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Philip's sex story
I was 13 and she was 10, it first started with her wonders then I got horny. She loved my rock hard cock in her ass, and I she fucked me too.

One day it was just me and my niece, we had the whole week alone because her parents and mine were away on vacation, I was in the shower when she came in, I got out and dried, but to my surprise she wanted to see me naked. She said she wanted to see what it looked like, So me being the horny teen I was I agreed, only If I could see her, she agreed as well, she looked at my dick then started to touch it, she grabbed it and started slowly stroking, I groaned a little and I got erect and grew about 5 inches, she stated in amazement, she said 'Can I taste it?' I nodded and she put it in her mouth, as if she knew what to do she sucked on me and stuck her tongue into my piss hole, that drove me, I grabbed her hair and rammed my dick into her throat and pounded at her mouth, I came into her throat and she licked me clean as if she knew what to do, she asked if she could see my butt and I said sure 'It smells gross' she said and I said 'Yah it's where you poop!' To that she stuck her tongue out and began licking at my virgin asshole, after awhile I began to stroke my cock and she tongued my ass crack, her little tongue went inside me and out, I stopped her and said 'Its my turn to see you' she got naked at this and we moved into my bedroom, i layed her on my bed and began to lick the outside of her virgin hairless pussy, I wanted to fuck it so bad, she moaned and told me 'Lick my butt, clean it for me' and I licked her asshole and stuck my tongue in it, and she moaned and pulled my hair, 'Can I put it in you?' I asked,and she nodded quickly, and said 'No matter what, don't stop till the milk comes out' and I rammed my erect cock into her dripping wet virgin pussy, and she arched her back and screamed at this, and blood leaked from her pussy, I had popped her cherry, and I kept pounding relentlessly, she moaned and groaned and said 'Ohhh! Harder! Fuck me harder!!' And I could see tears in her eyes and she was clenching the bed sheets, and I rammed my rock hard cock the deepest it would go and I as hard as I could, it was so warm and slippery and tight inside it felt like heaven, I realized I was going to cum soon, but she started moaning hard and I felt her pussy clench tight on my dick and it throbbed and I filled her with my hot pre teen cum and she moaned and layed back, she was tired I could tell bjy I wasn't done, I said 'I'm going to lick it' and I went down and fingered her pussy and sucked on her rather large clit for a 10 yr old, she moaned and I kept going 'Ohhh Yessss!' She moaned and I bit her clit softly and her hips shot up, and she screamed but kept moaning, at this I kept sucking and I'd nibble it every now and then, at this point I was rock hard again, I went down and licked at her sweet asshole, I went back up and sucked on her flat chested fits, I bit them and she loved this and she moaned, I turned her on stomach and I spanked her, she screamed into the pillow and I kept spanking her 'Oh yes! I've been bad! Spank me!' I don't know where this was coming from but I loved it! I lifted her ass and spread her legs and I could see her soaking pussy and tight asshole, I wanted to ram my dick into it so badly, I told her to go to the bathroom and she did, she came back and her ass smelt like shit, I put her back into the position with her ass up and legs spread, I didn't lube my cock or her asshole, I just licked her asshole for a minute then I aimed my rock hard cock at her ass, I rammed it into her and it went it but I had to force it she gasped and moaned and screamed at this, but I started thrusting my hips and she began to moan and I could feel her insides, warm and wet, I spanked her ass hard and she was moaning hard, I never knew my innocent niece was such a little whore I said, and she said'Oh Yes!! I'm your whore! Punish me!' And I kept pounding at her tight asshole, 'Ohhh Fuck! Yes! Fuck me harder! Break my asshole! Split me! And I kept fucking her hard and then I came, right inside of her 'Ohhh, I can feel your cum pouring inside of me!' I slowly pulled out and her asshole was gaping open, I could see my cum inside her, slowly leaking out, she rolled around and began to suck on my balls, I moaned and she began to jack me off, I was sensitive but I began to get hard again, I layed down and she told me to put my ass up, so I did, she began to lick my ass and jack me off, oh I was about to cum again, I told her to stop, I left and came back with a dildo from my moms room, 'Put this in your pussy' I said and she did, she moaned as she did, I sat down and she knew just what to do, she climbed on my cock and she slipped it into her asshole I place the dildo on my stomach and held it there, she rose and fell on my cock she moaned and I began to thrust to meet her pace, I could feel her ass start to tighten then loosen, she was going to cum and she began to ride me as fast as she could 'She screamed and moaned loudly and leaned back, she was having an orgasm! I kept humping her asshole, and she began to cry 'Oh yessss' she struggled to say 'Don't stop' and I kept fucking her loose now asshole and she slid off me, she layed there twitching, and began to say 'Your turn' I'm pretty turned on and I've had my thoughts of having a dick inside me, but I didn't know she took the dildo and told me to raise my ass, I did so, she entered it into me, I moaned and she giggled, she began to push and pull with it, she started stroking my dick, and I was in a whole other world, I came soon after and she didn't stop, my asshole was loose from the rather large dildo, I kept moaning and I came Again, still sensitive, she sucked on my cock, she kept ramming my ass with the dildo and kept sucking my cock, I moaned and she pulled it out and my asshole was gaping open, I was now on my back with my legs spread eagle, my ass in the air, I don't know what drove her to do this, but she stood and she pissed right into my asshole! It was a lot too, I felt it swoosh around inside me, she layed me down and began sucking the piss from my ass, she drank it all, then she said 'I want your cock in my asshole! I want you to fuck me as I shit' I couldn't resist, I jammed my cock into her Asshole, and I was pounding deep, I could feel her tiny turds inside her against my penis, I let her shit in the bathroom and I went back to nailing her hard! She moaned and begged me for more! 'Fuck me till it hurts my asshole! Ohhhhhh!' And I fucked her hard and soon after I could hear her begin to cry, 'Oh it hurts so good!' I fucked her for a minute more then I shot my cum into her again, this time it poured out, and we layed down, and we slept.

Its been 3 years and now I'm 16 and she's 13 I'm about 9'5 inches and rather thick she told me this was the last time we are gonna fuck, 'Straight into my asshole, don't hold back' she moaned and shook her ass, I rammed my cock straight into her ass, no lube or saliva, and she screamed 'OH YOUR SO HUGE! UGH IT HURTS DON'T STOP OHHHH YESSSS!!' I pounded at her asshole for a good two hours, then I came, I came So much it poured out and it still filled her, 'Ohhh, my asshole, it hurts, I Want more, please!' She begged in her moaning voice, I stroked my cock and stuck it back inside 'Ohh Yes! Hard and deep!' I spanked her ass and she moaned 'Oh yes punish me!' She started tearing up I slapped her pussy and she shoved back on my Dick 'OW!' She moaned, I slapped her ass more and kept fucking her asshole, She sat on my dick and rode me, 'Oh Yes! Fuck meeeeeee!' She had an orgasm but she didn't stop riding me, she had my dick inside her balls deep when she stopped, 'I want your cum inside me, in my stomach!' I squirted my load into her and she got off, she rubbed her pussy and I went down on her and sucked her large clit, I pinched nipples on her barely growing boobs, she moaned and I bit her clit and kept sucking, we fell asleep afterwards..

- thanks for reading pals! My first story hope it was good, this was best moment of my life, I hope you came to this ;)

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