Enjoyed a sex with my classmate (straight, teen sex)

Ankit's sex story
I got a chance to fuck an angel like girl of my class. She has two very big breasts. I enjoyed a lot when I played with them.

Hi,I am Ankit. I'm in 10th class. This incident happened 8 months ago. In our class the most beautiful girl is Saloni. Many boys have fallen in love with her. That time I knew something about sex. So whenever I got time,I used to look at boobs of girls, especially of Saloni. She has a perfect shaped breasts. We were friends on facebook. I started chatting with her. Then I got her whatsapp number. We chatted many times.
Once,by mistake, I sent her an adult joke. Then she replied,'nice one , send me more'. Then I sent her many adult jokes. She replied,'how funny ! '. Me sent ,'okay ,bye ,good night.' Then I went to bed.
The next day,my parents went our hometown to solve some problems. So I was alone at home. Then I took the phone and chatted with Saloni. She sent,'good morning,how are you?' I replied,'good morning,I'm getting bored.'She replied,'why?'I replied,'I'm at home alone.' She sent,'then,I'm coming to your house.'I replied,'okay,you can come to my house.'
After a couple of time she came to my house. She said,'let's watch some movies. Then she played a film named 'the final destination 4'. In the middle part of the movie a sex scene was there. I was watching it with a curiosity. Then my cock was getting erected. She saw my cock erected. And she said,'let's play this scene twice.' I agreed. She played it twice. My cock got erected more. She saw it again. After a few seconds,she suddenly touched my cock. I stood up and hesitated. She said,'what happened? I know that you don't know everything about sex. I wanna teach you. ' I nodded my head. Then we went to the bedroom. She took off my pant and sucked my cock like it was her favorite ice-cream bar. Then she took off her shirt and blue jeans. I saw her half naked. My cock got a shock. I couldn't stop my self anymore. So I took off her black bra and black panty. The first time I saw a girl fully naked in front of me. I jumped at her. I sucked her breasts. She was moaning. With that sound my stamina was increasing. Then she asked me to lick her pussy. I did. It was salty and tasty. Again she sucked my cock. Then she told me to sleep. And she rode on me. She was moaning heavy. My cock couldn't get inserted in her pussy as it was our first time. So I pushed my cock. Then it went inside. She shouted with pain. I fucked her for about 20 min. She was enjoying that time. When I was about to cum, she refused to cum inside. Then she sucked my cock and I cummed on her face. She swallowed it.
After this incident, we fell in love with each other.
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