and with my other hand rubbed the other thigh moving up to the other pussy lip and massaged them. My dick was so hard it ached, I separed the lips and slide up and down the slit. A light moan came from her. I went a litter deeper and fount the hard bud of her clit. I was like a rock. I pushed it back and forth until her butt started to rise. the towel was working up her belly and off her nipples. I could not believe this. I felt one hand on mind giving me directions arount her pussy and the other slippling under my towel. Soon she was tracing my dick slick with sweat. By now I had slipped a finger in the second knuckle and she was pumping it in time with her stroking me. She was putting out a thick cum like juice and it was dripping off my finger. Precum was dripping out of me and I knew this would not take long. I increase the speed of two fingers in her and she did like wise to me stopping at the tip to rub my pee hole. In three minutes i came. big flow ot thick white cum all over her hand dripping off her wrist. I went for her clit with one hand and pumped her with the other and she came. She shuddered, squeezed and juice flowed out of ther. Her eyes shut tight. Then she laid still in a pool of sweat and cum still holding my dick, She brought her hand with my cum on it and rubbed her pussy until it was coated. We had not spoken. Then she said, Hey how about dinner and a repeat. I was ready.

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