Love after hours (cuckold, straight, cheating)

Hubby's sex story
My wife is a manager in a high street ladies fashion store, recently she took on her 1st boy employee, this shocked me as well as exiting me.

My wife is 59, and the manager of a high street ladies fashion store. She has been working there for 10 years managing a staff of 6 ladys.
Recently she lost a member of staff and advertised the vacancy. One evening I asked her how applications were going. She told me she had 6 applications, all but 1 from ladys. The one from a male was a young 21 years old who she said was very shy but very good looking. Not kno wing it, this really exited me as I have always suggested she took a lover but nothing ever materialises.
I said to her it may be good to have fresh ideas about displays etc, eventually after many hint she took the guy on.
She has told me he is doing really well and he is learning all departments. When I asked her if she was letting him go through her knickers she gave my a little smile, knowing what I meant and it was not the same as she meant.
A few months later she started to do weekly reviews with him to ensure he was learning, always carried out after the store closed.
This was find for about 2 weeks and then I noticed a change in her. On a Tuesday it was his review day and she started to wear her sexy underwear which she normally only wore on special occasions, I started to have a huge fantasy about this as you can expect. I always pick my wife up and was requested to give her an extra 2 hours for the review, this I thought was way to long but agreed.
Anyway, on Tuesday evening I started to have my fantasy again and just had to wanking in to her worn knickers front the wash basket, loved it.
When I went to pick her up I went early and sat in the car, in the dark waiting.
When they came it he really did look much younger than 21.
When my wife got in the car she was glowing. As we drove she let her hand rest on my cock and I could smell her hot sexy fanny, she was really horny.
When we reach home she went in the shower after stripping in the bed room.
While in the shower I thought I would sniff her penties, well not only could I smell her cum but also a very sticky cum patch. She had certinly had sex very recently.
Having a lover who is 38 years younger certainly has made her a new women.
I have not let on that I know, but do encourage her to perhaps do his review 2-3 times a week to get him experienced quicker.
She has now started wearing her stocking with no panties to work on a Tuesday and has ever suggested that she takes him to an business meeting over 3 days, wow can you imagine the thought of 3 days of young cock in my wife..well I encourage it. Not sure if she khows that I know but she certinly is having a enjoyable time..

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