Gym party come first date (hetero sex strory)

juicyeeju's sex story
'Thanks guys, that was my best gym session ever.” I say to my new gym buddies, as I mop up the cum and sweat from my crotch.

“Thanks guys, that was my best gym session ever.” I say to my new gym buddies, as I mop up the cum and sweat from my crotch.
A late finish meant my gym time was delayed by a few hours. It was populated by customers I wouldn’t normally see, but that won’t stop me training. In no time I’m warming up for a heavy chest session.
“See you guys.” A voice. I look up and see the owner leave. “Lock up when your done.”
“Sure Mate.” Another voice from the gym floor.
I carry on with my warm up, oblivious of my fellow gym users. I sit up and notice only 3 other guys in the gym now. All three, muscle bound bald headed bodybuilder type. I noticed I was being watched by two of them while the other was squatting. They talked to each other while still keeping their gaze on me.
I picked up my heaviest weights and proceeded to push out a set of incline Dumbell Presses. After my Arnie eight I sat up with them to rest. Still their gaze was on me, the squatter was now a watcher. After my rest I dropped to push out another set. I here one walk across the gym as I do and hear him lock the doors.
Sitting up again I see they have moved closer, so close I can smell their sweat.
“Need a spot darling??” The brave one asks me.
“No I’m fine.” I reply.
I grab a drink and a rest, noticing they are still close. Not moving or training. I drop for another final set, two reps in and I feel Pair of hands on my elbows.
“Let me help you darling.” He has moved in to spot me.
I don’t say anything just carry on pressing. Final rep and I feel another pair of hands on my legs holding them down. Instantly the dumbells are lifted from my grips, the shock stops me from holding on to them. The hands that where once spotting me, are now holding my arm down. I’m being held down.
“What the fuck!!” I scream. “Let me go!!”
“No, no little lady, your ours now, and we have a job for you.” One replies.
Their grips on my legs and arms are firm and as much as I struggle it’s futile. The third guy Is standing beside me lying on the bench. He grabs my training short and tears them open at the crotch. It was a very hot evening and needed shorts otherwise I would have been in my leggings. But the shorts left little to the imagination and I guess theirs had run wild.
I feel him grab my pussy, rubbing it, then slipping a finger in.
“Fuck you bunch of cunts, leave me alone!!” I protest violently.
But they see that as encouragement and he slips another finger in me frigging me roughly.
“Your very wet darling, I think your enjoying it.”
He pulls out his fingers and sucks them clean.
“You guys have a taste of this beauty.”
He moves to my hands and relieves that guy, swapping grips. Then I see him kneel beside me and ram his massive fingers in me, not one or two but three, roughly and forceful.
“Ouch you fucking bastard, Your fucking going to rip me open!!” I curse.
“Now there’s an idea.” He replies. He continues, roughly finger fucking me regard less of my loud protesting. After pulling out his fingers and licking them, he says.
“You do have one delicious cunt darling.” He remarks. “That clit it huge and needs some sucking.”
He straddles me, head down in my crotch. The others continue to hold me down against my will. He buries his face in my lap. His mouth immediately covering my clit and begins to suck it violently. His fingers hold my pussy open and his nose enters me, I feel myself involuntarily dribble onto his face. This no doubt caused by the attention my clit is getting.
He’s over six foot and I’m only five, so luckily his cock misses my face. But his sweaty body doesn’t and I find myself stifled by it. I struggle continuously, even though the feeling of him devouring my clit it so good.
“NO! NO!” I continue to protest.
“Your cunt tells me differently.” He replies. “Your enjoying this I think.”
Maybe I am, but I like to be lovingly eaten, not forceably devoured. I start to loose strength, they notice this and take advantage. I feel my ankles being strapped to the bench, I kick again but it’s too late. This leaves another guy free, he pushes the one eating me away. A moment of relief but quickly replaced by his mouth and again he sucks my clit. His fingers find their way to my no dripping cunt and he vigorously finger fucks me. I feel my juices running from my abused pussy down to my arse. He takes a spare finger and slides it into my wet arsehole and violently frigs my cunt and arse.
“Oh Fuck!” I exclaim.
I clench my bum cheeks to try and stop him but it’s worthless. The guy who was on me has climbed off and he strips naked. Not a bad looking body, Solid muscle with big legs and broad shoulders. Then he replaces the one holding my hands. He also strips, another good looking body. The attention my cunt is getting is effecting my thoughts. I’m being attacked! abused! But they have such great bodies. But what they are doing is wrong, yet it feels so good.
