Romantic walk (straight, erotix story)

Kissesfromabove's sex story
For their anniversary they go for a walk. She has more in store than what he thinks, quick but sexual. They had only been together 6 months but she knew he was the one. From the start, she had been smitten by his smile, a smile that brought butterflies to her stomach.

The way he looked at her, made her feel she was somewhere out of this world, that nothing else mattered but him. He was her everything and always would be.
For their anniversary they had decided to go for a romantic walk by the river, a place they knew well. But she had planned to make this walk like no other.
As they got out of the car and began to walk along the path, she took his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was a sunny day but had a slight breeze. As they walked, she took in all of the scenery. The flowers were beginning to bloom, the trees were becoming a bright green, summer is near.
They finally reached a side path with a gate. He opened it and let her walk in front, gently tapping her bottom.
They were now in a field, surrounded by trees blowing in the small breeze. In front of them in a short distance was the river. To the right was what looked like a private place away from civilisation. 'Perfect' she thought, as she lead him towards it.
As they lay there gazing into each others eyes she places her hand on his cheek. 'You really are my everything and I'm so lucky to have you' she says with a loving smile.
'No I'm the lucky one coz your my princess' he replies.
She leans forward and kisses his warm lips. 'Don't tease me' he says ' I'll get hard for you'
'Well you best make use of that hard cock then' she whispers in his ear.
She lays him down and sits on top of him, kissing him slowly and running her hands down his body. She kisses his neck and slowly licks it, knowing this drives him wild. Hearing his breathing get faster, she feels tingles between her legs.
She moves her head down, pulling up his t shirt and kissing his tummy,so warm on her lips. As she kisses, she releases his button and undoes the zip on his jeans.
Her hand slowly inserts into his boxers. His cock is rock hard,she wants him so bad. As she slowly pulls down his jeans and boxers ,she admires his manhood. So hard and inviting. She takes him in her mouth slowly and he moans, pulling his head back. As she sucks and salivates all over him he begins to thrust,wanting her. She looks up and they're eyes meet. By now her pussy is throbbing, it must be soaked! She moves herself back and forth, licking the tip, sucking, teasing and playing with his balls. Still looking at him, She moves her finger and sucks it then moves it to his 'special place'. She gently slips a finger into his hole, he moans and begs her to stop, she continues to suck and caress his hard cock.
He gently pulls her hair, to which brings her head up.
' lay down, it's your turn' he says sitting up, with his manhood glowing with masculinity.
He gently pushes her down onto the soft grass. He kisses her passionately whilst quickly undoing her bra. He pushes up her bra and places his mouth straight to her hard nipple. They both moan. He licks, pinches and sucks whilst she moans and thrusts. She feels the breeze catch her wet nipple which makes her moan softly.She sucks her fingers and slides them round to his hole. He moans which makes her clit throb.
He slips his hand down her jeans and into her panties. His favourite, black,laced French knickers. He can feel the wetness from her sex. He slips his fingers inside her, feeling the juices gushing out. She begins to thrust with his movements. As he moves over her clitoris she moans.
' please make love to me my baby' she says with passion in her eyes. He slips her jeans down and they are soon off of her.
He kisses her hard as he begins to lay himself on top of her. They both moan as he penetrates slowly into her wet pussy. She holds him as they make love, she wants this to last forever.
She rolls him over, sitting on top, thrusting her hips back and forth. She leans downward,kissing his neck and nibbling his ear. He turns his head to feel her warm lips on his. They kiss passionately, forgetting all what is around them. It's just them, lost in the moment, madly in love.
As she rides him, she reaches round and plays with his balls and hole. He places his fingers onto her clit, rubbing her faster to their movements. They're moans begin to synchronise as they thrust eachother lovingly. ' I'm going to come' she says, rubbing herself harder against him.
As she says that he begins to thrust her harder. They climax together, she falls into his arms. Both out of breathe they share a loving kiss.
' I love you, Happy Anniversary' she says, winking at him.
' The best present ever!'
They re dress themselves and lay there together, she feels even more in love. This man makes her feel on top of the world, she's never letting him go.
' Cigar?' He says with a smile on his face.

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