The night i loose my virginity with a Girl (lesbian, sensual)

Nicole Liu's sex story
I always know myself as a straight girl and nothing more, but this one night changes everything. It was something very crazy, even today i still remember like it was yesterday.

This happens about 4 years ago, i've just graduate high school and i was hanging out with my Bestfriend Sahar, sitting in a coffee shop and having some cake, just relaxing after years of hard work. Sahar said that she wants to introduce me to her friend Katherine, she said that she have know her for about 4 months now and that she wants to introduce me to her, since there's nothing to do anymore today, so after we finish the dessert we decided to make our way to her place. When we got there it was getting dark so we hurry and run through the old small walk way between two old buildings. After a minute we finally make it to an old looking pink door, Sahar knock on it and after 10 seconds, a Women opens the door, she was Tall and looks like she was in her 20th, probably about 26-27 if i have to guess. She smiles and start a conversation with Sahar:

Katherine: Is this your friend you were going to introduce to me?
Sahar: Yes
Katherine: Nice, come in my dear.

I slowly walked into the old Room, all i saw as a bed and a table that was covered in Clothes and everything, very messy. We sat down on the Bed.

Katherine: How is your day my dear?
Me: I'm good thanks
Katherine: I would want to know alot about you
Me: Oh ok that's good then
Katherine: But before that, lets just get straight into the main subject of tonight, i'm ver excited now.
Me: Oh what is it?
katherine: There's this Sex club, a secret sex club, been going on for the entire year now, tonight is the last night, so i would like to have some fun with you two tonight.
Me: No sorry i'm not interest, i hope you understand
Sahar: Mmmm yes, please i would like it
Me: What???? Sahar????

I was very shocked, i knew Sahar since i was 13, she was a very clean Girl and was always very shy to talk about sex stuffs.

katherine: That's sweet my dear
Me: Sorry Miss katherine, but i can't
Katherine: Come on Nicole, it's very good, esp the final night, and it's a Lesbian club.
Me: Sorry i'm straight, i have to go home early always
Sahar: Mmmm please Katherine

I was very shocked to see her like this, Sahar is someone i knew well more than my parents, she was like a sister to me, i know she's straight, but i don't know why this is happening.

Me: Sahar???? what's wrong with you?

She wasn't even noticing me, and the way she was talking is in a very horny tone.
Kathrine slowly reach her hand to slowly rubs Sahar's breast.

Sahar: Mmmm Ohhh please Katherine

I was in shock, what have got into her? I know she isn't like this.
Katherine slowly licks her ear and slowly kissing her neck as she was slowly rubbing her breast.

Sahar: Mmmmm Katherine (as she looks blankly into the air moaning)
Katherine: you see darling, your friend is drugged, if you want to help her, well you know

Me: Why are you doing this?
Katherine: Because i want to taste your nice pussy and i'm sure you want it
Me: Would you promise to let her go?
Katherine: Of course Honey
Me: Ok stop touching her!!!
Katherine: ok ok calm down dear
Me: Ok lets just get hurry with it

I was feeling totally uneasy, knowing that i'll get my pussy eat by a Girl, i'm straight and i know that this is wrong, but i really love Sahar and i need to help her.

Katherine: Take off your clothes Honey

I slowly take it off without a word.

Katherine: Ok dear take everything off

I know that i need to do it, so i can help sahar and hurry and get out of this place.
I slowly take off everything until i'm fully naked, she smile and slowly comes toward me. She then took off all her clothes as fast as i could ever see a person do so, as soon as she is completely naked, she jump at me and start kissing me in the neck as she locked my body down, i don't know what to do but keep closing my eyes and keep thinking it will be over soon.
As i was closing my eyes, i heard a door open and another women walks in, she seems to be in her 20th as well, about 25 if i can tell, she then smile and giggles and ask if she can have this Lady, and was pointing to Sahar, she was still looking blankly in the air fingering herself, before i can say a word she grabs Sahar and push her into the bathroom hard, and then she close the door locking it.

Me: Why don't you keep your promise, u promise not to mess with her
Katherine: Sorry Honey, it wasn't me this time, i can't help with that.

I was in pain and she slowly fingers me deeper and deeper, i was almost screaming at that part, it was so deep that i can feel so much pain. I don't know what was going on in the bathroom, there was a moaning sound coming out of it, very loud, like Sahar was enjoying it to the heaven's core, i need to stop this, but i can't.
Katherine the lows down and kiss my Pussy uncontrollably, and start sucking it and lick it very deep, i was moaning uncontrollably at that time, it feels good at one point, but i try to not fell for it. After a full 4 minutes of that, she hops on my body and start rubbing her pussy on my pussy, she was moaning very hard, as same as I, i was moaning like a dying baby, her pussy started to get wet as my juice leaked into her hole and her juice leaked into her hole.
I was moaning even louder, Yesss i feel it coming, its almost over, yess, yesss, yessssssss.

It does feels like heaven, after my reaction is over, i feel very tired and that she was also in the same state as I, she stands as i stand after her.

Katherine: Well Darling you done very well.
Me: Thank you, now can you please let me ans Sahar Go?
Katherine: Sorry, u go home first, Celine is still having fun with her, can't you hear it?

Me: please just let us go, i do it for you, what do you want?

I still can hear her loud moaning like she was enjoying it, but well she was drugged, she was totally out of control, she's gone, that's not the Sahar i know.

Katherine: 2 choices
Katherine: You can leave now or we can do it again until she's done
Me: ok ok i'll go

I hurry and put on my clothes. After i finish i hurry and rush out of there, i was getting very scared as i run all the way home through the dark streets, thinking about how she could be, I wish Sahar is save. I can't sleep that night thinking about it, I'm very stressed thinking about how can Sahar be, i fell asleep and wake up again very late, so i don't wanna try and call her, i'm sure she's already asleep.

The next day came and i call her straight away after i get up from bed in the afternoon, She didn't pick up and i was getting very worried, I try calling her several times but it all went to voicemail. 3 days have past and i still can't communicate her, i was very worried but don't know what to do with it, the next day i walk straight to her house, i met her parents but they say she's not home and that she have just gone out this morning to see Katherine, i was very very worried at this state, but i'm sure that i'm not going back there again.
Weeks have passed and i haven't contact her since, i only knew that she only go to Katherine's place all the time.

Well after 4 months , she call me ask to hang out at the park, after that we become bestfriends again, she never talks about that night and she acts like nothing happens and how we haven't met in months.

So yes, i've loose my virginity with a girl, but yea i'm now married and i've never told my husband or anyone about this, your guys are the first to hear it.

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