“What are you doing!” I scream.
“We are helping you train honey.” Says the one standing beside me.
“Leave me alone, I don’t want you to touch me!!” I continue.
“Your drenched cunt tells us otherwise.” Replies the one eating me.
He is tapped out by the naked guy, replacing him between my legs. His tongue is in me in an instant, this time four fingers are inserted. I’m stretched and let out a moan.
“See you like it.” Comes the voice holding my hands.
“No, no I don’t!” I complain.
The remaining one strips off, yet another firm muscular body. They definitely look after themselves. He straddles me, his cock is rock hard standing to attention, he rubs it and moves it to my face. I clench my lips but he holds my nose and in seconds I’m gasping for air. He takes advantage and sticks it in my mouth. It’s not huge but I’m only small and I gag instantly. His sweaty cock hits the back of my throat and I nearly puke.
“Take it bitch, take my cock.” He orders me.
Holding my nose still, leaning forward over me, he fucks my throat. The one at my pussy is sucking my clit and tonguing me, his finger still in my arse fucking me roughly. I’m being raped, raped by three big hunks. The cock in my mouth is being covered in saliva, the fingers in my arse are being covered in my juices. I’m unable to protest, even if I wanted to.
“Mmmmm, that’s a good girl.” He says as he fucks my face. “Take it all in.”
Like I have a choice, is my only thought at that time. I feel the grip on my hands loosen, try to struggle free but he has put straps on them and they are now tied together. I bring them up together and try to push the one away from my mouth. My hands hit his rock hard body, it’s like pushing a brick wall. My fingers slide up his muscular abdomen, lubricated by his sweat. I push harder but find my hand gripping him, feeling him. No No he’s raping me stop it, I’m telling myself. But my hands continue to feel him.

I’m being fingered, eaten and face fucked. Not my idea of a gym session but I’m unable to argue. The that was one holding my hands, walks by me, I catch a glimpse of his erect cock as he does. Fuck it’s huge, he can’t stick that in me he’ll tear me open. Fear hits me, they are going to fuck me, all three of them. I’m going to be gang banged. Only ever watched it on Pornhub while I played with myself, but it’s going to happen to me. By three big hunky muscular guys, one with a giant cock. Oh fucking Christ!
“Ok, bring her over.” A voice from across the gym calls.
One pulls out of my face and climbs off. The other pulls out of my arse. They untie my legs, I can see they have used lifting straps to tie me up, what an ingenious use of gym equipment. One picks me up and carries me over to the one who called. He is standing in the squat rack.
“What are you doing, leave me alone.” I protest again. “I don’t want to do this.” I continue.
“Your our fuck toy tonight darling.” Says the one in the rack, the one with the massive cock.
I see it more clearly now, it’s so big that even hard it can’t stand up due to it’s weight. It curves downwards, it must be a big as the end of a barbell.
“No don’t, please don’t, please let me go.” My pleading is in vane.
Once in the squat rack, my hands are tied to the pull up bars by the lifting straps. My feet dangle twelve inches from the ground. They are tied to the side of the rack holding me apart, giving my arms some rest. I’m suspended, spread eagle, open to the world. They rip what’s left of my shorts from me. Then my skimpy training top too, revealing my miniature tits.
“Looks like we won’t be getting a titty fuck lads.” Mr big cock scorns.
“Who cares, with a massive clit to suck, and cute arse to fuck I’m more than happy.” Came a reply from behind me.
“”Fuck off the lot of you, leave me alone.” My mood had changed to one of anger now. Not that it would help. I’m tied up and helpless.
Two of them stand in front of me, fuck they are tidy. Another time I would definitely fuck any one of these guys, with bodies like that I would be more that happy to let them do what they like. My spread legs are opening my pussy, it’s dribbling down the inside of my legs. My thoughts are turning me on, that and having my clit sucked.
“Your pussy tells me your lying darling.” Says Mr big cock.
He runs his fingers up my legs and into my gaping cunt. I feel another hand from behind me doing the same but enters my arse.
“Urgh.” I exclaim as it does. Then it fucks me. Mr big cock does the same to my cunt.
“oooooohhhhh!” My moans are agreeing with him. I’m beginning to enjoy this, but won’t be saying so.
