First swap (straight, sharing wifes)

Neha thakur's sex story
My husband and I had casually spoken of having different partners but never seriously. As we are in our forties with two children sex is rare. And I have this urge that cannot be satisfied. And then.

Aryan, my husband is a busy man and works in an investment bank. He comes home late and is always tired. I have rarely seen him excited over sex and he is on the phone most of the time. As a home maker I have taken care if the kids. Also I have maintained myself going to the gym and have a body which make men stare and pass comments. My husband loves it but does not do anything.

Our kids had gone on a. School excursion and we had gone to the hill station Matheran. Here we met a couple, a younger one who joined us at the table for lunch as there was no space. We did not mind it and got talking. They were from Delhi and we from mumbai. We did get friendly and in the night we again met in a restaurant fir dinner and sat together. The guy's name was Sanjay and he was very good looking. His wife was a bit if a fatty and I could see he was interested in me. He watched me as I got up to pick up the buffet food, I had on these tight white pants and short black top. I have long hair and with the perfect numbers that men look at. Sanjay came up to me and kept saying that I was too beautiful and he could not believe that I was a mom of two kids.

As we ate and ordered some wine, we kept talking of everything and suddenly Sanjay said that sex with same lady is noting and Aryan agreed. I was to give my view and I said sure, it depends on both the people. Sanjay wife was also intereted in Aryan or so it seemed to me and he was talking to her putting his hand on her shoulder. At this stage sanjay said, look we seem to be liking each other and how about doing a wife swap. Aryan laughed and said, is it husband swap and continued laughing. At this stage even Sheela said it was a good idea. We agreed that we would take each other's husbands and have fun.

As we finished, Sanjay came to me and kissed me hard on the mouth in front of everybody and put his hand on my waist and said, baby let us go. As we walked through the woods, I realized there was no one. He stopped and kissed me again on the lips and he tasted really divine. He had his hand on my ass and said, wow, this is just great. I could see his cock bulge from inside and was excited. The wine had gotten into my head. He offered me a fag and while I usually do not smoke, took this one and started puffing. It let out purple smoke and he told me it was a special Persian fag which was an aphrodisiac.

We walked to a cottage and he opened the door. It was lit dimly and he was onto me and I could make out he was in a hurry. I out my hand on his cock and said, not so fast. He took out some more drinks and pired me some rum. I sat there smoking the fag which burnt slowly and sipped the rum. It was really nice. He put on the TV set and tuned to a porn channel. The screen was huge and there were these two huge cocks being sucked by this bitch. The third cock was inside her cunt. I was turned on. As I sat staring at the screen, Sanjay came and made me stand up. He had taken out his shirt and his body was carved. He was hairy and smelt nice. He kept kissing me and slowly removed my top. I had a thin bra on and he kissed the crevice between my boobs. On the screen I could see the two cocks exploding in the bitchs mouth and she was yelling. Soon Sanjay was ribbing my crotch with his hands. It had no zip but two pockets. He zipped down the sides and held my ass. He knelt sown and kept kissing my crotch and the is ides of my thighs. He pulled down my pants and I realized I had a stringed thing with the ass exposed. He took off my pants and removed the bra and marveled in my body while kissing my tits and biting my nipples. I was now in this thing which had a patch covering my fur and my ass exposed with the strong in between my ass.

He removed his pants and his jocks and his royal cock sprung out. He made me sit on the chair and ran his cock on my lips. I licked the salty edge and enjoyed it. On screen, the bitch was again sucking another monster cock and I did the same to sanjays cock. He made me get up and took me towards the door. I wondered what he was up to. He opened the balcony door and took me out. There were stars outside and it was so erotic. I could make out that there were some people outside who turned to see us. I was almost nude and his huge Cock was pressed against me. He made me face outside and I felt embarrassed but did not care. In the cottage across a couple sat staring, from another window I could see two boys taking out their cameras while another set of men started pointing out. As I was in a spin, Sanjay thrust his monster cock into my cunt and started ramming in and out, I screamed and could feel my tits jiving away as he fucked me continuously in the open. I looked back and saw his face in a maniacal mood as he kept fucking in and out. The orgasam was too much and I was in. A tizzy.

He took his cock out and exposed my ass now to the public and kept biting my nipples and squeezing my tits. This was great fucking. He pulled down my thong and lifted me now and thrust his com inside my pussy and rammed like a bull. I never had such sex in my life. Just as I could bear no more, he took his cock out and carried me into the room. He made me lie down and then came on top and thrust his cock in front of my face. As I wanted to kitty his cock, he slapped me and said, not now. Lick and gently kiss my cock. I did so obediently. He was wailing and when I kept licking it, he suddenly said, now out it into your mouth like a fucking slut and suck it. I did as I was told. I was sucking his cock up and down while he was thrusting in and out. The feeling was thrilling. Soon he burst inside my mouth and his sticky cum ran inside. As I tried ironing my mouth he said, no drink the cum like a slut baby. And I did so. Exhausted we lay back. I drank every drop of his cum and kept stroking his cock. I ten minutes it was up again. This time he came over me and his muscular body was on top kissing my tits. Soon he pushed his cock in my cunt and said, now is the big one. So saying he relentlessly fucked me like mad. As he had just come, it took time. I think for the next fifteen minutes he was just pounding inside my cunt and finally exploded inside my pussy. The sperm flowed out as he pulled back and he kissed me hard and said, baby this was great.

We slept off exhausted and when I saw the sun light in the morning I looked around and there as Sanjay all erect standing and he asked me, is it your mouth or cunt that will welcome my cock. I told him, first fuck me in my cunt and I will then drink you up fully. He obliged and fir the next half hour it was great fucking and finally I had my morning cuppa as his cum flowed down my throat. I loved it.

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