Confessions part 1 - Life so far (straight, indian, asian)

pachamal's sex story
the story is about me. getting married,expectation from my husband.finding out my husband cheating on me. taking decisions about what to do with my life. moving out from my in laws house and facing the world to survive and taking care of my kids.

Hi, I am from south India Tamilnadu. Am married and having two kids. elder son is studying in 8th standard and the younger son is studying in 6th standard. My husband is working in Chennai and I am living in our village around 550 kms from Chennai. Right from our marriage we are living like this, since he told me that he cannot support me with his earnings in Chennai. He used to visit us once a month. Then it became twice a month. After wards he used to call me saying he is busy, and he only came home when there were family functions. I wanted to know what he is doing there in Chennai and went there without telling that I am coming there. Once I reached the house in Chennai, I was shocked to find that he was living with a girl. We had a long fight. He told me that he was in love with this girl before we got married, due to his family apposing this girl and they forcibly arranged for our marriage he married me. He told me he doesn't want to live with me. He will send some money y for our expense and only come home if there is a need. I went back to my home town and fought with my in-laws, and his brothers. They assured me that I am their daughter in law, and since he is living with another girl his share of the property will be given to me and they consoled me. They took some steps to patch us, but he will come when there is a festival or family functions. When he comes my mother in law gives me advice and convince me to sleep with him and I obey. But it’s of no use. In our family house in our room ,he usually come near me before the day he leaves back to Chennai, he will tell me that I will sleep with you , but that is not going to change anything. I will come like this if you are going to tell me to stay with you, I am not going to sleep with you and I won’t come back again, if you agree come near me. I think of what he is saying and weep, and remain still. The need to have sex is there in me, so that I will be able to have sex once or twice a year. I wipe down my tears and remain calm, after some time he rolls near me; he usually doesn't kiss me, fondle my breast, or remove my cloths. He pulls my sari along with in skirt or nighty which ever I am wearing above my hips. He doesn't even fondle my pussy, he climbs on top of me inserts his penis and have sex. He moves in and out of my pussy and bangs me and comes in side me. I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant since after the second delivery I under gone non pregnancy operation. I have studied and have done computers, tally accountancy. My married life is like this so what I did next was I moved to nearby town 80 kms down south from my village and took a job in a private firm as an accountant. Took a small rented house and moved there with my two children. What happened there is another story.

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