The third one approaches and sucks my tits, Fondles them. Teasing my nipples with his tongue, squeezing me gently. My attention seeking cunt shows its approval. By now Mr gig cock is on his knees eating my pussy and benefits from the resulting rainstorm.
“Mmmm nice.” He says. “Juicy. We will call you that from now, Juicy.”
“Ohhhhh!! Ohhhhh!!” My complaints have been replaced by moans.
I feel a tongue in my arse. I’m getting maximum attention from three delicious guys, both of my holes are being teased. My body is being stroked. Both tongues are getting deep inside me, hands on my bum cheeks and legs, rubbing caressing pleasing, teasing me. Is this going to be rape after all??? The face moves from my tits and to my mouth, he kisses me. But I don’t reject him, I respond with like. We kiss deeply as tongues fuck me and hands maul me.
The one pleasing my arse stands up and grabs me by the waist with one arm and steadies me. Then I feel his hand and cock near my arse. I try to scream NO, but my mouth is smothered by another, his cock touches my arsehole. It’s drenched from his saliva and my cum dripping from my cunt, so he slips it in easily. I clench my cheeks in shock and some discomfort, but he slides it in all the way. I feel his solid muscular hips hit my bum as he drives his cock home. Mr big cock is still busy sucking my clit as he does, unflustered by what’s happening just in front of him.
He slides his cock in my arse, slow, deliberate motion, using it’s entire length. Judging by the time and discomfort I feel it’s quite long.
“Mmmmmmm!!, Mmmmmmm!” I try to moan from the pain and pleasure, but my mouth is still occupied. My hands clench from the pain, my cunt gushes from the pleasure. Mr big cock gets another shower curtsey of his arse fucking gym buddy. My kisser lets me up for air.
“Oh god, Oh fucking god!” I let out a load exclamation. “Fuck me slow, slow and deep.”
I feel a slap on my bum cheek, it stings.
“We’re in charge here, shut up and take what we give you.” My arse fucker, commands me.
My kisser taps out Mr big cock.
“I’m fucking that pussy mate, you’ll have to wait till last.” he tells him.
“Fuck off, I want some now.” He replies.
“You’ll ruin her for both of us if you go first with that thing.” My kisser gestures at his giant cock.
“Haha, fair comment, I don’t mind sloppy seconds, it’s one sweet tasty cunt and worth the wait.” Mr big cock concedes.
My kisser moves in and positions himself between my legs, he is by far the best looking of the three, just as tall, heavily muscular, pretty face though and a great kisser. They had tied me at the right height, they are all six foot plus and I’m only five. So my suspended state means I’m at the perfect height to be fucked easily while they stand.
“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I’m moaning loudly as my arse is fucked deep and hard. My kisser slips his cock in my cum and saliva soaked cunt easily. The extra stretching is more uncomfortable now. Two cocks in me is one too many.
“Arrgh! Slow please slow your hurting me!” I shout at them both, but it falls on deaf ears as they fuck me in unison. Both cocks going in deep and slow at the same time. My kisser hits home immediately.
“Oh yes, Oh yes that’s good!!” I tell him. He feels so good entering me, he fucks me hard but I feel it lovingly. I shudder as he enters me again and again. My arse fucker has his hands holding my arse cheeks apart, my kisser puts his arm round my neck and the other round my waist. He kisses me again, lovingly this time. He pulls away for an instant.
“Hi Juicy, I’m Andy, fancy meeting for a drink some day soon???” He asks with a smile, then continues to snog me.
What the fuck??? this guy is raping me, his buddy is fucking my arse and his other mate plans on finishing me off with his Donkey cock. What is he expecting me to say. But his body is so fit and he kisses awesomely, better still he fucks like a god. Oh he fucks me so well, so well my cunt gushes repeatedly onto his cock. I feel it dripping from me and I know he does to.
They change their rhythm to alternate, one goes in as the other pulls out. it’s easier on me but just as uncomfortable when that cock goes right up inside my arse. Then they change back to simultaneous fucking again.
“C’mon guys, shoot your loads so I can have my turn” I hear Mr big cock from behind me.
I don’t want this to stop, I’m loving the feel of this guy on me and in me, better still enjoying his kisses. My arse fucker releases me and pulls out, as his head leaves my hole, I shudder and my cunt clenches as I’m struck by a mini orgasm. He comes around my front and taps Andy out.
“My turn to fuck that juicy cunt Andy.” He tells him.
