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This story is about having sex with underage girls. If this is illegal where you live please do not read further. But if you want to continue and want help me with my fantasy feel free to read on. For this story I will be changing names for protection.

Hello there, my name is Steve I am 24 years old twink that lives in Colorado and has a fulltime job in a kitchen. I have a regular family of my divorced father, a brother, a my sister who is married. I'm the youngest of the two. My sister has two kids, and my brother has two boys as well. But I don't do anything with them because I'm not like that.

Anyways my story begins from writing an add out on craigslist called family fun. Of course I really don't have any responisbilities other than to my bills which are the intternet, excel, my car, and insurance and then my utilities for our house. So basically in the add I said that I am looking for some family that are really close together and are sex addicts. I get tons of replies back from a lot of different guys on there of course right. The boys always wants a piece of ass when they don't have to work hard for it. I've done that quite a few times.

So I kept it there for a few years because it is my fantasy no strings attached and I won't get in trouble for it. So one day I got a reply from a dad of three girls and has a wife. After talking to him for a while he wants me to get all of them pregnant. I don't have to worry about raising the kids or anything just show up have sex and get them pregnant no strings attached right. At first I was a little hesistant because I would like to have a normal life and find the right woman marry her and have kids one day and raise them. This kind of got me on the edge my seat.

So he also brought up the perfect life for me as an oppurtunity that I couldn't pass down. Up in Ault, Colorado he has a 3200 square foot house, which has 5 bedrooms 2 and half bathrooms, a full size kitchen a living room with a fireplace. Basically a dream house. He also has 23 acres of land with a small guest house which has 2 bedrooms 1 and half bathrooms a kichen and living room. All I would have to pay is the internet and car stuff. He has a big garage which I don't even know how big it is because it has a boat a couple of four wheelers and dirt bikes for him and his friends. Basically the perfect life.

So I went there and starting dating one of his daughters and she is gorgeous. A dirty blonde at least a d size boobs and just absolutley gorgeous. Now keep in mind that I'm not the greatest looking guy on the planet by any means. I got picked on in throughout my school years for quote on quote 'being ugly' whatever. Anyways so when the oppurtunity came their and we can call him Bob for this story, he came and talked to my dad about me moving in the small guest house for his daughter and we can have our privacy and spend more time together. Which he agreed to and within a week i was moved in. We took the master bedroom and put our bed there and the other room for my office which has my gaming computers and my guitar stuff because I'm also in band.

Of course I have to leave at 4am every morning to get to work but it's all worth it. So one week I took a vacation from my job and never knew that it was going to be the best week of my life. That week I had so much sex I was completely exhausted. So the 18 year old who I was 'dating' had sex and of course there is no protection being used at all. So she then came onto to me and started to suck on my throbbing cock nice and slowly. I then picked her up started kissing passionately as she kissed back. I started to take off her clothes I pulled her sexy pink thong off with my teeth and went down on her tight shaved pussy. I love panties and thongs so she likes to tease me with them. After she came in my mouth I stick my cock in her wet tight pussy and started fucking her with all my might and different postions. When I came close in cumming she laid on her back and with on top of her I came so hard that the cum was leaking out of her pussy. She then took her vibrator and shoved it in her just to keep it in. I fell asleep immediately because I couldn't move my arms.

It was Tuesday morning the second day of my vacation and she wasn't there. She must of went back to the main house to tell her dad that I came in her. So then I heard footsteps coming from the main thinking it was her so I turned around on my back and pretended that I was still asleep but it was actually his second daughter the 15 year old vigin came in. She is beautiful as well and little bit thicker but not to much to where you would she is sexy. I sarted opening my eyes a little bit to see her taking her clothes off but leaving her panties on. Of course I was still butt naked in the covers so then she leaned over the bed and took off the covers to start on sucking on my cock. Her dad and sister has tought her well. I opened my eyes and asked what she is doing. She said it was my turn. So I grabbed her hips and put her on top of me into 69 postion. Her shaved pussy was so tasty I made her climax into my mouth as it tasted so good. I then laid her out on her back took her panties off with my teeth again and put it around my cock. I then asked her if she is ready, she just nodded her head yes. I then slid the head of my cock into her tight virgin pussy, she moaned like it was nobody's business. After going in all the way I told that she wasn't a virgin anymore. She just smile and said that she was glad that it was me.

I started going thrusting back and forth as hard as I can in different poisitions. and once again laid her on her back came so much my cum was leaking out of her pussy. I started licking her pussy and making out with my own cum. She is so gorgeous though. I then took a nap and she went back to the main house. About an hour later her dad came in and asked me how was it. I then said it was the best time of my life.

I then thanked him for this oppurtunity and keep in mind that this is all his idea. He is fixed and the reason why he wanted to get all of his girls and his wife pregnant.

At this time I was still exhausted so I decided to go to the hot tub next to the pool. I sat there for about 10 minutes and his youngest daughter showed up in her bra and panties. She's 12 years old and still a virgin. She has blond hair perfect 32 c size boobs. which are not fully developed yet and skinny which is what I love. She jumped on the hot tub. 'How was my sisters,' She asked. 'What do you mean,' I asked her.
She then came on top of me and started kissing me on the mouth as I was kissing back. 'I know what you do with and I want some.' At this point I'm in heaven. She started stroking my now hard throbbing cock and with me playing with her hairless pussy through her black lace panties. I then asked to go back inside with me in the guest house. So we went back into the bedroom all dried off. I took her panties off with my teeth and ate her hairless pussy. I the slid my cock into her virgin pussy and told her the same thing I told her sister that she wasn't a virgin no more. She smiled and started making out with me while I was fucking her with all my might. Getting exhausted I started sweating as well as she did. This literally the best time of my life. I then came into pussy. Then her mom walked in on us.

If you want me to continue this let me know byu sending me an email. Or if you would like to help with this fantasy please let me know. I live in Colorado.

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