Mandy is not the sweet and innocent everyone thought (straight)

Mandy's sex story
Mandy falls in love with sucking cock after she trys it once she is addicted and then ends up fucking and sucking her friend joshs cock

Mandy was 16 yrs old she grew up in a single parent family with her mom Jeanie who worked in a factory she worked many hours trying to support Mandy
Mandy was a girl who loved to read and didn't get caught up in a whole lot of school drama. She had many friends but wasn't popular she knew what sex was and had heard her mother over the yrs with different partners but hadn't done a whole lot herself other then the all girl slumber parties she had made out with a few of her friends but other then kissing and making out with a few boys she hadn't ever had sex .
Mandy's mother started dating a guy named Jimmy and they got pretty serious but Jimmy was 10 yrs younger then Jeanie who was 36 witch made Jimmy 26 he was a young guy Mandy did not like Jimmy at first but after a little while they became friends going fishing together and spending lots of time together while her mother worked one weekend Mandy and Jimmy went camping the 1st night they were there Jimmy allowed Mandy to drink the both got drunk and things got crazy Jimmy was hammered and Mandy was feeling pretty drunk and found herself kissing her moms boyfriend Jimmy was so drunk that he just went with it.
Mandy kept making out with Jimmy and started to rub his cock witch was rock hard Mandy then unzipped his pants pulled his cock and decided to give her 1st blow job so she started to suck Jimmy's 71/2 inch cock she must have been doing a good job by the way jimmy was moaning and bucking up and down.
Mandy kept sucking liking his balls up the shaft and around the the head then taking as much of his cock into her mouth she choked on it a few times at this point Mandy new she had taken advantage of jimmy considering he kept calling Mandy Jeanie she kept sucking then it happend Jimmy got really hard his cock twitched and sent jets of hot cum into Mandy's mouth and down her throat Mandy f don't want a mess so she swallowed every drop realizing that she loved the taste of Jimmy's cum and at that point realized she might be addicted to swallowing and sucking cock they went to bed when they woke up the next morning Jimmy didn't remember anything they went fishing for the day then headed home nothing was ever said about it but Mandy was hooked and couldn't stop thinking about cock what it might feel like in her tight pussy what different cocks and cum might taste like.
The next week at school she kept looking at guys and wondering what their cocks looked like what they might taste like till she couldn't take it she decided she had to have another cock So she picked her friend Josh who was not very popular but was one of Mandy's best guy friends they were at Mandy's house after school working on a science project as Josh was her partner josh showed up and was all business on getting the research done buy Mandy had something else in mind
Mandy wore the most revealing short shorts she had and a sexy tank top with no bra under it her 34 c tits were perked right up and her nipples pressing against her tank top Josh noticed Mandy right away and couldn't stop checking her out Then Mandy said Josh let's go in the living room and watch tv so they did but Mandy was not thinking about tv she instantly began to kiss and make out with Josh who didn't object and went with it he had always thought Mandy was hot with her long curly brown hair sexy tight ass and great tits he began to rub Mandy's tits and Mandy began to moan and her pussy began to get wet but she wanted joshs cock she rubbed it and knew it was hard she unzipped his pants and pulled joshs cock out and found it was 8 1/2 inches and bigger then Jimmy's Mandy wanted it so she began sucking it and rubbing joshs cock but this time Mandy decided she wanted that big cock in her soaking wet pussy so she stood up and shimmied out of her tight short shorts and said to Josh im going to fuck u and with that straddled his big cock and guided it into her wet pussy she rode joshs cock hard she was screaming in pleasure joshs cock kept getting harder and harder Mandy new he was going to cum soon she looked at josh and said don't cum in me Josh i want to taste you
She pulled his big cock out of her pussy and went instantly down on him and began to suck it josh could hold it in anymore and blew his load down Mandy's throat he came and came Mandy struggled to swallow it all but managed it tasted so sweet and salty she loved the taste and swallowed every drop
Mandy looked at josh and realized she was going to be fucking and sucking this guy as long as he would let her
Mandy fell in love with cock and would continue to fuck and suck Josh.

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