Andy carries on kissing and fucking me.
“Mate this is a gang rape not first date, get the fuck out of her.” He continues.
Andy releases me stops snogging me, he slides his cock out. But I don’t want him too, I want to grab him and stop him, but my arms are tied. In an instant my arse fucker sticks his cock in my now swollen and drenched pussy. Much less caring he rams me, pounds me, puts his hands on my shoulders for purchase and hammers at me relentlessly. No kissing not kindness just lust.
“Urgh! Urgh!” my moans of pleasure turn to shouts of discomfort.
Andy moves behind me, Pulls open my bum cheeks and slides his cock in my gaping arsehole, the other cock pounding me makes it more painful than before as Andy fucks me. He keeps my cheeks apart and slides his cock the full length in and out. This time there is no rhythm, one is fast and frantic the other is slow and thoughtful. My cunt shows it’s appreciation again and my arse fucker benefits from a gush of my cum juices. His rapid movement makes them splash and I feel them run down the outside of my thighs.
“See, she loves me Andy, she’s cumming for me.” Comments my arse fucker. He couldn’t be more wrong, it’s Andy making me leak.
Andy’s hand leave my bum and go around to my tit’s, he squeezes them with my nipples between his fingers. I feel him kissing my neck, biting me. I shudder with delight at his affection, my cunt gushes again. His hip movement becomes more rapid as he repeatedly enters my arse, now pounding at me, almost lifting me up. Combined with my arse fucker doing the same to my pussy, I’m beginning to feel very used.
“Argh! Argh! Fuck me please fuck me!!” An involuntarily sound leaves my mouth. At this they both speed up and first Andy cums. His cock explodes inside my arse. I feel it pulsate, as he does he rams it in deep, balls deep. He holds himself inside me, using my tit’s as handles, Until he finishes. Then straight after my arse fucker blows into my cunt. He too pulls himself in deep, balls deep inside me. I feel his head swell and erupt into my uterus, his hot juices fill me up.
“Oh yes!” I exclaim, fill me. “I want to feel you cumming!!”
I’m hanging by my hands, with two big muscular guys wrapped around me, both balls deep inside my holes pumping me full of cum. What could be better.
“Thank fuck for that, now it’s my turn.” I hear a voice behind me across the gym. “Untie her and bring her over.” Fuck I forgot about Mr big cock.
I can see my arse fucker busy rubbing is cock, no idea what Andy is up too. I feel my feet being untied, no doubt Andy. Then my arse fucker wraps his arm around my waist and Andy unties my hands. I’m Free, my arms drop and I feel the blood return to them, tingling and numbness disappears slowly. I’m carried over to the Ham String machine, a horizontal bench with a hump part way down. I have given up protesting, I’m now subservient.
“Face down on this bench mate.” Mr big cock orders my arse fucker.
He lies me down on the machine, my legs are immediately tied to the upright posts. I’m not resisting any more, looking up I see Andy by the squat rack still, picking up the remains of my clothes. How sweet, then he wipes his cock with my torn shorts while sniffing the gusset of my sports Thong. Ok maybe not that sweet. He comes over to where I’m being prepared. My hands are tied to the plate pegs, I’m now tied, face down, holes wide open.
“She’s mine now lads, thanks for loosing her up for me, now to give her the Finale.” I here Mr big cock say.
“If she still wants you after this Andy then she’s a keeper.” He continues.
I can’t see him, but I know he is behind me. I feel his hands on my bum cheeks, he massages them roughly. He moves his massing up my body to my shoulders, under different circumstances I would be enjoying this. My dripping pussy tells him I am. A hand moves and I feel his cock pressing against my cunt lips. Oh god I’ve seen his giant cock, he can’t put that thing in me!!!.
“No don’t!!” now I protest at the forthcoming event.
“Shut up, your my fuck toy now.” He replies.
I feel it start to enter me, I clench my bum cheeks to try and resist, buy my spread legs make it futile. I feel it’s tip spread my lips, they are swollen and drenched and wrap themselves around his bellend welcoming it in. In one movement, using my shoulders as purchase he slides his huge cock into me.
“Oh fuck yea!!” I scream. “I can feel that!”
His cock hit all the way home, he bottomed out immediately. Hitting my Cervix with the full force of his hips. Pulling it out all the way to the tip, so my lips closed around his Prince Albert piercing. He rams it all the way home again. This time he went deeper, I feel him enter my uterus, the discomfort is unbearable but at the same time pleasurable.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck yes please fuck me, fuck me hard!!” I scream.
