My brothers wife (straight, anal sex)

Shabana's sex story
In love with sister Inlaw Shabana, we have so much wild sex. Fucking her all the time behind my brothers back

Me and my brothers wife Shabana were sat watching tv when our eyes caught each other's eyes. We looked into each other's eyes for good 40 mins or so. Shabana got up and walked towards the door. She stopped and looked back at me and smiled, Shabana opened the door and went to the kitchen. My cock was rock hard. I quickly got up and went to the kitchen I said Shabana come to my room. I went up.

I heard Shabana coming. She came in I quickly locked the door. I hugged her tight and started snogging her ten mins later I ripped Shabanas clothes of and she took mine of dropped on her knees and started sucking my cock clean.

I pick Shabana up and put her on the bed. I said licking her out so much. I got on top and I rammed my big Cock deep inside Shabanas Virgina. Fucked her so hard for a couple of hours. I got Shabana into doggy position and spat on her ass hole then slowly entered my cock inside Shabanas anus. She started moaning and groaning so much full of pleasure. I started ramming my cock deep inside Shabanas anus.

That night I fucked my sister Inlaw Shabana for 8 hour. It's been 4 years since that day it's been none stop. Every morning I wake up feeling very horny with a rock hard cock and untill I don't get it inside Shabanas holes I am so frustrated and angry. Me and Shabana can never stop. I love u so much Shabana.

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