Forbidden lovers (young sex, straight)

Lyle's sex story
Myself and my young daughter cristeen in a incestuous love affair. it started out a closeness between a daughter an her father and i allowed this beautiful conection toImorph into a sickness

i lowerd myself down my baby girl's  sexy little body  exploring every inch of with my mouth when i reached her tiny hairless pussy i was in heaven i licked her little clitt crissy moaning with each lashing of my tounge her pussy was  dripping wet with her pusy juice i sliped in a finger as crissy quivering from her sexual pleasure (oh daddy yes oooh i love this ) i licked her clitt as i finger fuch pussy till crissy had her first of many climax,s .
after she got her breath back she took my dick in her hands an gently strocked my cock she  sliped down to my dick an kissed the my dick head all wet with precum ,she licked the cumm off my cock an started sucking her father's  hard dick. crissy stop i am  going to cum she refused to pull off my dick bobing her head up an down her mouth snuggly wrapped around my cock till
i shot a huge load of cumm in her mouth. oh crissy oh god that was great.
after some fondeling an kissing my dick hard as a rock an dripping precumm i spreading my daughter's leg's i climed between an touched my cock on her clittorissy moaning i got her a wet an lubed up an slowly incerted my dick taking all the time i needed to lower any pain as she losses  her virginity  i fucked my baby girl till we both climaxed.
Cristeen we can not let anyone know that we are lovers ok (yes daddy i love you an never wont you away from me)
Crissy and i have been togather ever since ,we both live in a differant state than our home town we live about 50 miles apart to anybody asking,  but in reality we live togather  in my home happly an to every one around us a older man married to a younger women , crissy laughed saying she did not even have to change her name..

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