His girth feels like it wants to rip me open, but the cum in my cunt lubricates it enough to easy the way.
“See boys, she wanted a real man to fuck her. Didn’t you little girl.” He says down to me.
“Yes! Yes!” I exclaim. “I want to be fucked hard and deep.
He obliges again and again. Each stroke stretches my poor little cunt wide open. The tip goes deeper and deeper with each stroke of his huge cock, until I feel his hips slamming against my arse cheeks. In a few strokes I yell.
“I’m cumming!! Oh god I’m cumming, keep fucking me!!”
My cunt gushes and squeezes his cock, but it makes no difference to him. He keeps fucking me relentlessly. The immense pain and pleasure makes me cum again in seconds, I gush again.
“Oh fuck no stop, I’m cumming, please stop!”
It falls on deaf ears as his cock keeps entering me from tip to balls. Again I gush. My body convulses over and over. My stomach clenches and cramps repeatedly, I’m tyring. My orgasms are wearing me out, my cum juices are flooding his cock and the bench. I go limp and offer no resistance, I just lie and let him fuck me. I’m helpless, I’m his fuck toy.
“Your loving it now little girl, your pussy is so grateful that I’m fucking you with my big cock, Isn’t it.”
“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Is all I can muster, in time with his pumping.
My mind and body are numb from his abuse. I want it to stop, I need rest.

“Andy.” My abuser calls. “Fuck your girlfriends face.”
The sound wakes me up! I look up to see Andy with his cock in his hand. Hard now and frantically wanking it. He approaches me. He cups my chin with his free hand, lifts my face free of the bench, pushes his cock into my mouth. This time I don’t resist the insertion. Instead I suck him, I find new strength and allow him to push it down my throat. I gag as it hit’s me deep. I feel my cunt clench.
“Oh Fuck yes, I like that, do it again Andy, deep throat her.” Comments my abuser.
Following orders, Andy fucks my throat deep. I gag again, nearly vomiting on his cock. He holds my chin and the back of my head and repeatedly fucks me. In the same rhythm my abuser in fucking my now numb cunt. The slurping and gurgling from both ends now is loud, I’ll soon be dehydrated. My renewed energy allows me to start to enjoy the attention I’m getting now. But then my abuser decides to change his position.

I feel him pull his cock out, a moment of relief follows. My cunt is tingling from numbness, my clit is so full of blood now I feel it rubbing on the bench. He pulls my arse cheeks open. Oh! No he can’t do that, he’s going to fuck my arse with that massive cock. I feel hit tip touching my arse hole, he spreads it. The deposit left earlier is still there, my only blessing will be it will ease it’s entry. But he pushes his cum covered cock into me.
“Argh!!” A strangled exclamation is released passed Andy’s cock.
The massive cock stretches my arsehole to it’s limits, I’m barely able to stop myself from screaming and crying on pain. He goes all the way in, balls deep, deeper than my arse fucker could have Imagined. His strokes increase in pace, I feel his hands on my bum cheeks as he uses them as purchase. He goes in deep and hard with each successive stroke, hitting my arse hard.
“Argh! Argh! Argh!” I exclaim with each powerful entry, until I feel him harden more. Then he stops deep inside me and.
“Oh yes! ooooooo yes!!” He shouts. “I’m gonna fill you so deep you’ll be tasting it for a week.” He brags.
Then I feel his cock pumping, His hot cum explodes into my abused, stretched arsehole and mixes with the deposits from my arse fucker. He holds himself inside me until it subsides. Andy is near conclusion, I feel his cock throb then erupt into my throat. I gag and gurgle on his cum, it’s hot and slightly salty. He pulls out and lets me breath, while Mr big cock pulls out and wipes his cock on my bum cheeks then slaps them.
“Thanks miss.” He says. “That was the best fuck ever. don’t you agree lads?”
“For sure.” Comes one voice. “Definitely.” Says Andy. “How about that drink then.” He asks again.
I look up, streaming eyes, face covered in saliva and cum.
“Why not.” Reply. I feel my legs being untied. Andy unties my hands, his face close to mine. He kisses my soiled lips, again he is a great looking guy and good kisser.
“How about a gym session after too.” He continues, smiling.
“Let me recover from this one first.” I reply.

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